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Hi!  Do you like how I just pop in and out of the blogworld whenever my heart desires?  I used to be so committed…c’est la vie!  But if you are still around, hi!!!

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my fitness goals.  After Aaron was born, there were only two:

  1. Run a half marathon
  2. Run the NYC marathon

Well, I can proudly say I’ve done the half marathon, and it was a blast.  I had big plans to run New York (I was able to defer my admission from last year), but then a little something got in the way.  Breastfeeding. 

I don’t know why, since I don’t know anyone else this happens to, but the harder I work out, the more milk I manage to produce, which makes things hurt.  So the longer and further I run, the more pain I’m in.  The thought of training for a marathon knowing the kind of pain it causes me (I hurt for over a week after my half marathon), was just not appealing.  So I deferred again.  Except I don’t know if I’ll run next year or not, since I could possibly be pregnant again.  Who knows.

So because I don’t have any tangible goals, I have more personal goals:

  1. Be Healthy.
  2. Stay strong and fit so I can take care of Aaron.
  3. Be able to stay in the jean size I’m currently in (a size smaller than before I was pregnant)!


So now, I workout at home 5-6 days a week.  I usually end up lifting 3 times a week, and doing cardio 4-5 times a week.  I’ve felt good, strong and healthy.  But life gets in the way.

The last few weeks have been crazy.  We had a ton of Jewish holidays, Aaron turned one, we’ve had visitors.  My intentions are always there, but because of the aforementioned problem, I can’t workout first thing in the morning before Aaron wakes up (he’s a late sleeper).  So I usually workout when he naps.  Sometimes it doesn’t happen, and that’s just fine.  The problem is when it doesn’t happen more than I’d like.


Last week I missed 2 workouts, so I ended up with 3 rest days.  Not a big deal, but I was a panicky mess over it.  I know, get over yourself Morgan.  I was convinced I was gaining weight.  I was moody, felt bloated and felt bad about myself.  I was such a mess over the simple fact that I didn’t get a few workouts in.  There are bigger things to worry about, honestly.

Then I realized that taking 3 days off, or even 3 weeks off isn’t the end of the world.  Taking a few days to rest my body and mind, or to spend time with loved ones won’t kill me.  I’m still strong and healthy (even though some of my eating choices haven’t been the best lately…hello birthday cake), my jeans still fit, and I can still bust out 5 miles without any problems.  So what was the big deal? 

I don’t know.  I need to learn to step back, relax and not freak when things don’t happen as planned.  Taking a few workout breaks is good in the long run, and it won’t ruin my goals. 

Sure enough, as soon as things calmed down and I’ve been working out consistently again, I’ve felt better about myself.  There’s no denying there is a connection between working out and your self esteem and mood.  The problem is, I don’t know how to cut myself some slack, relax and just enjoy a little time off.

Do you take planned rest days?  How do you feel when life gets in the way and you miss too many workouts?


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  1. Glad to see you have reorganized those goals to be healthy. I never thought about breastfeeding having that effect. I missed almost all my intended workouts last week because of a very time consuming project I was working on, but I didn’t beat myself up over it, and I just headed back to the gym on Monday. I would rather not get worked up and stressed out because I think that is worse for my health than actually missing the work out.

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