As the weather cools down a bit, I want to take advantage of every single nice day and spend as much of it outside as I can.  Unfortunately, that’s not in the cards for us today.  Aaron and I are stuck at home…again.

Picture 176 
Last week we spent a day stuck at home waiting for furniture to be delivered and having ceiling fans installed in our bedrooms.  Being stuck was totally worth it to have those ceiling fans, plus we had friends come over for a playdate, so it wasn’t bad at all.

Picture 184  
Unfortunately, when they delivered the furniture the TV stand got a little scratched, so the lovely people at Jordan’s said they would send someone over to fix it all up.  The problem?  The window of time they gave us is from 1-4.  Prime time for us to get out and DO things.

Aaron happens to be a pretty late sleeper (not that I’m complaining, but oh how the girls ache in the morning until he gets up).  By the time he gets up, we play a bit, he eats breakfast and we play a bit more, he’s ready for another nap.  Mornings are generally spent at home for us.  Maybe we’ll run a quick errand or two or go for a walk or run, but for the most part we don’t mess with the schedule (though maybe today we’ll make it to storytime at the library).  I mean, it’s not set in stone, and if we have somewhere to go in the morning we do, but generally not. 

Picture 008

Once he gets up from his morning nap, it’s go go go for us.  We’re out doing whatever, seeing whomever and keeping busy.  So being told that I have to be home for this window just stinks for us.  Especially today when we have to miss playgroup so we can be home for this little window of time, that’s a bummer since I love our weekly group, and Aaron loves to play with his friends.

So what do you do on a day stuck at home? 

There’s the obvious-do another load of laundry, prepare dinner, clean up a bit, shop online, maybe bake something, get in my workout (but that’s morning nap time).  But what else?  My yard is the size of a postage stamp (and still littered with sticks from Hurricane Irene) so mine and Aaron’s outside play time is limited. 

Picture 071 Then, right after this little window closes and the guy hopefully arrives to fix my furniture, Aaron’s going to be ready for his afternoon nap, and far be it for me to deny that to him. 

I know that I’m lucky that I get to be a stay at home mom most of the time (I work out of the house one day a week), but sometimes I wish that stay at home didn’t have to be so literal!  I wouldn’t trade my time with my sweet boy for anything, but I want to be home on my own volition, ya know?

Normally I wouldn’t complain so much, but we have to be stuck at home Saturday morning too!  The china cabinet we ordered wasn’t set up properly and had to go back, so now we have a different one coming Saturday morning instead.  Stay at home mom indeed!

So what do you do when you’re stuck at home?  How do you keep yourself entertained when you can’t go anywhere?


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  1. I’m a stay at home mom too…kind of….i have a full daycare in my house so I am “stuck” at home all day every day….2 mornings a week I teach at my kids preschool (I teach art) so that’s fun for me…I am blessed to be able to work full time and stay home with my kids. Other than all that, if I’m stuck at home, I do house stuff, laundry, clean the kitchen, pick a closet to go through….or just pick a kid and sit down and do some legos or a puzzle!

  2. Welcome back to the blog world! I can’t believe how big Aaron is getting, it’s scary how fast time goes by.

    When stuck at home I of course, try to clean but usually get bored with it and end up reading, watching tv and eventually falling asleep.

  3. […] other day, when we were stuck at home, I wasn’t the only one feeling the cabin […]

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