Then There Were 5

You should know that my house frequently feels like a three ring circus. 

So Solomon and I figured that we might as well add another act to the mix.

Picture 107Blog world, meet Gracie.  Gracie, meet blog world.

We already have an 11 month old and a 3 year old boy schnauzer who is basically a toddler, so why not add another one to the mix?

Solomon and I have always known we wanted a second dog, we just didn’t know when.  Then we basically realized there was never going to be a “perfect” time.   So we figured before we have another baby, we might as well get a second dog.

Gracie has already gotten a lot of belly rubs,

Picture 104 
Endured the torture of her first bath,

Picture 074

and made herself quite at home.
 Picture 083

She’s already quite a feisty little one, and thinks it’s her job to chase Rufio.  Finally, someone to put him in his place!

Yeah, I’d say I have my hands full 🙂


3 Responses

  1. She is adorable… I want one.

  2. SO cute!!!! Makes me want another dog. Maybe one that would actually love me. LOL

  3. OMG Gracie is absolutely adorable! I cant wait to see what a great big brother Rufio is 🙂

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