Date Night

Good grief, I stink at blogging!  At least with any regularity.  I’m just not feeling so inspired.

Anyway, the other night Solomon and I did something fun that I really wanted to share.  We had a date, and went trampolining!!

We had so much fun jumping around, trying to do flips (well Solomon did) and jumping off the walls, plus we got a great workout!  I didn’t want to bring my camera with me on the trampolines for safety sake, so I didn’t take any pictures, but oh my goodness was it a blast!  The trampoline gym even offers fitness classes and dodgeball leagues!  It was such a fun and different night out.  Afterwards we went for drinks and dessert.

Really though, the reason I’m sharing what we did this past Saturday night was that weeks ago I told Sarah I would do a post about what Solomon and I do for date nights now that we have a baby.  Sarah is about halfway through her pregnancy (and has the cutest little bump) and thinking ahead to life with a baby!

Solomon and I probably take a different approach than a lot of people do.  We aren’t clamoring to get out of the house for a romantic dinner or anything.  We are really comfortable bringing Aaron to restaurants (and he does well in restaurants).  We don’t go to places like TGI Fridays or Chili’s with him, we take him to real restaurants.  He enjoys real food with us (we aren’t big kid’s menu fans) and we actually enjoying going to restaurants with him.  He’s really fun and social, and we think eating out with him is a blast.

We also aren’t big movie goers.  For us, to spend money for a babysitter, to then pay to sit in the dark and not even get to talk is just not worth it.  No offense to anyone who is big into dinner and a movie, it’s just not for us.  Even before Aaron we weren’t big moviegoers.  I can’t sit still that long anyway. 

So what do we do?  Where do we find sitters?  How often do we go out? 

We are fortunate enough to have a lot of family nearby who are more than happy to watch Aaron, though we try our hardest not to take advantage of them.  We have found sitters through friends and family, and also through Sitter City and  We have a pretty nice sized list of different sitters, of different ages, who we feel comfortable leaving Aaron with, and who are comfortable with not only Aaron, but with 2 dogs.

We don’t go out on dates all that much.  In the last few months we have just been nonstop busy with things to do.  Our weeknights are often busy, and our weekends feel packed.  So we are super content to relax together.  Whether we make a nice dinner, watch a movie at home, sit and talk or do something like a jigsaw puzzle together, we still consider this a date night.  It’s our time alone, together.

Even though we have been busy, we have been going out on dates a lot more,  just because things have come up.  We’ve had a few weddings to attend, and weren’t so into bring Aaron to them.  We also saw Sting.  THE Sting.  He’s so hot.  We ate dinner ate home, grabbed a drink before the show, went to Sting, then shared some dessert.

Please excuse the grainy iPhone picture.  We were actually quite close to the man himself. 

Next week we are going to see Straight No Chaser. 

For us, it’s so much more about spending quality time together, doing something fun.  We aren’t going to pay a sitter just to go out for the sake of going out.  We don’t feel bound down by our parental obligations to the point that we HAVE to go out.  We want it to be worthwhile, not just a forgettable dinner and a 2 star movie.  Honestly, I’d rather save money for a Vitamix then spend it just to go out.  It’s much more about just being with one another.  We look to sites such as Groupon and Living Social for ideas for things to do. 

What do you like to do for date nights?  If you have kids has what you do changed?  Do you go out as much as you used to?  Do you like to do something fun or relax with dinner and a movie?


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  1. OMG I NEED TO GO TRAMPOLINING!!!! i never even heard of such a place but am dying to find out if there is one in ohio. we definitely dont go out as much as we used to! last time we had an hour without blaine we hooked up the dump trailor and hauled leaves. woo!

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