I’ve Never Even BEEN to Mt. Vesuvius

The title of this post is absolutely pointless, except that it’s a line from one of my most favorite movies ever.

I have decided to be completely lazy in this post and open it up to you…all of you.  All of my regular readers, my friends and those who lurk but have never stopped by to say hi!

Just for fun, share the following:

  • Where are you from?
  • How old are you?
  • What’s your favorite movie?
  • If nutrition weren’t a factor, what food would you eat all of the time?
  • What’s your favorite book?
  • Do you blog?  If so, what’s your blog address?
  • Favorite workout?
  • Share 3 fun facts about yourself

Random? ? Yes.  Who cares?  I want to get to know you all!  I’ll go first:

  • I’m originally from NJ, but spent the last 10 years in Boston before moving to PA for less than a year.  I move back to Boston in less than 2 weeks
  • 29
  • Zoolander, Mean Girls, The Thomas Crowne Affair, Eurotrip (I don’t have the most sophisticated taste in movies!)
  • Cupcakes.  Anyone surprised?
  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Marjorie Morningstar, Gone With the Wind and Time Traveler’s Wife
  • I do!  You’re at it!
  • Right now I walk and do a lot of yoga.  And I’m loving Jillian Michael’s NMTZ.
  • I’m going to be a mom in about 3 months and I’m beyond excited and a little terrified; I went to law school and don’t really ever see myself being a lawyer; and I once threw a tailgate party in the parking lot of a DMB show complete with a baby pool full of water and toys, tons of food, jello shots and enough beer to share with about half the parking lot.

Your turn!  It’ll be fun getting to know you all a little bit more!
Have fun!


11 Responses

  1. Where are you from? Originally NJ, but now Boston
    How old are you? 30
    What’s your favorite movie? It’s a Wonderful Life (corny but I love it!)
    If nutrition weren’t a factor, what food would you eat all of the time? cheese and wine
    What’s your favorite book? To Kill a Mockingbird
    Do you blog? If so, what’s your blog address? http://traveleatlove.com
    Favorite workout? strength training, I love seeing results
    Share 3 fun facts about yourself
    I have 2 cats, I volunteer at an animal shelter, and I love to travel

    This is a fun idea. I love getting to know you posts!

  2. I love to see Mean Girls on your list! One of the best quotable movies ever!

    Here’s Mine:

    Where are you from? Hollidaysburg, PA (home of the Slinky!)
    How old are you? 24
    What’s your favorite movie? The Bubduction of Jonathan Cruse (view it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6s9KLpotEk )
    If nutrition weren’t a factor, what food would you eat all of the time? Mac and Cheese!
    What’s your favorite book? To Kill a Mockingbird
    Do you blog? If so, what’s your blog address? http://www.abbynormally.com
    Favorite workout? Running, o’ course!
    Share 3 fun facts about yourself … I know Latin, I am scared of large bodies of water, and I played Varsity Softball!

  3. Where are you from? Oklahoma
    How old are you? 25
    What’s your favorite movie? such a hard question. WAY too many to think! I can tell you TV show. Dexter/
    If nutrition weren’t a factor, what food would you eat all of the time? Pizza and donuts.
    What’s your favorite book? again, too hard.
    Do you blog? If so, what’s your blog address? http://imanokie.com
    Favorite workout? lifting
    Share 3 fun facts about yourself:

    1. I’ve had 12 surgeries in my life, I’ve dunked the basketball at an NBA game and I was a gymnast for 11 years!

  4. From – Georgia
    Age – 26
    Movie – Labyrinth or Silence of the Lambs
    Eat – Pizza!
    Book – Summer Sisters by Judy Blume
    Blog – Yep! http://www.faithfitnessfun.com
    Workout – Spin, Kick, or lifting
    3 facts – I competed in a fitness show a year after giving birth. I can speak Spanish. I have traveled to more foreign countries than US states.

  5. Hi all…Morgan’s husband checking in…

    From – Boston
    Age – 28
    Movie – Shawshank Redemption, and MANY OTHERS
    Eat – All types of coffeecakes and apple pies
    Book – The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Alchemist
    Blog – Morgan’s Blog
    Workout – Weight lifting, boxing (which I never do)
    3 facts – I am a HUGE Red Sox fan, I have sung in Carnegie Hall, I can’t wait to be a dad in about 3 months!

