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Keeping this short and simple.

We started with jump rope practice and I worked on my double unders and some other kinds of jumps.  I can do them, just not any in a row!  It will be some time before I do double unders in a WOD.  Then, we worked on handstands and I’m getting there.  I am still doing headstands, but now I am able to do them without using the wall for support.  I learned how to do them in a tripod, rather than with my head against the wall, and it made all the difference!  I also did some wall climbs with shoulder taps.  You have to start somewhere!



  • 7 overhead squats
  • 14 kettlebell swings
  • 21 double unders

I used a 35# barbell for my squats, a 3/4 pood (26#) kettlebell and did triple (63) single jumps.  This honestly wasn’t so bad (especially compared to Monday and Wednesday).  7+21 (7 rounds, plus 7 overhead squats and 14 kettlebell swings).  Nice!

Enjoy your weekend!!


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