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Why, Hello Third Trimester!

Whoa.  2 trimesters down, 1 to go.  That means this little boy who kicks me at all kinds of random times, and makes me crave meat is going to be a part of the outside world in about 12 short weeks.  That’s BEYOND crazy to think about.

So as slow as the time has gone, it’s been FLYING!  In the beginning, it felt like time was standing still, and I honestly didn’t think the third trimester would come at all.  Now, here we are and I can’t believe it’s almost all over 😦

I’m going to miss having this little boy all to my self.  Yes, call me selfish.  I mean, I can’t wait for everyone to meet him, and to share him with the world, but right now he’s all mine!  On the other hand, 12 weeks is not a really long time at all, and we have so much to do between now and then!  Of course, we are moving next week.  We have to then go and pick out our nursery furniture!  Soon enough we’ll start getting the nursery together, and before we know it, he’ll be here in our world.  Soon, when I ask Rufio where his baby is, he won’t look at me all confused, but will go right to his baby (yes, it’s his baby, he LOVES babies)!

Week 28

The man is about 16 inches long and weighs 2 1/2 lbs!!!  He’s about as big as a bag of flour (whole wheat of course).

His lungs can pretty much breathe on their own now, and right now he is just focusing on his organs, making sure they are A-OK.  He is currently about 2-3% body fat, so is working on gaining weight.  He opens and closes his eyes and looks around, and will blink and turn away from bright lights that he can see through my belly.  His eyes also have eyelashes.  Soon he will be able to open and close his eyes on his own, not just by reflex.  His brain is developing tons of neurons to get ready for the outside world.


As for me, well, sleeping has started to evade me.  I take forever to fall asleep, and wake up more than I’m used to.  I feel lucky that I have no reason to get up most mornings, so I can sleep late if I need to.  I also get some not so fun leg cramps from time to time, but otherwise that’s about it.  Still working out pretty much everyday, and my weight gain is right on track!  Oh, and my gestational diabetes test came back negative, thank you for all of your prayers and wishes for me!  The only little problem is my iron is a little low.  Even though I’ve had meat a few times, I’m not so into it right now!  I eat lots of spinach and always take my prenatals, but still need more iron.  Any advice on ways to get more iron into my diet?

My next baby update will be from my new home!  So excited!!!

Now just a few more days of packing, and we might be heading to a Pirates game this weekend.

What are you up to this weekend?
What is something you can be a little selfish about that you feel guilty about?


14 Responses

  1. YAY!! 3rd trimester, wow!! It goes by so fast!! I know what you mean about having him all to yourself. I feel so special and honored right now that I am the one who gets to spend alllllllll day long with him. 😉 Of course I’ll be happy to share him with the world too, but I can see how mama’s can get so protective! I already am!! haha!! 😉

  2. Happy 3rd trimester!! That is the first time I’ve seen the flour bag comparison and I looked at my belly and was like “noooooo waaaayyyyyyy”!! Crazy that so much kid can be packed in there, huh?!!

    I hope you get to that game and post lots of pics !! IT IS SO GREAT THERE! 🙂

  3. Happy 3rd Trimester!
    Making sure you are doing lots of dark leafy greens like your spinach. Also beans and lentils are a good source of iron. Most cereals are fortified with iron as well. Hope that helps.

  4. yay, belly pics! happy 3rd trimester 🙂 and yes 12 weeks will fly by.

  5. How exciting!! Congratulations to you!! I just ordered a tofu xpress by the way…can’t wait to try it out!


  6. So exciting! I know HEAB did a few posts on iron because her levels were low, too.

  7. Feosol

  8. Hooray for the third trimester! I can sympathize with the sleep and leg pain. I know you’re really busy right now, but make sure you get as much rest as you can when you’re done with the move – you’re going to need it! And I totally understand enjoying having the baby to yourself – it’s such an amazing feeling! But trust me, you and your little one will always have a special bond.
    Can’t wait to see you guys soon!

  9. Yeah for the 3rd trimester! I am with you on the sleep and the leg cramps. Everyone says to sleep now, before the baby arrives….but I can’t!

    Good luck with the move. Can’t wait to meet you 🙂

  10. Yeah, only one more trimester to go. good luck with the move. As for iron, vitamin C increases absorption, and calcium inhibits absorption so keep that in mind. I know you tried red meat, but there are vegetarian options, dark leafy greens are good, and here are some I pulled from my nutrition textbook in order of highest to lowest:
    oat bran cereal, spinach, kidney beans, and some other beans, but I did leave meats out of this list.

  11. Wow, I cant believe its your 3rd trimester already—time is flying!

  12. Ive struggled wih iron for many years – try always eating your leafy greens with some citrus – it helps make the iron more accessible to your body. You’ll also find that oats and beans have good amounts of iron. There are also a few thugs that make iron less accessible – like don’t eat broccoli and spinach in the same meal – for some reason the combo blocks some of the iron absorption.

  13. Congrats on the 3rd trimester! No matter what your baby will always be yours : )
    Good luck with the move!

  14. Hello fellow pregnant Brandeis alum!
    I second the suggestion for Feosol (vitamin supplement). I was falling a little short on iron as well around my 26th week and that’s what my OB recommended. Been taking it every day or every other day since then (now in the 36th week) and no problems. It’s a tiny little triangle- easy to swallow. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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