Truffle Sweet Potato Fries

In our efforts to eat more variety, Solomon and I are also experimenting with new side dishes as well as our main dishes.  We always love roasting vegetables but sometimes it gets a little boring (side note…we don’t really eat a lot of grains with meals.  That’s OK, right?).  Anyway, we knew we wanted sweet potato fries last night with dinner because, well, they’re awesome.  We just knew we wanted to make them a little more fun.  I thought about what was in my pantry and immediately though about my truffle oil.  I figured it was delicious on regular potato fries, so why not try it on sweets?

Turned out to be a good decision.

First, I had Solomon cut up 3 sweet potatoes (we had guests last night) into wedges.  We are trying to cook more together, and I want him to work on cutting things a bit more since I think it’s such an important part of being in the kitchen.

Picture 377 
We tossed the wedges with about 2 tbsp. olive oil and salt and pepper, then spread them out on a cookie sheet.  We cooked them for 20 minutes on one side, flipped them over and cooked them 20 minutes more. 

Picture 378 
After the potatoes were cooked, we put them into the serving bowl and drizzle truffle oil (maybe 1/2 tsp?  A little goes a loooong way) and gave it all a toss.

Picture 380 
Perfection.  Such a little way to kick up such a simple side dish.  It made all the difference!  I truthfully don’t see any point in eating sweet potato fries any other way from now on!  So yum!  The only thing I would do is add even more truffle oil next time.  Honestly, I just love the stuff.  We are having pizza tonight and I can’t wait to drizzle some on top (have you tried it yet?  AMAZING).

Picture 386 
I love finding simple ways to jazz up simple side dishes.  It’s amazing what 1 simple change can do!

Quick question for all of you…any tips on getting my sweet potato fries (or any fries) to be more crispy?  They come out a little softer than I would like…TWSS)

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3 Responses

  1. if you ever feel like coming to roslindale, there’s a little place near our house called sophia’s grotto that has the most delicious mushroom pizza drizzled with white truffle oil! amazing!

  2. I think slicing them thinner would make them more crispy. Almost like shoestring fries. However, you have to be careful they don’t burn that way. I’m going to have to get truffle oil or salt next time I’m at the store for sure.

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