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The Feeling is Mutual Mama

The other day, when we were stuck at home, I wasn’t the only one feeling the cabin fever.

Aaron and Rufio wanted to take any chance they got to bust out.  I swear, they were scheming against me.

“We can get out of here.  What do you think?”

Picture 224

“What is that up there?  The sun?!?!?  We gotta make a run for it!!  I just want to be OUTSIDE!!!”
 Picture 217

OK Rufio.  I’ll distract her with my cute smile.  You press against that door and break us out.”

Picture 218

Cmon man.  Break us out!!”
 Picture 219
I’m trying.  I’m really trying.”

Picture 220

All right Ru.  I’ll try.  Watch me push.”

Picture 221
What do you think?  Is this going to happen or what?  Are we getting out of here or do I have to go all Shawshank Redemption on this house and chisel my way out?”

Picture 222

We’re not going to break out are we?  I hope this dude gets here soon so we can get out of dodge.”
 Picture 223
Despite their best efforts, the little bandits Rufio and Aaron didn’t break out on their own.

I am pleased to report that not only did the man fix up our furniture beautifully, but we got out for a few errands and a nice hour long walk.  Sometimes being stuck isn’t so bad, is it?

What are you doing for the holiday weekend?  Celebrating the end of summer or welcoming fall?


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