CrossFit Open 11.2

Aaron woke up at 6, and after getting him back to sleep (yes, he sleeps late) and tossing and turning a bit, I decided to head in for the 7:30 Level 1 class.  As a newbie, I’m definitely still learning, and focusing more attention on form and safety than on lifting heavier.  I’ll get there eventually, but for now, I’m sticking mostly with Level 1 scaling. 

For strength today we did this: Strength:  Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 straight across, rest 2-3 minutes per set

I worked my way up to #85, and they definitely got tougher as I did more sets.  I was encouraged to squat lower, and that made all the difference!

The WOD:


9 Deadlifts #80

12 Hand Release Push-up

15 Box Jumps 20”

We had 15 minutes to do as many rounds as possible.  I tried to focus on form during my deadlifts to protect my back.  I did a few rounds of push ups, then needed to use a band for some extra help.  I also managed to fall off the box twice :).  I ended up doing 7+9 (7 rounds, and 9 deadlifts), then I collapsed on the floor.  I’m pretty happy with that!


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