Go GaGa!

Not going Lady Gaga.  Or “Radio Gaga” (which seems to get stuck in my head on a regular basis for some strange reason).  Not really baby talk per se, but GaGa nonetheless.

I really love CSN Stores.  The idea that I can find pretty much anything at one of their 200+ online stores is pretty awesome.  Plus, their prices are some of the best I’ve found out there.  That’s why I’m so happy to be part of their Preferred Blogger Program. 

When Jamie generously offered me a gift certificate to use at any of their stores, I had a little mini panic attack.  How on earth was I going to pick something to use this gift certificate on, the choices are endless! 

Ultimately I decided to use the gift certificate to get Solomon a little something.  Well, it’s not really for Solomon so much.  It’s for him, but it’s for the baby too.  We are really well prepared for this little boy.  His nursery is all done (but I’m not sharing it until my family gets to see it in person.  I think they should get to see before I share it online), and everything is set up and ready to go.

DSC05963 DSC05969 DSC05966 DSC05967 
Solomon and I each took a long time to figure out which diaper bags we wanted.  Yes, we each have our own diaper bags.  It’s just what’s going to work for us. 

Unfortunately, CSN Stores does not carry the bag I had my heart set on, but luckily they do carry the bag Solomon hoped to get.  After talking to a ton of people, and doing a little research, he decided on the Go GaGa Messenger Bag in black and grey from Diaper Bag Boutique.

msgr_display_black This bag is meant to be very ergonomic, with a strap that distributes weight more evenly across the back and shoulders.  It also has a more masculine look than a lot of the other diaper bags we’ve seen, which of course appealed to Solomon!  He also liked that there were no zippers.  After trying on tons of bags, we discovered that snaps and hooks were much easier to work with one hand, rather than a zipper!  He also liked the pockets and other features that will make organization much easier.

While we haven’t used it as a diaper bag yet (obvi), it’s all packed and ready to go for the hospital!  We have paperwork, some snacks and other things that we  are going to need in the hospital.  We’re able to fill it pretty well, and it’s comfortable to carry.  I know Solomon is going to be so happy with this bag!  Thank you so much CSN Stores and Diaper Bag Boutique!!!

Oh, and my bag?  I’ve had my heart set on this guy for a long time…

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack in “relaxing in rome!”

untitled I’m in love with it (thanks MRS)!

What would you do with a gift certificate to CSN Stores?  It’s really hard to choose, isn’t it?


5 Responses

  1. love my ppb!! you look all ready to go!! good luck with your little man!

  2. I love Petunia Pickle! I’m hoping that if I talk about those diaper bags enough I’ll get one with my shower 🙂

  3. LOVE CSN stores!!

  4. That is a great diaper bag for a guy. I like your choice too. I would buy a tortilla press with a gift certificate because that was the latest gadget I needed and did not have.

  5. […] are of course many other things I couldn’t live without…diapers, wipes, blankets, burp cloths, my diaper bag, clothes and all of the other basics.  However, these are the bigger items that I’ve come to […]

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