What I Learned in 2010

While everyone is busy making their resolutions for 2011, I’m busy reflecting on this past year.  This has been one hell of a year for me…it started out rough, but turned into a fantastic year.

I began the year in PA bored and lonely.  I couldn’t find a job, and spent all of my days with nothing to do, all by myself.  I mean, I was 45 minutes from a Starbucks!  On February 23, my whole year changed.  That evening, when Solomon came home from work I told him I had no interest in cooking.  That was weird.  Then I suggested we order a pizza…weirder.  When the pizza came and he asked if I wanted to open a bottle of wine and I replied I would be sick if I drank wine he told me to go and take a pregnancy test.  I had been feeling “off” for well over a week and was blown away when it came back POSITIVE!!!  From that moment, everything was different…we eventually made the decision to move back to Boston to start our family which changed the whole course of our year…making it amazing.

So instead of making any resolutions (which I have decided not to do anymore), I decided to share what I learned from this banner year.  In no particular order:

Be patient and know that things happen for a reason.  I can’t even express how unhappy I was at the beginning of the year.  I knew something had to happen, or I was afraid I was going to fall into a depression.  Things really do happen for a reason.  Maybe if we hadn’t gone to PA, I would have never gotten to see this-

If you enjoy something, you’ll come back to it.  I took some time off from blogging once Aaron came.  I just didn’t want to use my free time to blog, I was keeping myself busy in other ways.  It may take me awhile to really find my groove and my voice again, but I missed blogging, and I hope to dive back into the community.  I even made a facebook page for the blog, to get back into it.  Please, click like!


It’s never too late to find a new hobby.  I just started playing around with scrapbooking.  I didn’t think it was for me, until I began to experiment and do it myself.  I’m certainly not great at it, and don’t know too many techniques, or have lots of fancy equipment, but it’s fun!

Step out of your comfort zone.  This year I’ve done some things that aren’t typical for me.  I made a wonderful friend through the internet.  I hadn’t really met anyone from the internet before until I met Shannon.  Good move for both of us I think!  Though we don’t get too see each other a whole lot (babies make it tough), I know I can always call her for advice or just to complain.  In addition to making my first internet friend, I’ve also started 2 mom groups-just not like me.  They’ve both been great, and I’m meeting some wonderful women with babies about Aaron’s age.  I’m even signing up for another group at Isis!

It will never hurt to shop around.  Just saying…if you do your research, you’ll find the best price and the best deal…like 25% off a BOB stroller.

Greed doesn’t pay and karma is a bitch.  I didn’t learn this, so much as experienced it.  To make a long story short…someone was trying to get money out of Solomon and I.  We honestly believed we did owe her some but a VERY small amount, but tried to amicably settle the issue.  We offered her a significant amount of money (less than she believed she deserved but way more than we believe we owed) and we were turned down.  Ultimately, the matter was handled in court, and Solomon and I ended up owing almost no money.  We paid happily and can’t help laughing…she could have had way more than what she ended up with. 

Babies rock.  I have learned so much about what I’m capable of, how little sleep I can manage on and how much love I have in my heart.  How could you not love this face?


Your health is your priority.  Between my pregnancy, and a family history of diabetes that hit a little too close to home, health matters.  You only have one body-treat it well and love it!

Second chances pay off.  I used to hate running but now I love it.  I missed it while I was pregnant and am so happy to be running again!

Milk has more

Finally (because I have to cut this short and go feed Aaron)-America will ALWAYS love stupid.  So will I!

What did you learn this year?  Has your life changed significantly in 2010?


8 Responses

  1. Loving this post! I learned to value family and health more in 2010, and I also learned to make my happiness my #1 priority. it all has paid off! Glad you had such a wonderful year, I’ve enjoyed reading about everything!

  2. Wow, that’s really crappy about the person who was trying to get dough from y’all. Meh is all I have to say about that.

    It is weird how things can thing within a year huh? Especially for you with having a human grow inside of you and now yours forever! I’ve learned too much this yr, I will have to get back to you on all the answers 🙂

    PS-Being 45 mins from a Buckies should be illegal.

  3. My life has changed a lot in 2010 too. I got married, bought a house and got a new job!

  4. Great post! It’s amazing what lies instore in one short year! I’m so grateful to have met you, Soloman and Aaron. I’ll let you know when we are heading home on Sunday and maybe we can stop by. Kiss that little boy for me!

  5. Great post! I love that you have gotten into scrapbook. What I love most about scrapbooking is that it doesn’t need to be perfect and you don’t need expensive equipment, just putting a bunch of scraps and pictures together turns out great!

  6. Great post! I am so glad your year improved as time went on and you have a wonderful and healthy son.

    My life did not change too much in 2010, but it did the summer before that when we moved overseas. I guess in 2010 I became more comfortable with living abroad and taking in all the wonderful experiences.

    Happy New Year!

  7. awesome post morgan 🙂 i’m glad you are getting back into blogging, I think a break can be a good thing. Aaron is adorable and I love seeing pictures of you and him on the blog!

  8. Such a wonderful year for you Morgan! Plus, Jersey Shore comes back on Thursday…

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