Taqueria Mexico

Ah Mexican food.  I love you.  Mostly, I love you when you’re good.

I made no attempts to hide my bitching about the lack of local ethnic food available when I was living in PA.  We pretty much had to drive 45 minutes or more to get any kind of ethnic food (other than bad Chinese and mediocre Italian), and even Mexican food was no exception to this.  We went to the Mexican restaurant in town once, and vowed never, ever to return.  I swear they used Kraft American cheese and canned mushrooms in my quesadilla.  Considering it was just a mushroom and cheese quesadilla, that’s a little disappointing.

The other night, when I was craving Mexican food wicked bad, Solomon and I did some quick math, and realized it made more sense to go out and grab a bite than it did to cook at home, since it would have required a pretty substantial grocery store run.  Usually, we have all of the fixings for great Mexican meals at home, but we’re still getting there with the contents of our fridge and pantry.

How so cheap you ask?  We happen to LOVE a hole in the wall Mexican place in Waltham called Taqueria Mexico.  I had only been there a few times during my 4 years at Brandeis, and always enjoyed it, but tended to gravitate towards the sangria, and not worry about the food.  Now, Solomon and I just love the food, and love to bring friends and family there.  They are always a little grossed out when they first walk in (seriously, total hole in the wall), but the food ALWAYS wins them over!

DSC05815 Solomon and I haven’t been here in a year, but when we walked in, our waiter (we always end up with the same guy) welcomed us back!  That felt so nice 🙂

Every meal at Taqueria Mexico starts with chips and fresh salsa, along with some hot sauce.  I love their salsa…spicy and chunky, so good!

DSC05816 DSC05818 Sorry the pics are so dark!  I actually took some pics of the decor, but they didn’t come out so great.  It’s a lot of really kitschy decor, including sombreros and Mexican blankets covering the walls.

I decided on the Plate Vegetariano which had one chili relleno and two quesadillas with mushrooms, potatoes and zucchini, served with rice, beans and guacamole.

DSC05820 DSC05825

It was a HUGE plate, and I couldn’t even begin to finish it.  I loved how the quesadilla wasn’t too cheesy, and packed with big pieces of fresh veggies.  I also love their refried beans (which probably have meat in them), and ate about 1/3 of what they put on the plate.  I’m really, incredibly picky about rice, so I didn’t even touch it, but I’d bet it’s fantastic.  I think next time I would just get a quesadilla though.  As much as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cheese, I think chili rellenos might be even too cheesy for me.  It was good, but I focused more on the quesadilla!

Solomon got the Enchiladas de Pollo which has three chicken enchiladas cooked with your choice of red sauce, mole or green sauce with melted cheese and sour cream on top, served with rice, beans and salad.  Solomon asked if they could do all three sauces, one on each enchilada, and they did!

DSC05822 DSC05821 Solomon devoured this plate, it’s his favorite thing there!  I tried the different sauces, and they were so yummy!  I especially love their mole, it might be my favorite mole sauce ever. 

The servings are just so huge (too huge) and the price is beyond right.  Taqueria Mexico is always a good meal out, and worth it, despite being a total dive!  Everyone in the Boston area needs to check it out ASAP, I swear by it, and all of my college friends will vouch for me!

Do you like hole in the wall or dive places?  What’s your favorite thing to order at a Mexican restaurant?


11 Responses

  1. oh man I love hole in the wall places. They take such pride in their dishes.

  2. Hole in the wall places are definitely the best. I think all the best ethnic food is hidden in strip malls.

  3. Hole in the wall places are the BEST!! Especially when it comes to mexican food!! Omg, now I have a crazy craving for it!!

  4. This makes me SO homesick for Waltham! I went here all the time senior year. (It’s a shame it took me so long to discover it!)

  5. Looks so yummy! We have a spot here in Chicago called El Tapatio and they can do no wrong! Love Mexican food!

  6. It figures that just moved from Waltham! Luckily its not that far 🙂

  7. I know that place! I don’t like Mexican food though. Everyone raves about Anna’s Taqueria though – have you tried it?

  8. That dish looks amazing! I love finding good hole in the wall places.
    I LOVE mexican food so I pretty much order something different every time. I love enchilladas, burritons, and tortilla soup! yum!

  9. I love Ma and Pop shops! They are the best! Food always seems to be fresh and not processed as much. I always get quesadillas, sometimes shrimp, steak, chicken, whatever I feel like! I just love everything about them!

  10. I LOVE hole in the wall places and prefer them to flashy places or chains. They just have a better feel, ususally better food and I love supporting the local business.

    I also love when you go back somewhere you haven’t been in awhile and they welcome you back with open arms, thats just awesome.

  11. Where’s the love for Border Cafe?

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