What’s funny about the name of this WOD is that Solomon and I always joke that my dad was a Jew fro version of Shaft in the 70s. We imagine him walking the streets of Brooklyn with gold chains, bell bottoms and a butterfly collar shirt saying to people “shut yo’ mouth.” It’s funny, I promise.

Anyway, this workout was a doozy, and I have the scars to prove it.

We started the workout with front squats.

We had 20 minutes to work up to 80% of our maximum weight.  Having never done front squats before I had no idea what to do.  I ended up getting up to #75.  I was able to do 2 sets of 5 at this weight, but the last 2 in the set weren’t pretty.  I’m  guessing my 1 rep max is either #95 or #100?  Hopefully I’ll find out soon!

And those scars I mentioned?  I have a lovely little black and blue going across my collar bone from the barbell.  The bad news is the black and blues.  The good news is that it means I was doing it right because that is the position the barbell should be in.  Just like with any workout, there is a learning curve and things will hurt in the beginning!

Then it was on to Shaft.  Brutal Shaft.


10 OHWL #25
10 Push-ups
10 Double Unders


20 Push-ups
20 Double Unders


*Continue increasing the rep range by 10 every round until you get as far as possible in 15 minutes

I used a #25 plate for my walking lunges (10=1 right, 1 left, 1 right, etc. for a total of 10).  The first 10 felt like a breeze then as the WOD continued, it just got worse and worse.  I was just thankful my crops covered my knees, or they would definitely be black and blue!

I also used a red band to help assist with the push ups, as your chest has to touch the ground.  It’s funny, I can pound out regularly push ups without much problem, but going those extra few inches makes all the difference!  Those are tough.  By the third round, when I had to do 30 my arms were like jello.  Pushing up from the bottom position was so hard.  I kept having to stop and shake my arms out.  Funny, I thought the push ups would be the easiest part!

Finally, for the double unders I had to do mostly single jumps, but triple the amount!  The worst part is that I wasn’t allowed to start counting my single jumps until I had done 1 double under!  I can do a few, but not consecutively, plus I need to build momentum.  I’ll get there eventually.

I ended up doing 3 rounds (the 10, 20 and 30), plus 40 walking lunges and 40 push ups.  I started jumping rope but didn’t get a double under so none of my jumps counted!  Today my legs and arms feel like jelly.  In a good way.


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