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Four the Hell of It

I’ve seen this fun little “survey” floating around the blog world for a few weeks, and I figured it might be fun to play along.  Also, built in blog topic-makes things easier!

So just for fun, here goes!

4 TV Shows I Watch:

I watch a lot of TV.  Rather, I have the TV on a lot, but I’m not really paying attention to it.  This is why I like a lot of reality shows.  However, these are some of my regular, favorite shows:

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Glee
  • The Today Show

4 Things I’m Passionate About:

  • My family.  Enough said.163816_10150382166130352_676800351_16867323_5977099_n
  • My health.
  • Cooking and baking
  • My friends.

4 Words/Phrases I Use Too Much

  • Seriously?
  • Seriously!
  • For real (usually said sarcastically)
  • Oh My G-d!

4 Things I’ve Learned in the Past:

4 Things I’m Looking Forward to:

  • Seeing Aaron continue to grow and develop!
  • Going to Israel in July!
  • Running the NYC Marathon
  • Turning 30.  My 30s are gonna be awesome! 

4 Things I’ve Loved This Winter:

4 People I Want to Complete This Survey:

  • Oprah
  • Michael Phelps
  • That bitchy girl Jenessa from Bridalplasty
  • Solomon

So what about you?  What are you loving this winter?  What are you most looking forward to?


8 Responses

  1. Ha ha ha! So I’m not the only one who watches Bridalplasty!? She’s such a bitch, but how did Cheyanne not know that was coming!?

  2. I’m more of a Good Morning America girl myself 🙂

  3. i love everything about winter! i WISH we have been having your snow storms! we’ve had white all year but no storm dumped more than 4 inches at a time 😦

  4. Awesome that you are going to Israel in July. I am going in the Spring. I haven’t been in years. I have the Big Bang theory on DVD and can’t wait to start watching it. How I Met your Mother is one of my favorites.

  5. I had that cupcake from Crumbs this summer! The Good Guy or something? Absolutely divine.

    Everyone tells me I would love How I met Your Mother but I’ve yet to see it.

  6. I totally watch all 4 of those shows! I mean, not on an everyday basis! But if I’m home when they’re on, I watch them….and I even set my DVR for Big Bang & How I met your mother. Both shows I find to be incredible under-rated!

  7. […] are living under a rock if you don’t know about Glee.  I’ve shared my love for it on several occasions.  I can’t wait for more fun songs and teenage drama.  I […]

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