When Did This Happen?

Suddenly I have a 5 month old baby boy. 

Picture 087 
I’m not really sure when that happened, but boy is time flying! 

I never really believed anyone when they told me that it would go so quickly.  It feels like just yesterday I was freaking out about giving birth.  Then along came my beautiful Aaron, and now I blinked and he is 5 months old!

He is a very busy little boy.  We continue to get out almost everyday.  Whether it’s a walk, lunch with friends or family, the mom movies, coffee or mom groups, we’re keeping busy.  We also play a lot!  It’s so much more fun to play with him now that he’s interactive.  We have all sorts of toys we play with, and ones he loves more than others.  He loves Sophie the giraffe, his Winkle, this Life Factory teething ring, Mortimer the Moose and his play mat.  He also loves his Whoozit (we got the full size one) and rings.  So many rings.  We keep them all over the house, since he loves to chew on them and just hold them.

Picture 055
He also has songs he loves.  We love singing "Wheels on the Bus" to him, since it always makes him smile.  There’s a song called "Drive the Firetruck" which he loves and of course, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." 

He’s also just now discovering Rufio, which is so fun!  He stares at him all the time with saucer eyes and reaches out for him.  Ru is finally warming up to him, and letting Aaron pet him, and giving him wet doggy kisses.  Rufio has always loved him and been protective, but the relationship is finally changing!  They’ll be best friends, wreaking havoc on this house in no time!

Picture 028
Bathtime is also more playing now.  There are toys that little man actually plays with.  We squirt him with the rubber ducky and he loves it.  He also reaches his hands out when we pour water over him to catch the water, it’s so cute!  He’s even been in the shower with Solomon and loved it.  I think I have a water baby, yay!

My only complaint is he is sooooo socially aware that he is distracted!  I’ll feed him in a dark, quiet room and he’s still too distracted to eat, which means he makes up for it at night.  It’s not so bad, he eats fairly quickly and falls immediately back to sleep.  I just wish he would go back to sleeping through the night!  In time, I know!

I could honestly go on forever, telling you how he found his feet, loves the mirror and is super interested in food even though I’m waiting to start solids another month.  I could just gush and gush about my beautiful little boy, but no one wants to read all of that.  I continue to fall more and more in love everyday.  I had no idea motherhood would be such a blast!

Just a little eye candy for you!

Picture 072 Picture 067 aruba pants Picture 010 Picture 009 Single man!  Ladies?  Any takers?


6 Responses

  1. no kidding, time flies. i seriously cant believe how big he is in comparison to that monkey! such a cutie!

  2. Morgan!! What an absolute sweetheart. Beautiful.

  3. Five months?! I’m with you! When did this happen. And when did my little man turn two months?

  4. His eyes look just like yours.

  5. awwh, happy 5 months!!! love the pics, he is quite the cutie!!

  6. Your little man is growing upp!

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