Posto-Somerville, MA

Solomon and I have a new favorite restaurant. 

Posto in Davis Square, in Somerville.


We weren’t looking for a new favorite restaurant, it just kind of happened.  A friend took us there a few weeks ago, and we’ve been back several times since, and taken new people with us each and every time.  I’ve been wanting to share this place for awhile, I just never got any decent pictures (the restaurant is a little dark), but I finally remembered the SLR so now I can share!

Our most recent visit to Posto was with Solomon’s sister Deborah and her husband Mat.  We were so excited to bring them, and they really enjoyed themselves!  Something that stood out to me right away about Posto was the use of local and seasonal ingredients.  Stellar in my book.  We also like the open kitchen, so you can see what’s going on, and the fact that the chef comes out onto the floor and greets his customers (which is huge for Solomon and I-it says a lot).  In addition, the homemade dough is the perfect crispiness and chewiness, and they make mozzarella in house.  Plus, they treat us very nicely, which makes us feel good.

When you first sit down, they come and pour water in your glasses in these cool milk jugs, that they then leave on the table for you to refill yourself (which I love since I drink a ridiculous amount of water all the time).  I tried to be all artistic and get a shot of the jug with a candle behind it…artistic or trying too hard?

Picture 026 They also bring out breadsticks in a little shot glass.

Picture 028

Mat got a beer and Deborah got a bellini, while Solomon and I shared a 1/2 carafe of the Ique Malbec.

Picture 018

Picture 037

Our meal began with the Crisp Pumpkin Arancini made with roasted pumpkin, mozzarella, pomodoro & parmesan.

Picture 033 
This is something Solomon and I always get…we love the fairly subtle pumpkin flavor and the cheesiness.  Plus, the pomodoro sauce is great.  Lots of flavor, and huge chunks of tomatoes, which is a winner to me in a tomato sauce!

Picture 036 
We also tried the Carpaccio, which was made with Boyden Farm, VT grass fed sirloin, black truffle aioli, parmesan, arugula.  Absolutely delicious.  (By the way, I’m no longer a vegetarian.  Aaron needed meat when I was pregnant and he still needs it now.  I swear, my body craves it!)

Picture 030 Picture 035 
For our meals, we shared several dishes.  Though Posto is not a family style restaurant, because it is pizzas and pastas, it is really easy to share, and get a chance to enjoy everything.

We got the Gnocchi which was red wine braised beef short rib, potato gnocchi, port wine, parmesan crema.  This might be one of my most favorite dishes ever.  It’s peppery and creamy.  I forgot how much I love short rib.

Picture 039 We shared another meat dish too (I go hard or go home, right?)

Colorado Lamb-Braised CO lamb, white wine, rosemary, roasted root vegetables,
soft parmesan & herb polenta

Picture 040 I love lamb.  And polenta.  And lamb.

In addition to the meats, we shared 2 pizzas as well.  We have tried several before (LOVE the brussel sprout and mushroom pizzas), and had the Margherita (San Marzano, basil, homemade fior di latte, parmesan) and Honey Crisp Apple (Gorgonzola crema, applewood bacon, caramelized red onions, arugula) on this last visit. 

Picture 041 
The honey crisp apple is sweet and savory and almost dessert like in it’s flavors.  The bacon is a perfect compliment to the sweet apples, and sweet red onions.  I also love the addition of the arugula, which is one of my favorite salad greens.

Picture 042Basic and wonderful.  Love the mozzarella and fresh basil leaves (which make everything better)!  Plus, their cheese is fantastic.

We decided not to have dessert, since we were absolutely stuffed with wonderful cheesy, carb-y goodness. 

Every time Solomon and I go to Posto, we have a great meal and a great time.  Everyone we bring loves it, and has a great meal as well. 

Here’s to great company…

Picture 046
Great fun…

Picture 047
And a great meal!

Picture 043

Do you love finding new restaurants?  Do you have a new restaurant find that you love sharing and go back to repeatedly?


3 Responses

  1. gonna have to try it soon–sounds AMAZING!

  2. EVERYTHING looks amazing!! wow!!

  3. I love open kitchens so I can see that they are clean…..ok….and so I can stare at hot cooks.

    That gnocchi looks amazing, I want that!! I love trying new places but once one blows my socks off, I am loyal forever.

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