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Rounding Third!

Here we are, another baby post and the very last one of my second trimester.  My, how time flies when you’re growing a baby!

First of all, it was fun getting to know you all a little bit more!  Also, I was randomly featured on Serious Eats.  I actually find it funny, because oatmeal makes me nauseous right now, and last time I actually made OIAJ, I ate 2 bites and had to toss it out!  Go figure?

Anyway, things here have been a little bit on the CRAZY side for us!  We’re moving in a little bit less than 2 weeks, and are kind of living in a bare bones apartment.  We’ve packed up everything we can, and now we just kind of have to wait until our last weekend to finish all of the packing.


Also, we are preparing for a quick trip to Toronto this weekend.  We have plans to go to a Red Sox/Blue Jays game, but nothing else set in stone.  Any advice for things to do and see in Toronto?  Must try restaurants?

I’m going to make this a pretty short post, and just share the weekly baby update.  Got lots to do, and not a whole lot of time to get it done!

Week 27

Little man is about 15 inches long and weighs a little over 2 lbs!  He has more taste buds now than he will at birth so he can taste the difference in what I’m eating!  His eyelids have been fused shut for the last 4 months, and now they can open.  The visual part of his brain is more active, so that combined with the eyes means he can “see” what’s going on around him.  He sleeps and wakes at regular intervals (he likes to wake up and start doing the macarena right when I’m getting into bed)!  I think he also gets hiccups from time to time, like right this very instant!  His lungs, liver and immune system keep maturing, and he knows my voice and probably my scent too!


I feel like I’m a house.  I just feel huge!
The weather has been so obviously hot lately that I’m just totally uncomfortable in my own skin!  I am so thankful for air conditioning!

What are you doing to beat the heat this week?
What are your weekend plans?


5 Responses

  1. I can relate in so many ways! We just moved last weekend and it was exhausting! I didn’t do any of the heavy lifting, but I did a lot of bending and carrying lighter things. It was very humbling to realize how hard it is to do things now. I can also relate to feeling uncomfortable in your body. It is the oddest feeling when your center of gravity is so off. One more trimester to go and we get to meet our little guys 🙂

    Have fun in Toronto!

  2. well, you don’t look huge, just look like youve got a beautiful baby bump!

    Im actually starting the moving processt his week…going through stuff, seeign what I want to take, etc.

  3. I know you *feel* huge, but you are not really huge!!! You have an adorable baby bump going on!!!!!!! 🙂 I had no idea babies could taste what their mom’s are eating!! Uh oh, maybe I shouldn’t eat so much spicy food???!!!

  4. I hope you guys have a blast in Toronto! Time really does fly, doesn’t it? It seems like only yesterday you were telling us you were pregnant!

  5. OMG you’ve totally turned into a preggy preggo! I mean – I’ve been watching the weekly pictures but I feel like you are so big (in a good way of course) out of no where! YAYYYY!

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