Why Blog?

Sometimes I really love this little blogging hobby of mine, but sometimes I’m just so over it.  Admit it, I’m not alone, am I?

I obviously don’t blog as much as I used to.  It’s not that I don’t have the time per se (especially now that I am couch bound for a few days), it’s just that I’m using my time for other things (and getting ready to focus all of my time on another little human being).  I churn out a few posts a week, more about whatever I feel like.  I’m not cooking as much (or not cooking new things) so I’m not sharing those new recipes, since they aren’t there to share.  I bring my camera everywhere, like to new restaurants, but I am usually too busy enjoying myself to remember to take pictures.  As much as I want to share, my mind is much more focused on experiencing what I’m doing, rather than trying to document every little detail to share.

I also feel like the blogworld is starting to change.  So many people have changed their blogs in the last few months.  I can think of countless people who have stopped the 3x a day posting, or even a one a day post sharing what they ate for the day.  The truth is, I’m glad.  I’ve never actually read a blog to see what people are eating on a daily basis.  I tend to skim right through that and look for new recipes, new places and just to get a general insight into WHO the person is, not WHAT they eat.  It can honestly be a bit narcissistic (though isn’t blogging inherently narcissistic)?  The blogs I do read have changed (more mommy and preggie focused), and I don’t read all of the more “popular” blogs, even though for some strange reason I feel like I should.  Also, I do a lot of reading/skimming and I just don’t comment (which I know means I get less readers and comments, and that’s OK with me) because sometimes I feel like to comment for the sake of it is lame, and I really have nothing to say.

I also notice that not only are there less blogs starting up (or at least I don’t know of them), but so many people are just beginning to stop writing  their blogs out of nowhere.  I don’t know if we all have delusions of grandeur when we start, and then are disappointed to not have our blog turn into a full time job so we abandon ship, or just stop caring.

I don’t mean to sound like a total bitch, but everything just seems so different from how it was when I first started my blog, and first started reading blogs.  I love the blogging community, and truthfully that is what keeps me here, but I can’t always articulate why I blog.  Which is why I’ll go days on end without touching my blog or opening my Google Reader.  I still want to share, and see what’s going on with all of the other bloggers but finally letting go of that must blog and must comment feeling changed my whole opinion on my own blog and blogging in general.  It made it fun again, and way less stressful

  • Do you feel obligated to post a certain amount of times a day or week? 
  • Do you feel like you have to comment on blog posts to be a part of the blogging community? 
  • Have your thoughts and feelings towards blogging changed significantly since you first started your blog?
  • Do you ever feel like the blog world can be a little bit cliquey?


18 Responses

  1. you already know how I feel about a lot of blogging issues 🙂 and about the popular ones, theres no real substance. heres what i ate, interject a funny or trying to be funny joke, oh and here buy this insanely expensive poster because im cool and i know you will…..OMFG so over it.

    i know i changed since i started blogging because ive reached a place where i dont feel the need to document EVERYTHING i eat and dont need to justify so many things or try to find interesting things to talk about. this is me, ill be boring and write about boring stuff and im sorry if that doesnt jive with what people expect.

    blog world is totally cliquey….you definitely cant call people out on big blogs because people will serious gut you and leave you for dead in the blog world. its like no one can have a dissenting opinion. why cant i say this or that…Its definitely Mean Girls on an internet level.

    • I couldnt have said it better.

      I emailed Genesis with some thoughts regarding the ones you said just yesterday.

      Personally for me, I never felt obligated to blog more than once a day or even once a day but I did since I started blogging in the wintertime. Sometimes I dont want ot take a picture of the cereal or eggs I eat every morning b/c what fun is that? I dont want to get annoyed if I go somewhere and forget my camera. I want to live in the moment and not feel bad about not doing something blog related.

      As for the blog world-I dont like the bigger ones. I like learning about people, they daily life, what they do on the wknds and not what their hubbies think of their food as they take the obligatory picture of them enjoying it. I have my blogs I enjoy reading and have people who enjoy reading so I am grateful for that and love the blogs b/c of that.

