26 Weeks: From A-Z

Yes, I look at the fact that I’m 26 weeks along and I think about the alphabet.  26 letters in the alphabet.  26 weeks along.  So I’m finally at letter Z.  I play this game with the alphabet in my head all of the time, where I find out the value of a word, and give it a letter.  Weird, huh?  Yes, I like stuff like that.  I also like number games and doing math in my head, just like Janetha.

So here I am, 26 weeks along.  2 more weeks until 3rd trimester.  2.5 weeks until we head back to Boston.  Big things coming our way!

So what about baby boy this week?  Here’s what’s going on:

He weighs at least 1 and 2/3 pounds now and is about 14 inches tall (the size of an English cuke).  His hearing system is now completely formed, and over the next few weeks he’s going to become incredibly sensitive to sound.  He does seem to react to hearing Solomon’s voice, which is so cool!  His eyes are almost fully formed and will be blue when he’s born, just like all babies.  The air sacs of his lungs will be developed by the end of the week and will begin to secrete a substance that will keep lung tissue from sticking together.  His little boy testicles have begun to descend to his scrotum.  I will likely start experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions soon, which is the body’s way of getting ready for labor!


Here’s a mini survey, since not much has changed:

Stretch Marks: None for me!
Sleep: Starting to fail at this.  The fact that Rufio has to sleep touching me at all moments of the night doesn’t help.  I’ve rediscovered the joy of naps!  At least I’m a side sleeper, which helps a lot!
Movement: A lot.  Solomon feels him all the time!  I have actually SEEN my belly move when he kicks.  Talk about bizarre!
Food Cravings/Aversions: Meat, and Averie’s raw vegan peanut butter cups.  Quite the contradiction, huh?  I also can’t stand oatmeal anymore!
What I Miss: Being able to get on the floor comfortably to play with Ru.  I can’t move around so easily to wrestle and play with him!
What I am Looking Forward To: More packing and planning our trip to Toronto
Best Moment This Week: Solomon surprised me with a buddha charm for my Pandora bracelet since he has started calling me his little buddha because of my belly!

My bracelet is almost all filled up, I’m going to need a new one soon 🙂

What was your best part of the week?  Do you do number and letter games in your head?


4 Responses

  1. I do this weird number thing on the treadmill. I have to look at each song and tell myself what the time will be on the treadmill when the song is over.

  2. love the pictures. will you be playing him some mozart & Beethoven or will it be some beyonce or lady gaga? lol. you should totally get that thing that thing Bethenny was wearing in episode two that wrapped around her belly and i guess played music to the baby…do you have a baby registry?

    • what is this belly music thing? she is probably wearing one of those body shapers, which is why all of the tabloids are all upset about her losing weight so fast! we registered, it was so much fun babies r us is baby disneyworld! so far, it’s been a lot of Glee for the baby 🙂

  3. This made me laugh because I do number games ALL the time in my head! I’m glad I’m not the only one!

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