36 Week Blues

So glad you all liked learning about Rosh Hashanah!  It was a lot of food, a lot of family and friends and a lot of fun!  Next week you all get to learn about Yom Kippur-get pumped!

Anyway, I hit 36 weeks on Thursday, and wasn’t blogging because of the holiday.  So now I’m at about 36 1/2 weeks, and it’s not so fun.  Earlier last week my back on the left started bothering me, and it kind of ended up traveling up to my side and front.  It was really painful, and I called the doctor who said it was more than likely the way the baby was positioned and not to worry because he was still kicking fine, and I had no other problems.  It began to feel better, and then Friday night I coughed really hard, and all of a sudden tears sprang to my eyes, and my side hurt more than it ever did.  I had to lay on the couch and could hardly move.  Being in the car hurt so badly!

I always suck up pain and just deal with it, and it was starting to feel better.  Well, this morning it was excruciating, and I decided to go ahead and have it checked out.  Yup, my first visit (other than the hospital tour) to Labor and Delivery!  They hooked me up to a fetal monitor, and little boy is doing just fine.  Turns out that my gigantic cough actually caused me to pull a muscle! Right?  A cough!

So now I have to “take it easy” which isn’t really part of my vocabulary!  I can’t clean, do laundry, exercise (besides slow walking and some stretching) or really do anything strenuous at all.  I’m basically on modified bed rest when it comes down to it.  Ice and Tylenol are going to be my new best friends for days.  Fun, right?  Oh well, I’ve really been sailing along this whole pregnancy, comfortable as can be, it had to happen at some point I guess!

Poor Solomon though…he is doing everything he can to make me happy and comfortable, and I am just cranky and I cry a lot.  Plus, he has to do everything.  Not that he complains, but it just sucks for him!  At least I’ll be able to do things soon enough.  It’s best just to heal and get back to normal, right?

So moving on…

Week 36

I’m in the nesting stage where I’m supposed to have a flurry of energy and want to clean my house top to bottom.  Well, it’s not that dirty since we haven’t been living here that long, but I am cleaning and doing things all the time.  I guess that was me overdoing it!  I also made some soup this week to keep in the freezer, and cooked a ton for the holiday, so maybe that was some nesting?  I had more I wanted to cook this week, but I guess we’ll have to see how I feel!  Solomon and I did spend a lot of time finishing up the nursery, unpacking everything and setting things up, like the swing.

Boy is gaining about an ounce a day at this point, and is probably about as long as he will get.  He has very little room in there, but I still feel him dancing around.  He is head down, and will remain that way!  Most of the downy hair that covers his body has been shed, and the vernix caseosa which covers his body is being shed as well.  His skin is soft and smooth now, and his gums are rigid.  His liver, kidneys, immune system and circulation system are basically good to go, and his lungs are almost totally developed.


11 Responses

  1. ohhh no! I hope that you start to feel better! Take advantage of the rest. I have a feeling you wont get much of it when the little Mr. makes his grand appearance!!

  2. 😦 So sorry you haven’t been feeling that great. I hope you get to feeling much better soon!!!!!! Just relax and let your sweet husband take care of you.

  3. you need some omm like whoa

  4. I’m sorry you’ve been so uncomfortable! I hope you are able to get some rest!

  5. Aww Morgan! I hope you are feeling better. It’s got to be tough for such an active person to be so limited, but try to just relax and know this is very close to the end of the pregnancy and happens to a lot of women at this point. The bigger baby gets- the less space for everything! We are thinking of you (and solo too!). You have been handling this like a champ! I’m impressed. xoxo!

  6. ouch, a pulled muscle!! Im so sorry to hear that! before you know it, the baby will be here and your discomfort will be gone!

    I love that dress that you are wearing, it’s very flattering!

  7. You’ve been on my mind…let me know if you need anything. This waiting game is the worst! But soon our coffee dates will be replaced with playdates, and all this discomfort will be worth it…..we may even decide to do this again one day!

  8. Sorry to hear you are so uncomfortable, you are in the home stretch! Hope you can get some rest!

  9. a cough?! serious? so sorry bout that. but you should take your modified bed rest seriously. the soup should last you guys for a while 🙂

    wait so babies are hairy when they are in the womb? i mean besides the head of hair they have? honestly, that creeps me out. does the hair just ‘flush out?’ oh man i can already picture the hair ‘flushing out’….ok ill stop, before i refuse to have children.

  10. I have felt like I have done damage with a cough before but I never thought I seriously did damage, but now I wonder…

    Glad you had a nice holiday. I am guessing you do not plan to fast for Yom Kippur. I do not think I could manage that if I were over 36 weeks.

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