Mohegan Sun BBQ Fest

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to get to attend the Sun BBQ Fest at Mohegan Sun.  Mohegan Sun is the second largest casino in the United States and is a mere 2 hours away in Connecticut.  So when I was invited, along with a guest, to come down, stay at Mohegan Sun, and check out the BBQ Fest (I LOVE BBQ), I jumped at the chance, and invited my mom along.

I got to Mohegan Sun way earlier than my mom since she was stuck in a ton of traffic, so I took a moment to check into the room and get myself settled before heading out.

Picture 002  
A big, comfortable, bright room with everything we needed!  The bathroom was beautiful too, with plenty of room for us both to get ready, plus it was literally spotless.

Picture 003
Then I headed outside for the BBQ Fest (after weaving my way through the casino…it’s huge!).  I checked in with the media table, picked up my goody bag (packed with shirts, sunscreen, lip balm and other goodies) and food/drink tickets and headed in!

  Picture 010 Picture 015 Picture 016 Picture 017 Picture 018 Picture 019 Picture 022

I stopped and chatted with all of the BBQ stands, trying to figure out who to sample.  They all had tons of trophies, banners and other memorabilia boasting their wins, and each one insisted they had the best ribs!  I ended up choosing Big Boned BBQ since the line was long, and I figured that was a good sign!

Picture 026

Turns out everyone waiting in line knew what they were doing!  I got a “small” plate which included ribs, cornbread (first time in over a month, I love cornbread), baked beans and cole slaw.

Picture 027

Seriously, finger licking good.  I inhaled all of this food, I couldn’t get enough!  Every bite was as good as the last one.  I loaded my plate up with a few different sauces for dipping too!

Picture 024

While I sat and ate, I listened to the Joy Dempsey band playing a variety of country covers.  OK, I admit it, country music isn’t too bad!  Once I finished eating, I wove visited some of the vendors, got myself a drink and people watched for quite some time.  Then my mom finally arrived, so I wove my walk back through the casino to get her!

Then it was right back to the BBQ Fest!  Unfortunately, we managed to miss all of the events due to timing, but we did have fun people watching and doing a little bit of shopping outside.  We had a cute little bottle of champagne, that came with a little pourer. 

Picture 1291

By this time we were both freezing and had a dinner reservation at Bar Americain (which was out of this world).  By the time we were done with dinner, the BBQ Fest was done for the night, so we enjoyed all of the fun things Mohegan Sun has to offer and made plans to head back the next morning for a pizza grilling demo, a hamburger demo and more country music fun.

 Picture 1294 Picture 1295 Picture 1296 Picture 1289 Picture 1298

Unfortunately Mother Nature had some other plans, and the BBQ Fest was delayed while they moved everything inside.  Due to personal commitments, we couldn’t stay for the next day and sadly had to leave.  I would have loved to learn about grilling pizza, checked out the rib eating competition and stayed for the fireworks, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Thank you so much to Mohegan Sun for such a lovely weekend!  We had so much fun talking BBQ with all of the vendors, ate until we felt we might burst, made a little money, drank a little more than we should have, and had a blissful, comfy night sleep.  Couldn’t have asked for a better mommy/daughter night out!

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