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WallPops! ZooWallogy

Hello and happy post holidays!  I hope those are you that celebrated had a very merry Christmas, and those of you who celebrate Hanukkah are enjoying these 8 days.  We’ve been busy here.  Between lots of family time, lots of eating and spoiling Aaron rotten this Hanukkah, there hasn’t been much time to sit and blog!  But Aaron is asleep, I’ve had my coffee this morning, the whites are in the washing machine, the dishwasher is empty and the dogs are playing so I have time to blog!

I’ve been part of the Featured Blogger program at Wayfair (formerly CSN), and love the chance to try out and review products.  They literally have everything you could think of, so when I was given a voucher and allowed to shop I had a really, really hard time deciding what to get.  Lately, it seems like most of my purchases are Aaron-centric, and that’s OK.  So it’s no surprise that when Solomon and I sat down to pick what we wanted, it was a little bit Aaron focused.  See, we’ve turned the attic into a playroom for him.  We still play downstairs a lot, but there’s a ton of space up in the attic so we were able to put some great hand me down toys up there that take up a lot of space. 

Picture 084 Picture 078 We also got Aaron a ball pit for Hanukkah, and have a little mini puppet theater which he received too.

Picture 083 Picture 079 Plus we have the chalkboard, and the beginnings of a little arts and crafts area, as well as some toys.

Picture 082

  Picture 087 Picture 080 Picture 081 As much fun as it is up there (even Aaron’s older cousins think so), the room was missing something.  It just looked bare.  The only bit of decoration we had were some cute curtains.  Enter WallPops!

Picture 077 We were able to choose 2 different wall decal sets to decorate the walls with.  The curtains have cute animals on them, so we definitely wanted to stick with animals.  We weren’t so into the cutesy cartoon animals, and didn’t really want any lifelike animals either.  We found the WallPops! ZooWallogy line on a different website and were so excited that Wayfair had them.  We liked that they weren’t too realistic or too cartoony, but were bright and not garish.  The fun prints made them funky, but not too childlike or too adult.  They are honestly the perfect blend of kid, fun and funk.

We chose Antoinne the Monkey for one wall,

Picture 074 Picture 075 Picture 071 Picture 073and Riley the Giraffe for another wall.  Picture 088 Picture 089

I was actually surprised how easy these were to use.  Even though the stickers are big, they came off of the sheets neatly, in one piece and didn’t stick together too much.  They went on the walls really easily and cleanly, with just a few bubbles underneath that were very easily worked out.  They also come off the walls very nicely and can be repositioned as much as needed (the blue monkey was moved 7 times until he was just right).  I also loved the accessory pieces, like the grass and leaves that came with the animals.

I really, really liked these WallPops! and can’t recommend them enough.  Wall decals are such a fun way to decorate and so easy to use!  Plus, they are really, really cute.  Aaron loves chatting with his monkey and giraffe friends and looking at the bright colors, and Solomon and I feel accomplished that we finally got those walls decorated and did it so easily!

Thank you so much Wayfair for letting us try these out! 


3 Responses

  1. Hey Morgan,
    The wall decals look wonderful. I have a little boy who will be one next week and we are looking for some cool gift ideas. My family has been asking me what to get him and i am clueless. We live in a townhome so place is pretty restricted. do you have any suggestions on any nice and cool gifts to get a one year old? Specifically anything that Aaron loves?

  2. That’s so funny. We had those Wall Pops (or similar) on the island and we always looked at them but never bought them. Looks like you have a great set up for Aaron. So much fun! Hope you had a nice Hanukkah and have a happy New Year!

  3. The chalkboard is AMAZING! I will have one of these in my house once Riley (and possibly future kids) grow up. Such a fun asset with kids!

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