Double Digits!!

Today marks what I think is a fairly big league milestone.  I am down to double digits until little boy’s due date.  Yup, just 99 days until he’s due.  That could of course change, but for now…WOW!!!
A lot has changed in the past 6.5 months, and I know there are even more changes on the way.  Here’s what I am looking forward to in the next 99 days:
  • July 4th weekend.  No idea what on earth we’re doing!
  • Quick babymoon to Toronto.  Plus, the Sox will be playing the Blue Jays!
  • Robin and Dotan moving back to the States.
  • Setting up our new place that will finally be a home, and not just a house!
  • Having a decent oven and stove that won’t undercook or overcook everything, or burn everything.  I will never has an electric stove or oven again after this place!!!
  • Meeting our new doctor, and doing all of our final pre-delivery preparations like touring the hospital (Beth Israel).
  • Picking out nursery furniture and setting up our nursery.
  • Reconnecting with our Boston friends!
  • Finally, having a huge selection of amazing, diverse restaurants to choose from!
  • Solomon’s birthday.
  • Hopefully a Red Sox game or two (they play the Yankees the first weekend of October, I’d love to go to that).
  • Pete and Lindsay’s wedding.
  • The High Holidays (not that I’m looking forward to them, but it will be lots of yummy food and family!)
  • Lots of pool time and family time.
  • Things coming off of our registry.  I know that sounds obnoxious and greedy, but it’s not meant to be!  I’m just excited for all of the cute things for little boy!

Things I’m NOT looking forward to:

  • My glucose test to see if I have gestational diabetes
  • Setting up our new place.  I’m so excited, but sometimes I just wish it did itself.  I am super Type A and need to be unpacked and set up right away, so moving is stressful!
  • Gaining more weight.
  • The beginning of leg cramps, swollen legs and feet and other pregnancy symptoms I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing yet.
  • The High Holidays.  Long days in synagogue just aren’t one of my favorite things.

It’s a busy, but relatively chill 99 days coming up, and I can’t wait!  I know this time is just going to fly by for us, and in no time everything is going to change!

What are you looking forward to in the next few months?  Anything you are kind of dreading?


12 Responses

  1. You have a busy couple months ahead of you! how exciting. All of your activity and things to do will make these next 99 days go by in a flash.

    Im moving into a new apartment with my boyfriend of 3.5 years on August 1st and I can’t wait!

  2. It’s amazing how fast things go, huh? How exciting though!

    Something coming up in the next few months? Honestly I don’t know. Just general life stuff. Nothing too exciting that I can think of. Well, I guess going to Philly to watch a good friend get married is something.

  3. What a jam packed couple of months! I am hoping to have some big changes coming down the pipe for me, but I have to sit pretty on that for awhile

  4. Wow, you DO have a lot going on. I can tell you that the glucose test isn’t as terrible as people make it sound (provided you don’t mind needles, of course). I actually took the one hour one and failed it, and then had to take the 3 hour on and passed. They had me to it earlier (and I will have to do it again at 28 weeks) because my risk for gestational diabetes is a little higher.
    If you have questions about it, let me know!

  5. You definitely will gain weight, but don’t assume all those negative pregnancy things like cramps and swelling will come; you can definitely get lucky and sneak by without them!!!!!

  6. Looks like such a great 99 days ahead. I am definitely looking forward to the 4th of July. I also took off an extra day next weekend so I am looking forward to a longer weekend!


    Yeah for moving to Boston!!!!!!!!! Awesome! I hope you guys find the perfect place!!!

    The tory Burch flats I got at neiman marcus!!! They come in gold, a bronze color and black as well! U do need them!!!

    Thanks for the congrats! You are the best!!!!!

  8. I knew our due dates were close, but didn’t realize how close. I am due on the 6th and thought the same thing about being in the double digits! Its those little things when you’re contemplating the things you listed above…gaining more weight, leg cramps (I’ve got them!), glucose testing (mine is in 2 weeks)…. Good thing there is so much good at the end to outweigh the discomfort 🙂

  9. Hey, I have tickets to that Red Sox/Yankees game (Oct. 3rd) if you are interested – we have a wedding away that weekend and won’t be able to use our tickets if you want to buy them!

    They are section 42 in the bleachers, we sit with all people who have season tickets like us and they are a riot – $100 for the pair if you want them 🙂 let me know!


    and i’m looking forward to our baby being born hopefully by Sept 1st!
    not looking forward to a long hot summer as big as a house!

  10. 99 more days, WOW!! How exciting!! 🙂 It is going to fly by!! 🙂 I love reading your blog and seeing what all is in store for me!!!! 🙂

  11. I’ll be praying about your glucose tests!!!

  12. Oh, my gosh, I’d LOVE to go to that game in October… though I’d probably be killed. 😉

    Good luck with the glucose test!!

    ❤ ❤

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