  2. You know Im right there with you on this one. I feel the same way. I have no idea what my blog will look like once my little one arrives. Someone’s bowl of oatmeal is so boring to me! I’m more interested in the blogs where I get to know the person…not their oatmeal 🙂

  3. I’m with you…
    I don’t have foodbuzz or any other sponsorship on my blog, so I don’t make a penny if people read it. so I don’t know why i ever feel pressure to update it or comment on other blogs.

    I only comment on blogs I actually care about. I don’t care what people ate for the day, the blogs I like share their lives and I really enjoy that.

  4. I am not into the blogs that don’t show character and the person behind the blog. I always hope to be real and share support with others through my blog. I love writing so I do put a fair amount of effort into my blog. It’s become a part of me and I hope to continue blogging for a long time coming. I won’t allow it to change who I am though or feel like I have to do certain things or let it determine my worth. I do enjoy reading and commenting on all sorts of blogs though because I do believe it plays an important role in the community. There are times that the cliqueness and the feeling that its going nowhere can get frustrating though. Definitely!

  5. love this post, Morgan 🙂

    I’ve definitely turned a corner from when I first started blogging. I want to post about things I’m excited about, and that has changed when/what I post about, for the most part.

    I love to share recipes, but sometimes…i’m eating the same thing for lunch for 4 days straight. Not exciting 🙂 Also, I’ve loved going “unplugged” on weekends, or at least on Sundays. That’s a special time that I like to do anything and everything else that is NOT on a computer or cell phone or anything else.

  6. Nail on the head. I don’t feel obligated to post a certain number of times per day, but I used to always do 2 and that has shifted a little bit with my work schedule (now it usually just 1) and I never stressed about it. It’s a little insane that my “chill time” has turned into “watch tv and comment on blogs” time, and I’m doing my best to cut down on that! I’ve always told myself the minute it stops being fun or it stresses me out I will stop doing it. I still enjoy blogging and I DO love the community, but only time will tell! I also know that when ever I do land a new job and move away from Phoenix my time will be spent differently than it was here. Here I work, hang out with my boyfriend, and run. That is it, so I have plenty of time for the old blog! However, I know that given the chance my life might shift a little…

  7. I don’t read the “popular” blogs. Mostly because I really like to read every blog post of a person I follow, this way I feel up to date and really get to know that person and don’t feel lost. The popular blogs that post 3x a day, I can’t keep up! So then I lose interest. Plus, I hate reading about what people ate. I skip those posts/sections 99% of the time. I do like looking at pictures though haha.

    I don’t know why I blog, but I’ve stopped thinking about why and over analyzing it. Clearly I’ve kept it up for almost a year now, so there must be SOMETHING that attracts me to it. So I’m going to keep blogging while it makes me happy and put absolutely not pressure on myself to continue, or blog a certain amount a day/week. I totally know how you feel though, I can connect with everything you’ve said in this post

  8. I feel the same way — the blogworld is so different from what it used to be! Either that, or my perceptions have changed drastically.

    * Do you feel obligated to post a certain amount of times a day or week? I used to — but then I realized that nobody gives a crap about that but me, so if I don’t feel like it / have anything particular to say, I just skip it.
    * Do you feel like you have to comment on blog posts to be a part of the blogging community? Sort of, yes; but I don’t like commenting just for the sake of commenting. If I have nothing to say, then why say anything?
    * Have your thoughts and feelings towards blogging changed significantly since you first started your blog? Somewhat. Initially, I was blogging just for myself, regardless of whether other people read it. That’s very, very different from “writing for an audience.”
    * Do you ever feel like the blog world can be a little bit cliquey? A LITTLE bit?!… I am not going to say anything about that, though. It makes me sound paranoid.

    ❤ ❤

  9. Good grief, you are so right about all of it! I don’t feel obligated and I don’t comment every time. I feel like it should be something you relate to and not a place to get attention. So many people leave random comments and you know they are just doing it to put there name out there. This was perfect! Thank you for saying it.

