Internet, Privacy and Your Limits

How much information is just too much?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I put on the internet-through my blog, facebook and the very limited amount I actually use Twitter.  I’ve been wondering just how private things are, and trying to figure out how much of little boy I plan to post online.  I mean, just because my facebook page is marked private, doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to see what’s on there.  Plus, there is always word of mouth.  Someone who I am “friends” with might share something I wrote or posted with another person.

Now, something did happen this week that got me thinking a bit more about this.  It even got me wondering if perhaps I should delete my blog and just stop.  I just didn’t know.  Then I realized-I can’t be and I won’t be intimidated.  What happened isn’t something scary or anything, it just had me questioning some things, and thinking how much of myself and my life that I do share, and how much I might want to continue sharing.

So I know I’m not a 3x a day blogger, or even a once a day blogger.  I actually don’t necessarily consider myself a “healthy living” blogger at this point, I just blog about whatever is on my mind or in my heart.  To sum up why I don’t photograph everything, and share my whole life, check out Melissa’s post on whether you are observing life or participating in it (seriously love this girl.  I absolutely could have written this post myself)!  I do wish I took more pictures in general, so I could remember things, but what I do take pictures of I don’t feel a need to post all over my blog, and that’s just my personal choice.  I feel like people just share absolutely everything, short of what they leave in the toilet, and that’s just not for me, and that’s OK.  I know I don’t post a ton, and I do limit how much I share, but that doesn’t really mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, does it?  I mean, one picture out there on the internet could be seen by millions and severely impact your life.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is trying to figure out what the limits are.  How do you decide what to put on your blog?  How do you decide how much of your life to share?  Do you ever worry about what you are putting out there on the internet for the world to see?  Do you feel safe on the internet in general?


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  1. It seems like there has been a lot of introspection lately on why we blog and what we want our blog to be like or not be like. I know I’ve done it recently.

    I have worried about that sort of thing. I try to be smart–I post personal things but I Will never post pics of my house or decorating or whats in it bc I really dont want people to see where I live, what the inside of my house looks like, etc.

    Sometimes I wonder about twitter–ack, I can get stressed thinking about this kind of thing.

  2. There are definitely things I keep off the blog like specific locations, pictures of my bedroom (for some reason that weirds me out), job details, and personal things I don’t think everyone in the world needs to know (not like everyone in the world reads my blog… but still), and I always make sure people don’t mind their pictures being posted if I snap one of them. I do love having all of these pictures on hand and easily accessible and it’s cool to flip back and see what I was doing 5 months ago, but I think privacy is very important and we all need to find a balance that works for us!

  3. im generally a very open person. even after a few conversations i will open up to you and tell you my whole life’s story like why my brothers and i are orphans, my relationships, etc…but like most people i wont divulge specific information like an address or obviously my social security number on the blog.

    but with technology being what it is now, its hard to avoid an overload of oversharing. much of my facebook information is set to the strictest privacy settings, but one way or another i still get found. my job requires my name and information (work info) to be posted so people can easily find me at work, but other than that, my really private dirty secrest stay hidden 😉

    i understand where youre coming from though, especially with a baby on the way and safety concerns, it gets tough.

  4. I have always been a big sharer. I will tell you anything you ask and I thrive on having an outlet. I have considered the safety of it before, but I do try to keep things as general as possible. From my blog, people could of course determine I live in the metro-Atlanta area but hopefully not much more than that. It can be creepy if you think “what if some super tech savvy freak was out there tracking me bec I’m sharing so much” but I can’t live with that mindset. So I share. I share because I enjoy it. Every person has to do what works for them though.

    I don’t think I would blog if I had to keep things impersonal honestly. I don’t mind reading other blogs like that because everyone has her own style, but its not me so I couldnt do it. It’s a tough balance.

