Suddenly September

Holy cow…September?  I didn’t authorize it to come this quickly!

Well, rabbit, rabbit I guess.

September feels really pivotal to me.  It always says to me the summer is over.  Which  makes me sad, since I love summer.  Also, without fail, every year I reflect on the summer and think about how much I didn’t do which just bums me out.  Like for example, we never made it to the beach this year (at least locally), or took Aaron for a day of sightseeing in Boston.  I know those things aren’t going to suddenly go away, and it will be much better to sightsee in the fall, but still-this is it.  Sure, we’ll still get some more pool time, and be able to squeeze in a few more BBQs.  Once Labor Day comes though, the jeans come back out, sweaters start reappearing and I have to start actually wearing socks again, since the whole sandal/sock look is not so hot.  The bright side is boots…I can start wearing boots again.

So instead of feeling sad summer is over, I’m going to get excited for the fall…apple picking, pumpkin patches, boots, sweaters, that amazing smell in the air.  Yup, it’s going to be OK.   And I want to share the awesomeness that was this summer.  We did a lot of fun things, plus we had a new little buddy to tag along on every adventure.

Maybe May isn’t quite summer, but it felt like the start for me.  I turned 30, yes 30.  We headed to Aruba to celebrate!  Aaron took his first plane ride (well 4 rides back and forth), had his first hotel visit and saw the ocean for the very first time.

Picture 430 Picture 040 Picture 047 Picture 415 
Shortly after we got back from Aruba, my little brother graduated from medical school.  He’s a doctor!  My baby brother is a doctor, amazing.  He started his residency in internal medicine and he’s working hard and kicking ass now.

Picture 559
In June things were pretty quiet.  The Bruins won the Stanley Cup, we played a lot, had a dinner to celebrate Justin’s graduation and headed to Florida for a quick visit to my grandmother.

Picture 115 Picture 056 Picture 134 Picture 072
We spent the first half of July in Israel visiting family, attending a wedding and taking in all of the amazing sights.

Picture 199 Picture 305 Picture 325 Picture 356 Picture 404 Picture 622 Picture 632 Picture 679
And we ate…oh boy, did we eat!

Picture 732 Picture 110 Picture 111 Picture 149 Picture 184 Picture 515 Picture 539 Picture 545 Picture 727 
Once we got back, things calmed down and we got to relax.  Aaron decided to stop eating pureed food and feed himself, and worked on getting himself mobile.

Picture 079 Picture 034 Picture 056 Picture 072

August felt like a very grown up month for Solomon and I.  We received a lot of beautiful new furniture (loooong story) so I house began to feel more grown up, and less post college/mish mash.  We also went ahead and purchased some new furniture of our own, and installed ceiling fans.  I guess we’re grown ups now!  We were outside whenever we got a chance, got a visit from our friend Rachel, got a visit from my parents, and celebrated Solomon’s 30th birthday!

Picture 049 Picture 116 Picture 079
Not the most exciting summer on record, but we sure did have a lot of fun!  It was so nice to have our first summer as a family!

I’m really excited to see what is coming up this fall.  This month we’re hosting an anniversary dinner party for Solomon’s parents, having a group 1st birthday party with Aaron’s baby friends, and starting the celebration of the Jewish holidays.  We seem to have something on tap every day of every weekend this month.  It should be fun!

So instead of being sad that summer is over, I’ll just wish it a fond farewell.  This summer was good to us and we had fun.  This fall is going to be amazing to us, I just know it!

Picture 168

See ya summer!

Do you get sad when a season is over?  What was the highlight of your summer?  What are you looking forward to in the fall?


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