I Carried a Watermelon

Yes, like in Dirty Dancing. Except not in the past tense.  I’m lugging this watermelon around with me everywhere I go.  This child is a watermelon, how insane is that?

So now, at 38 weeks I could kind of expect him any second.  He could come at any point between now and his due date (10/7) or even as long as 2 weeks after that (please, please no).  So I feel like I have to be ready at any moment, which is tough, especially since I like to plan as much as I do.

Solomon and I spent some time last weekend in NH (I hope to get up a post up in a day or two about our trip) and this week has been all about nesting.  I’ve been cleaning as much as I possibly can, and doing crazy amounts of cooking.  Our freezer was empty at the beginning of the week, check this out!

I think we’re good to go for a bit, right?

I do look a bit insane with all of my labels, don’t I?  I just want to be sure!!!  Plus, there is challah dough, and several baked goods (brownies, pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, banana bread and I’ll probably make coffee cake) to have on hand for when guests come or whatever.  There is also more in my regular freezer (this is an extra one in the basement).  Nuts, right?

Well, I WAS a Girl Scout.  You can never be too prepared!

So now, it’s just a waiting game.  A constant waiting game.  I would love to stop carrying a watermelon and carry a real little boy, but I guess he’ll come along when he’s ready!

Week 38

At this point, his length and weight are really just a guessing game.  It’s not clear how big he will be, since predictions aren’t clear, but the doctor said he’s average sized.  Boy is gearing up for his big debut.  He’s dropped down quite low (I actually look smaller) and there are some signs of labor according to the doctor.  He continues to shed vernix and lanugo into the amniotic fluid that he drinks.  Some of it is ending up in his intestines, along with some other gross waste products that will come out (of him) after he’s born.  His lungs keep developing and almost all of his systems are working at 100%!  He is constantly moving about, I love watching him shove his butt out of my stomach or seeing him just shifting to get more comfortable (hey, at least one of us should be!)

The ligaments in my pelvis are softening to get ready for his delivery, which is making things a little uncomfortable physically.  I feel the need to constantly stretch out, but things kind of hurt.  My lower back hurts most of the time too, and things are just generally…changing (though I won’t go into details about what precisely is going on in my body)!  He also is bumping into more nerves, which occasionally makes my legs, feet and other body parts fall asleep out of nowhere, it’s bizarre!

I’m sooooo ready for him at this point!  While I LOVE the idea of keeping him all to myself, I think the time has come for him to come out and meet all of the wonderful people who are so excited for him, and ready to meet him too!  Keep your fingers crossed it happens soon!

Don’t forget to guess when he’ll be born!

By the way, sorry I never did a Sukkot post.  There’s no reason, I just didn’t.  There is a ton of information out there if you’re curious!


16 Responses

  1. Holy packed freezer! That is so amazing! Hope you are as comfy as possible and that the little one isn’t too late 🙂

  2. Haha, you have definitely been nesting girl! Loved the Dirty Dancing quote…

  3. Wow! You are so organized. I want to redo my freezer after seeing yours! It will make it so easy once the baby is born!

  4. holy beejesus! can i please come live with you? When i try to organize my freezer i just end up throwing stuff in and when i need to prepare something i just hope i know what im pulling out and try to distingusih whats under all the ice crystals.

  5. That is one stocked freezer.

  6. Wow, that is some impressive marathon cooking! Looking forward to pics of the new baby. 🙂

  7. I am jealous of your freezer and I am not even expecting. Great idea! I hope he comes sooner rather than later for you!

  8. Wow your freezer is impressive. I might just hire you when I get pregnant!

    Also after reading this post I think there should be more September guesses! This baby is coming soon!

  9. Wow – you’ve totally set the bar for preparation. Looks awesome – I’m jealous of your freezer!

  10. Clearly, I ran out of time 🙂 Such a good idea though.

    Its going to happen soon. I know it 🙂 Baby G wants to meet his friend!

  11. I hope you get your wish and that “watermelon” will not need to be carried around much longer…at least not in the current sense. I love all the frozen foods. You will be so happy in the first few weeks of motherhood. I know you like to cook, but with possibly very little sleep and just getting used to things, having this will be so helpful.

  12. LOL @ the title. It made me smile.

    OMG I want your freezer and am loving your organization! I was planning on cooking a bit today but it never happened. I have a coffee by my side now though and it could still happen.

  13. I’m so impressed at how prepared you are with all your meals! I sure hope I have the motivation to cook and freeze things too 🙂

  14. Way to be prepared, Morgan! You’ll be able to relax a tiny bit when the wee one comes.

  15. […] whole process!  I was super excited, and decided to treat myself to a mani/pedi that morning (the fridge was stocked, the house was spotless and my bag was packed after all)!   Solomon and I went in and I was given […]

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