Full Term Baby!

As in I have a full term baby growing in my belly, and “hey, I’m full term baby!”

Full term…doesn’t that just sound awesome!  Full term means that if the little boy were going to end his lease early and join the outside world, he is likely to thrive out here!

This week has been absolute craziness.  I spent the beginning of my week doing nothing, because I pulled a muscle coughing like a big loser and couldn’t really do anything.  Then I got antsy and now I haven’t stopped doing.  He has dropped by now, so things are so much more comfortable in there.  The pain is way less, it almost feels like I have a bruise, not a pulled muscle.  Plus, I can breathe way better, which is definitely awesome.

I’ve also been cooking and cleaning NONSTOP.  Midnight the other night found me scrubbing the bathtub because I just had to. I’m also cooking as much as possible to fill up the freezer so we have food ready for when boy comes along!  So far I’ve made pancake mix, more tomato sauce, salsa stoup, eggplant lasagna, apple butter (recipe to come) and vegetarian chili, a garlic bread and ziti for a friend.  I have a huge list of foods I want to make too!

I think Rufio is getting ready too.  There’s no nesting on his end, but he is being really, really clingy with me, I’m just sure he knows something is up!

Anyway, here’s what’s going on inside my belly…

Week 37

He’s currently the size of a watermelon (a watermelon!), and he’s busy in there practicing for what’s to come when he gets out here.  He’s simulating breathing by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid,  suck his little thumb, blinking and moving around in there (it’s so funny watching him move from side to side…he sticks his whole butt out).  He’s taking up a ton of room in there, but I’m sure he’s really uncomfortable!  He’s also busy adding more and more fat to his little body, so he’ll be all cute and dimply when he comes out.  He still gets hiccups all the time, which absolutely cracks me up everytime!

Yes, my belly is tremendous.  Yes, I am aware that I am all belly.  No, there is no extreme close up this week.  It does look like I have a basketball shoved up my shirt!

As for me, I’m managing to sleep really well, despite everything.  I do feel like I go to the bathroom CONSTANTLY which is because he has dropped down towards the birth canal and is constantly pressing on my bladder.  It’s not my favorite thing ever, especially since I drink so much water!  I’ve also hit the point where my weight gain is slowing significantly.  I’m pretty happy with what I’ve gained so far, and feel like I am just all belly.  I still feel soft and think my thighs are flabby, but I know once I start running again I’ll feel much better about myself.

As much as I want him out, I do want him to stay maybe a little bit longer.  The longer he’s in there, the better it is for his brain development.  I’m ready to meet him, but I want him to be as healthy as possible!

So yeah, full term!  In the words of Solomon, yes, another boring pregnancy post, but like I said, I’ve been busy (plus, we kind of went over my blogging feelings).  Besides, who knows how many more pregnancy posts I’ll get to share with all of you 😉


10 Responses

  1. I love your pregnancy posts :). Sounds like you are majorly nesting (that never did hit me) so you must be close. LOL.

  2. hey live up the pregnancy posts! i for one enjoy them. so is he the size of a personal watermelon or picnic watermelon 😉

    rufio knows his brother is on the way thats why hes on guard.

  3. I like reading your pregnancy posts.

  4. Yay!!! How exciting. I can’t believe that he will be here soon.

  5. You know these posts are my favorite 🙂

    I can’t believe how close we are. My due date is 2 weeks from tomorrow!

  6. woohoo!!! So close 🙂

  7. Ahhhh! You look so cute! Congrats on getting to full term. I’ll be looking forward to any future pregnany posts (and more on this nesting business – I’m waiting for it to hit me). Any gut feelings on when he’s coming?

  8. You are just way too cute! I can’t believe that you are getting so close!

  9. Rando funny thing – I have a friend who is preggers and a month behind you – her fetus broke some of her ribs with her kicking

  10. You’re looking great!! A watermelon, wow!! 🙂 Full-term, that’s awesome!!!!! He’ll be here soon!! 🙂

    P.S. J &R’s comment has me totally freaked out, hahahahaha!! 😉

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