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A $250 Cookie

Last night I wanted cookies really badly.  We had none in our house (it’s bad news if we do), and the thought of going out and buying cookies just didn’t interest me.  So since I haven’t baked enough in the last week, I decided that I might as well just go ahead and bake some chocolate chip cookies.

I usually stick with either the Tollhouse or Joy of Cooking version, but for some reason, I was determined to make the Neiman Marcus cookie, even though I’ve absolutely never had it.  You’ve all heard the urban legend, right?  A woman asked for the recipe and was told her credit card would be charged “two fifty” for it.  She thought they meant $2.50, but instead a charge of $250 showed up on her bill.  As revenge, she allegedly shared the recipe with everyone.

It’s actually total B.S.  I’ve found several versions of this story, and of the cookie recipe itself.  I figured since I found it right on the Neiman Marcus website, I might as well just go ahead with that recipe.  I don’t know what had me wanting these so badly, especially since I’ve never even tried this recipe, but holy hell, I’m glad I went for it!

This is going to be my new go to recipe for sure!  I love the addition of coffee (I didn’t have instant espresso powder so I just used ground coffee) and the texture of these is fantastic!  I usually make my cookies on the smaller side, but since this said I would get 2 dozen cookies out of the recipe, I made exactly 2 dozen, and I made them slightly bigger.  They were chewy and delicious, with a faint hint of coffee. 

Solomon has already asked me to make another batch to freeze.  You know, since I haven’t cooked and baked enough yet.

Anyway, you should all try this recipe, they are AWESOME.
 Picture 006   Picture 009 Picture 010  Picture 012 

What’s your go to chocolate chip cookie recipe?
Do you ever crave a food that you’ve never even tried before?


9 Responses

  1. I did the same thing when I read that email – those cookies are amazing!

  2. Love that cookie!! Its one of my favorites!

  3. YUMMM…those look so good. For some reason I’ve been craving cookies a LOT lately but I haven’t gone to the grocery store to get the ingredients so I just continue to crave them and occasionally get to eat one at a really boring work meeting haha.

    You are going to be happy about all your cooking and baking VERY soon!

  4. I love the neiman marcus recipe!!! they are the best ever

  5. Those cookies look amazing! I can’t keep cookies in the house without eating them all in one sitting.. they’re my favorite desert but my worst enemy haha

  6. MMMM! We had some tollhouse dough in the fridge and I totally gave into my craving last night! Yours look better:)

  7. Those cookies look amazing. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite!

    My go to recipe is from The Best of Recipes cookbook – my mom gave it to me a few years ago and I think it is one of the best!

  8. I have never made this recipe but it looks INCREDIBLE! You aren’t going to have to cook or bake for weeks at the pace you’re going!

  9. What a funny urban legend. Glad you got a chance to make some yummy cookies. They look great.

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