  10. Hey, priorities change and there is nothing wrong with that. I go through phases. If I am too busy, I am too busy and I will not blog, or read blogs, even if I want to. I like to post when I travel because it serves as a reminder to me of my trip too.

  11. Morgan,
    I stumbled upon your blog on the perfect day… I’m so glad you wrote that. I started blogging because I thought it would be interesting a few months ago, but now I wonder why in the world anybody would care about what I am doing, I mean… maybe… seriously MAYBE my mom. I’m in the same spot, and I feel lame commenting even right now, but I can relate so felt I had to let you know:)

  12. My one year blog anniversary is coming up. A whole year, wow. Obviously since I have done this for a year, I know I love it.

    But, I did go through a phase when I didnt love it. I was trying to be like the other bloggers which left my blog feeling stale.

    Once I started writing for fun and just about whatever I wanted, I started to love it. It’s now a nice break in my day to pop into my blog and write some thoughts down or talk about my day.

    Do you feel obligated to post a certain amount of times a day or week?

    I don’t feel obligated, but I do like to try to post once a day. If it doesnt happen, its okt hough.

    Do you feel like you have to comment on blog posts to be a part of the blogging community? I think commenting helps. Commenting facilitates discussion, so in that regards yes. but, if I have nothing to say, I dont say it. I need to start utilizing the like button on wordpress more. Sometimes I like a post but dont have anything to say about it.
    * Have your thoughts and feelings towards blogging changed significantly since you first started your blog? I like it more now than I did when I first started!
    * Do you ever feel like the blog world can be a little bit cliquey? Depends. I think the big bloggers can be, but I can understand that. they relate to each other b/c of their blogging success.

  13. So speaking of blogger slackers- something happened with my internet where my firefox is no longer filling in the rest of the address (if I’ve been there before) so I have to type the whole website myself (yes I gave up on google reader)- so anyway I was doing love before live for your blog and it was not popping up. Finally figured it out today. SO, I loved your past few posts #1- love learning about Jewish Holidays because I am not Jewish but I have a lot of Jewish friends and some students #2- I know you feel comfortable but you look awesome.

    As for blogging itself, I used to try to promote my blog. To visit new blogs so I would get new readers. Etc. I don’t do that anymore, I don’t have time or motivation. I blog now because it keeps my blog friends and some friends/family updated on what I am up to and gives me the memories. However, it’s not to promote anything. I read FAR less blogs than I used to because I’m only reading what I truly want to be reading and only comment if I have something to say. There just isn’t time in life for much else 🙂 I don’t stress about it though, I honestly have NO desire to be a full time blogger (working all weekend? no thanks!) so whats the point of having a crazy popular blog? It’s my leisure time, so I do it in a relaxing way!

  14. ps. I could be wrong about this, but I assumed people are starting new blogs I am just not finding them because I am paying no attention. I also guessed that the reason I find people blogging less and less is because most of the blogs I read started blogging around the same time as me and they are losing interest/or just getting to our point. I feel like it’s our “generation” of bloggers haha.

  15. It’s definitely cliquey. And some of the more popular ones are the ones that are boring to me. I mean, not all of them, but definitely some.

    Like others have said, if I don’t get a sense of the person (and like what I see) on the blog, I probably won’t read it.

  16. I couldn’t agree more Morgan! I went from blogging twice daily to once a week, and even once a week isn’t as exciting for me as it use to be. I also haven’t been cooking because I’ve been staying with my parents, but I really don’t miss blogging as much as I thought I would. And I rarely, rarely ever comment on blogs anymore.
    So yes, my feelings about blogging has changed significantly and yes, it is absolutely cliquey. I find myself getting annoyed at the so called “healthy living” bloggers who have only a small salad for dinner and five cookies for dessert.
    Anyway…you just wrote what I have been thinking the past few months 🙂

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