I have a whole new respect for farmers, especially those of the dairy variety.

If part of my job requirement was to carry 2 jugs of milk several times a day, I’d be working damn hard!  Cause that’s just what I did last night.

Let me back myself up. 

After stretching, warm up and practicing the skills for the WOD, we had 10 minutes to do 15 clean and jerks at 85% of our 1 rep max.

I’m still trying to figure out my 1 rep max for now, so worked my way up to 75#.  I did 2 clean and jerks, and by the third knew not to push myself too far.  I ended up using 65, which isn’t terrible.  The last time I did clean and jerks was almost a month ago.  I used 65 as my max (we had to do 3 at that weight) and was done.  So being able to do 15 (well, 13) in about 8 minutes thrilled me!

Then it was time for our WOD, Walk.

We did this one outside, which was really nice.  Last night was a beautiful night, and it felt so great to be in the fresh air again!

2 Rounds for time:

  • 100m Farmers Walk 1.5/1
  • 40 Kettlebell Deadlift
  • 100m Farmers Walk
  • 30 Kettlebell High Pull
  • 100m Farmers Walk
  • 20 Kettlebell Front Squat
  • 100m Farmers Walk
  • 10 Kettlebell Burpee Deadlift

What a BEAST!

I used 3/4 pood (26 el bees).  For the deadlift, we actually had a kettlebell in each hand!  For the first round of squats, I cleaned them and squatted with both kettlebells.  For the second round, I realized they were pushing really hard on my bracelets (which I always wear to workout).  Next time we have that move, I’ll definitely take them off!

I loved this workout because I felt it everywhere, and I felt good!  19:04.  Definitely a time I’m proud of!


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