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There are lots of questions you get asked when you have a baby: Does he sleep well?  Are you breastfeeding or formula feeding?  Don’t you just love being a mom?  What are your must have baby items?

Those all have easy answers, but not all of them warrant their own post.  The last one, however, I do think deserves a post.  If nothing else, I hope I can help someone who is searching google, desperate to learn what a real mom loved and needed, and not wanting to rely on a generic list.  So here goes…

Moby Wrap

Lifesaver.  Aaron is a great baby.  He’s super happy and easy to soothe.  He does have days when I absolutely cannot put him down no matter what.  He just NEEDS to be held.  This allows me to hold him close, which comforts him, but still get things done.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt my back the way some other carriers do!

168273_10150365040200352_676800351_16518300_4648324_n Fisher Price Hoppy Days Bouncer

This bouncer doesn’t have a whole lot of bells and whistles, but Aaron is perfectly content in here, so I can do things.  He loves the little animals and smiles and talks the them, plus the vibration seems to soothe him.

168273_10150365040200352_676800351_16518300_4648324_n Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

He’ll just play away forever on this thing!  There’s lights and music, lots of bright colors and textures, and fun animals to look at and play with.

Summer Infant Swaddleme

Swaddling Aaron really helps him sleep well.  Swaddling helps babies to feel more confined and organized.  He sleeps much better when swaddled than when he isn’t.  I don’t like the idea of using a blanket to swaddle him since it can come loose, but this keeps him nice and secure with velcro, cleans well and is cotton, so it won’t overheat him.

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover

I got this from the wonderful people over at CSN Baby.  When they offered me a $40 gift card I was totally overwhelmed on what I should get-something for the house?  Something for me?  Something for Aaron?  I realized that this car seat cover was a great choice.  I had a Bundleme for Aaron but I just didn’t love it.  I felt like when he was in it too long he would get too hot and sweat, which I didn’t like.  I’ve also read several articles that suggest that anything which interferes with straps on a car seat is unsafe.  This helps keep Aaron super warm, protects him from the elements and doesn’t interfere with the straps.

We also received the Sassy Baby Counting and Spelling Bath Appliques from CSN Baby, but have not used them yet…he’s still a little young for bath toys!

Chicco KeyFit Infant Car Seat

This is a safe car seat, I did a lot of research before choosing it.  Aaron is fairly comfortable in there (he falls asleep in the car, but wakes when he’s not moving in it), and never fights the straps or buckles.

Baby Trend Snap N Go

This is so much lighter and easier to use than the stroller that came with the car seat.  It folds up so easily, and fits nicely into the trunk of both cars (not that fitting it into the trunk of the Rav4 is a challenge).  It unfolds easily, and is easy to carry and generally use.

Learning Curve Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub with Sling

Seriously, I have no idea how I would bathe Aaron without this.  I loved the sling when he was teeny tiny (no more…so sad), and now he can sit up on the infant side.  He seems to absolutely love the bath (Thank G-D), and does great in this.  It’s sturdy no matter where I place it, drains and cleans up nicely and has a space for soap and other things!


Summer Infant Slim & Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor

I was really on the fence about getting a video monitor.  I also considered a motion sensitive monitor, but after reading many reviews decided against it, since I thought it would drive me crazy.  I love that I can see what Aaron’s doing.  Just because he’s making noise, doesn’t mean he’s upset.  With this, I can let him do his thing and fall asleep on his own, without having to check on him constantly!

Especially for Baby Pacifier Clip

While I wouldn’t let Aaron sleep with this attached to him, it’s nice for times he’s in his car seat or bouncy chair so his pacifier doesn’t get lost under him.  It’s also great for the car.  It’s easy to find the binky since it’s attached to him!


Isis Parenting

I’ve really enjoyed the 2 classes I’ve taken so far, and have already signed up for another.  I’ve met some great people, gotten some great products (because I can’t seem to step foot in there and not buy something) and learned a ton.  I highly encourage people to seek out a place like Isis in their local area.

There are of course many other things I couldn’t live without…diapers, wipes, blankets, burp cloths, my diaper bag, clothes and all of the other basics.  However, these are the bigger items that I’ve come to love.  Babies are a significant investment, you want to love the things you’re using everyday, right?

Are you a mom with a baby product you absolutely love?  What is it?

If you aren’t a mom, what product can’t you live without?


10 Responses

  1. We have so much of the same stuff! I love the Chicco car seat and the bundleme. THe stroller frame is super easy and is working out great until I break out the BOB in the spring. Couldn’t live without the swaddlemes. I prefer my Ergo to the Moby, but a carrier is a must! Noah is so happy and content while I can poke around and get things done. Noah has a taggie blanket that he just loves now that he is grasping at things and bring them to his mouth. He also loves a Baby Einstein musical toy…he laughs at it every time as if he’s never seen it before!

  2. Thanks for this post!! very informative!

  3. goodness, he is so cute 🙂

  4. Swaddle me blankets are saviors. I LOVE them!!!

  5. This is such a helpful post! Thank you! I actually registered for that same monitor and am hoping to get it at my baby shower this weekend 🙂 I also read a ton of reviews on the motion monitors and like you decided it would drive me crazy.
    I love the pic of him in the Moby!

  6. Great post for moms out there. Not yet time for me, but when the time comes it is nice to know of products that are recommended.

  7. lots of repeats of what you said. i wish i had a video monitor but i have an audio one that was given to me free used; so i make it work! i couldnt do without my jumparoo, tot rider, brutus mobile (he loves to stand and grab at it and i attach it to a chair) and of course the baby potty!

  8. Juliet’s new favorite toy came from Apple Park – it’s the bunny and she LOVES to grab the ears and pull!

  9. I haven’t seen your baby in a while. He has gotten so big! He is adorable!
    I don’t have kids but my friend just had a baby. I had no idea there was so much baby stuff you could buy!!

  10. […] asked for advice from friends with newborns or babies on the way.  I’ve shared before some of the stuff I loved when Aaron was just a little baby.  Now things have changed a bit.  Our days of the […]

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