  5. I would say that in life I am not an oversharer of information, hopefully I’m not on my blog either. But I do share personal things about myself because I think it makes my blog more interesting to read…maybe not for everyone but for my own audience and its nice for me to be able to vent or share good news. That being said, I am strict about privacy things. I will not mention my last name on the blog (either of the two I am currently sporting haha), I never mention if Eric is away for any reason until after he comes back, I never say what town I live or work in etc. I also try to be respectful of other people’s privacy particularly when kids are involved. I have a good friend with kids who mentioned to me once before I had a blog that she didn’t like her friend who had a blog posting her kids pictures- I remembered that and never post pictures I take of them. On the other hand I know other people who don’t care. I THINK when I have kids I will post pictures on the blog, but I will continue to be very careful of any information about them. Interestingly, I had this guy want to interview me for something about teaching and he googled me, he found a bunch of stuff about me but never found my blog- so I thought that was a good sign 🙂

  6. I very rarely show pictures of anyone but me, my husband and my dog – especially if they don’t know about the blog. (I occasionally show my parents, like in my wedding pictures.)

    Most of my friends do know about the blog, but I generally don’t tell people that I don’t know well about it.

  7. I liked Melissa’s post. I feel like some bloggers post every single little thing on there including the outside of their house, friends (which I mention frieds but never by name), where they are going on on vacation, etc.

    I make mine somewhat personal but don’t put my name, where I work, etc. on there. I am all for living your life as I used to be a once a day blogger but lately it seems like every other day or two days since I am out living my life and having fun.

  8. I think everyone knows this, but you really do have to be careful about what you put on the internet. Since I’ve worked in television, I’ve seen first hand how things can go terribly wrong when too many people know too much about you. I had a stalker when i was a reporter and that was not cool at all. In my role as news reporter I didn’t share ANYTHING about my personal life, but people still managed to try and find out. With blogs, its’ quite the opposite–we throw it all out there, and we forget that many many people read these things, and we have no idea who they are!

    even though I’d love to see photos of your baby when he arrives, and know his name and everything, i’d recommend not sharing too much. Photos might be fine, but I wouldn’t tell people what his name is. Kids can be lured to strangers very easily if the stranger knows his/her name…”Hey billy, come over here…your mom wants me to take you home”….scary, but it happens.

  9. I share a good deal abou tmyself, but I never post picture of other people unless they have given me permission. I also have only posted pictures of my home that don’t give too much detail as to where I live. When the baby arrives I want to be able to share him with the new blog friends I’ve made. He is also going ot be the focus of my life, so leaving him out completely would leave me with little to blog about! But I am going to have to give a lot of thought as to what I share. He may continue to be Baby G on the blog because I’m not sure its safe to share his name.

  10. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, especially as I apply for jobs this year. I don’t talk about anything really personal on my blog. I show pictures of my friends sometimes, but even that I’ve tried to stop doing. I don’t think I’d show pictures of my baby.. but then again that’s years away so I’m not sure what I’d do. It’s sad that you have to be careful but it’s reality…

  11. One thing I hate about privacy or lack of, is writing about vacations and trips. When we went to Paris, I posted it all after the fact. I don’t want people to know we are not home. It’s like saying, come rob me. The other thing is about children. I HATE when families put those stick figure pictures up like bumper stickers that list the family members names with them. I feel like a stranger/predator can know too much. They know the kids name, and then a parents name and can easily use this information to make a child feel more comfortable. Maybe I am just paranoid, but this is too much information to share with people. I would put limited information about my child (maybe once they are communicating/talking/understanding) because it is too easy to get information and then say to a child “your mom is at the dentist and she is running late, I am going to pick you up from school today”. I may watch too many movies, but this information is powerful in other people hands. I try to be cautious, but I am very talkative and I find that I have to stop myself.

  12. Great post!

    I’m pretty open, so I think about who’s reading it. I know people at work read my blog, and I’m ok with that–actually I love it! I am the same person in real life that I am on my blog. And it helps me in real life too, if I won’t put it on my blog, would I say this about a person? I let my blog world see what my IRL world sees–short of my address, I guess.

    I blog about what’s on my mind. i don’t need to go into riduculous stories with a ton of details, but if I feel like writing it, and I would share it with acquaintances and I think it would be encouraging, then I’ll put it on.

    I really don’t know if any of that makes sense at all. 🙂

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