Open WOD 11.5

I have my first Crossfit badge of honor.  My hands are getting nice and rough.  Nothing says sexy like a callous, right?

We started with some gymnastics type moves, which I basically sucked at.  Things like L sits and shoulder taps while in  handstands.  I’ll get there, I know, but for now it’s a matter of trying.  In my feeble shoulder tap attempts I ended up falling every time, so I worked on staying in a modified handstand position for a minute, 2 times.  I managed to do that without falling!  Then it was onto the WOD.


5 Power Clean (#55)

10 Toe To Bar (I did knees to chest)

15 Wall Ball (#12 ball)

In 20 minutes I managed to get through this 9 times, with one extra power clean thrown in for good measure.  I hurt afterwards.  A LOT.  Is it bad to want a drink when you’re done?


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