Another girl, another benchmark.

1 word: ROUGH.

First we did a nice warm up, worked on some mobility and stretching, ran a bit.  Whatever.

Then we did 10 rounds of rowing.  We had partners, and each partner had to row 10 pulls, then the other partner did 10 pulls for 10 rounds total (200 pulls).  The goal was maximum calories burned.  We burned 124.  Lower than anyone else, but I have to argue as 1 of 2 girls in a class of 10, we burn less calories :).

Then it was time for Mary.

The only thing holy about this Mary was the holy I used before a few choice curse words. 


  • 5 HSPU
  • 10 Pistols
  • 15 Pull-ups

Oh Mary…bitch.

I managed to do real handstand push ups.  I practiced a lot this week, and have learned how to get into a handstand unassisted.  I can kick up, don’t need anyone to steady my legs, and can hang out upside down for quite some time!  I use 3 ab mats under my head for my pushups, since I can’t get so far down to the ground yet.  I’m super proud of myself about this.  I’ve never been able to do much in the way of gymnastics, and didn’t expect I could possibly do a handstand so soon, let alone handstand push ups!  Believe it or not, this was my favorite part of the WOD 🙂

The pistols were tough.  I have a really tight left hamstring, so it makes things a little bit harder.  We had to do 5 on each leg during each round.  I used a band attached to the rig for extra support.  The ones on my right leg were pretty.  As for my left leg…well it was all about staying balanced and upright!

I think it’s fair to say right now that pull ups are one of my goats.  It’s one of those skills that you suck at and dread.  I just can’t seem to get a good rhythm to do kippings, and it takes me forever and a day to get pull ups done.  Today, there is even photographic proof (though I don’t have access to it yet).  We have a photographer that comes in every now and then to do professional shots of us working out.  Every time I stood on my little box between pull ups he was snapping away.  I asked him if that was on purpose and he said it definitely was, mostly for mocking purposes in the future!!!  We even have a goat who sits on top of the rig, as if to mock us!

I think he took a fall that day.

I did 4+24.  That’s 25 handstand push ups! 

After sucking wind for 20 minutes, I went and got a facial.  I needed something to make me feel a little less badass!


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