I know that still being pregnant at 39 weeks isn’t a big deal or anything.  He’s not due until October 7th, and I have this daunting feeling that he’s going to be coming late.  However, I’m done.  If I could stop being pregnant, that would be awesome.  So I’m trying to take matters into my own hand.  Little boy is evicted, he has to get out!  His time is up.

I wrote him an eviction notice.  I’m pretty sure he laughed at me.

Picture 010
Not a whole lot is changing at this point.  My weekly emails aren’t saying anything different this week from the last.  Or the last.  His length and height are just estimates at this point, it’s really hard to know.  The doctor says he’s doing fine, that his head has settled down low nicely, and now it’s just a waiting game.  So I wait.  He’ll be here soon, but it’s hard not to be anxious and excited!

Week 39

Picture 007

I feel ENORMOUS, even though I actually lost weight from my last appointment!  I’m having trouble keeping many foods down unfortunately, and my appetite is really not what it used to be. 

I had my heart set on a September baby, but I guess that just wasn’t meant to be!  At least I know that next month I will have a baby!  Until then, I’m napping a lot, and trying to do whatever I can without passing out on the couch immediately after.  Other than that, there’s no update really!  Just hanging in there!

What do you do to calm yourself down when you are really anxious about something?  Do you like to plan ahead as much as possible?


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  1. I’m still loving being pregnant, but I know I’ll soon be at that same point wanting him OUT and in my arms! 😉 I’ll pray that your baby boy comes sooner than later!! 🙂

  2. I’m so excited for you and Solomon! Your pregnancy posts have been really inspiring — I’ve followed a few pregnant bloggers over the years, and usually they make me feel more anxious at the prospect of being pregnant, but you’ve had such a great attitude even when it hasn’t been super easy.

    As for calming down, I recommend chamomile tea and rereading a favorite book (usually for me this means something like Harry Potter or Anne of Green Gables). I’m also definitely less anxious when I plan ahead — I’ll probably have a go bag packed months in advance when it’s my turn. 🙂 Hang in there, and good luck!

  3. what would happen if you forced labor? would that be bad?

    i hope he comes out this weekend (or whatever date I said in Solomons pool) 🙂

  4. What about getting really into a tv show or something? I’m not the biggest fan of tv but I can get really addicted to series and its kind of fun to watch them straight through (and makes the time fly and takes your mind of it everything)

    So excited for you! Hang in there!

  5. LOL- I love the eviction notice!!! So cute.
    I was just talking to one of my former student’s mom tonight and she was due last Saturday and still pregnant. She is not thrilled haha- but it’s her 4th kid so I guess she knows the drill right!? I should tell her to write an eviction notice! On that note, at least you don’t have 3 kids to watch right now ahha. I agree with my sis, find a good TV show. Eric and I are obsessed with How I Met Your Mother at the moment!

    It’s going to be soon!!! And October is an awesome month to be born!

  6. It’s crazy that your due date is in a week! He’ll be out of there in no time.

  7. That picture is definitely one for the baby album! When I can’t calm my brain I try to find something new to distract me. Maybe start reading crap tons of books?

  8. So exciting!!! I love the eviction notice 😉

  9. You’re like…reeealllly really pregnant now

  10. from your picture, it looks like your baby boy needs to drop. You still seem to be carrying high. When you least expect it……you will be holding your bundle of joy very soon. Best Wishes to you and Solomon.

  11. The waiting is the worst! I am on pins and needles for you. I check for an “I’m in labor” email from you several times a day 🙂 It will be soon. But I know every day is an eternity. Hang in there. You know I’m thinking of you 🙂

  12. Once a Notice of Eviction is tendered, doesn’t the resident have up to 30 days to vacate the premises?

  13. Good luck and i hope you don’t have to wait too much longer!!! Enjoy the last few days of your pregnancy…rest up and SLEEP! 🙂

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