  6. awwh I love that your husband did this questionaire too!!! 🙂

    from- massillon, ohio
    age – 28
    movie – EEK no idea!
    eat – reeses cups and most every dessert under the sun
    book – double EEK no idea either!
    blog – http://basebell6.blogspot.com
    workout – biking, running, hiking
    3 facts – i’m scared of frogs, i’m a world record holder, i’ve lived on the same street since birth in 3 different houses.

  7. * Where are you from? washington state. formerly from hawaii
    * How old are you? 24
    * What’s your favorite movie? at the moment…time travelers wife
    * If nutrition weren’t a factor, what food would you eat all of the time? donuts and fried chicken
    * What’s your favorite book? wuthering heights, my sisters keeper, snowflower and the secret fan…i could go on forever, but ill stop
    * Do you blog? If so, what’s your blog address? eatsleeprunwhenever.blogspot.com
    * Favorite workout? running
    * Share 3 fun facts about yourself:
    1. i cant whistle
    2. i cant swim
    3. i like to start new hobbies every summer and then stop when school starts and never pick up the hobby again…lol.

  8. Here goes:

    Where are you from? Originally Baltimore, MD, then to PA for school, Vegas for what was the start of my adulthood and now to the Azores, but I do not consider myself from there. I associate most with Vegas.

    How old are you? 30 years and 1 month (tomorrow)

    What’s your favorite movie? Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, the original, and the Neverending Story. I still love my classic childhood faves.

    If nutrition weren’t a factor, what food would you eat all of the time? Chocolate. I am an RD and I know how to make it fit regardless!

    What’s your favorite book? Strangely, the same as my favorite movies, and really anything by Roald Dahl (great adult short stories), and Jodi Picoult novels

    Do you blog? If so, what’s your blog address? Yes, http://nutrfoodtrvl.blogspot.com

    Favorite workout? Anything that makes me sweat and offers some stress from the real world.

    Share 3 fun facts about yourself: I have a dragon tattoo, I love to travel and most recently went to Portugal, Spain and Morocco, and I love to snorkel especially with my own prescription dive mask so I can actually see things.

  9. From – Originally the Washington, DC area, but have lived in Atlanta for 8 years.
    Age – 32
    Movie – It changes a lot but the last really good movie I saw was Up. Seriously, don’t know it because its a cartoon.
    Eat – hummus, salsa, guacamole. I guess I like dips.
    Book – I know this much is true, the help, the art of racing in the rain
    Blog – inmytummy.com
    Workout – running, weight lifting, the occasional pilates class
    3 facts – i am writing this as i’m in hawaii on my honeymoon, i’ve run 6 half marathons and one full, i moved to atlanta from dc for no good reason.

  10. Oops, I meant don’t knock it for the movie question.

  11. Let’s see, I’m from Northern California, I’m 28 years old, and I currently blog at OatsNBoats.com
    The movie book question actually overlap. I’m all about nostalgia and Anne of Green Gables is a favorite in both categories. I have to admit Parent Trap was my go to movie whenever I stayed home sick from school. I love reading and my favorite book rotates frequently – I think that’s why I love sticking to things from my childhood whenever favorite questions are asked.
    Favorite foods? I adore frozen yogurt and fresh bread and would eat them every single day. Unfortunately I’m discovering that gluten does not work for me so I’m in the process of learning how to make some good gluten-free breads, otherwise I steal bites of my regular bread (as I still make it for others) which really isn’t good for myself – but hey, the question was if nutrition wasn’t an issue right 😉
    I’ve been in love with rollerblading since I was 10 – it is still my favorite workout without a doubt. Recent discoveries include zumba and yoga, but if I had to pick one – I’d stick with rollerblading.
    Some random facts about myself? I had the chicken pox three times and mono twice (yeah, each of those you’re only supposed to get once and be immune to after that… my body apparently doesn’t like that family of viruses… they’re cousins).
    I adore animals and kids. I would ask to pet every dog and play with every child I came across if I didn’t think that would make me creepy – instead I think I error on the side of caution. But let it be known – if you ever travel out to Northern California and need a babysitter – I’ll volunteer.
    Third random fact? I randomly dance around in the copy room at work… super embarrasing when someone walks in, so I keep an ear out for the door. But hey, it makes it so much more fun. Also randomly dance to commercials if it’s just me and my husband… he thinks I’m a freak, but secretly he thinks it’s adorable – or at least that’s what I tell myself 😀

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