Love That Dirty Water…Boston, You’re My Home!

Last week I mentioned that my mom had come up to M’Ville for a top secret project.

Ready for me to let you in on what was keeping us so busy…

PACKING.  For what you ask?  We’re shipping up to Boston!  For good this time.

DSC05528 DSC05527
After finding out that we were expecting, Solomon and I did A LOT of soul searching and talking, both with one another and with our families, and decided it was in our best interests to move closer to family.  We thought that with a baby coming along, it was best to be near family for so many reasons.

I don’t know how much I’ve really shared, but this has been an incredibly hard year for me.  We moved here back in August, and I haven’t been able to find a job.  I stopped looking once we made this decision, but it was really rough on me to not be working.  As someone with an advanced degree, to not be doing anything other than part time baking and substitute teaching, was really kind of depressing.  It’s also been hard to be so far from a Jewish community.  In Boston, we are part of a big, strong Jewish community, and here we are 45 minutes from the nearest synagogue.  We have met a lot of lovely Jewish people (and non Jewish people of course), but it’s just not the community we know and are used to.  Though I consider myself more of a spiritual and ethnic Jew, I’m used to having a community around me (I went to Brandeis after all!)

In the end, Boston made more sense than New Jersey (where I am from), because our network in Boston is so large, and we both went to college and graduate school there.  It’s really been a hard choice, but in the end is the right choice, we are sure of that.

On July 21st and 22nd, we will be making this long drive caravan style, followed by movers.

We’re really excited about this move, and the wonderful new townhouse we’ll be moving into!  Here are some pictures from the spec sheet:


Check out my kitchen!  As soon as we walked in the front door I knew we were home, and this kitchen sealed the deal for both of us!  It will be so easy to keep kosher in here, plus everything is brand new (it’s a 3 year old townhouse).  Those beautiful high stools are going to be ours too 🙂

A lot of the pictures have things owned by the current owners, and I just don’t think I should post them.  For example, pictures of their children on walls and pictures of their bedroom, kid’s room, guest room and nursery.  It’s just not for me to share something so personal.  However, I will be sharing tons of photos once we move in!  Downstairs we have a big living room/dining room, an office and a more formal living room.  We also have a laundry room and bathroom.  There is a basement downstairs, and a backyard for Rufio to play in, complete with a deck for us to grill on!

Another great feature is the attic, which is finished.  Wait for it…there’s a chalkboard wall. Yes, a chalkboard wall.  I feel like I win!

So for those of you bloggers in the Boston area, I would really love to meet you (especially before the little boy comes along).  I’m going to send out a mass email in the next few days, but please, feel free to drop me an email!  I won’t be working once we move, since to find a job, and go on maternity leave just a few weeks later is kind of pointless.  I’m not too worried about being bored though…between setting up a new home, setting up a nursery and getting ready for baby, I’ll be plenty busy!

I’ll miss Meadville, all the wonderful people we have met, and the little life we’ve built for ourselves here, but in the end, it’s not the right place for us to be right now.  Meadville was good to us for so many reasons.  We learned a lot about ourselves, one another and together as a couple.  We got pregnant here for crying out loud!  We learned we can survive any amount of snow, and living 45 minutes from a Starbucks and 2 hours from a Trader Joe’s isn’t the end of the world (though we will be 1/2 mile from both when we move!)

Because I love that dirty water.  Oh Boston, you’re my home! (this link is worth a clink!  DMB performing Dirty Water at Fenway last summer-we were there!!!)

I can’t wait to keep you all updated about our new adventure(s)!  Things are so exciting for us right now!!!


24 Responses

  1. I’m so excited for you guys! Talk about a big huge new beginning for the two (soon to be 3) of you!

  2. Your new townhouse looks great!! What a beautiful kitchen!! 🙂 There are so many fabulous Boston bloggers!! Sounds like this move is going to be sooooooo wonderful for you!! 🙂

  3. Yay! But I couldn’t imagine that drive. I think I get really antsy on long car rides,

  4. Congrats to you girl! I know you will be so much happier close to family. Your new place looks gorgeous!

  5. I can’t believe I didn’t know you lived in Meadville until this post when I saw the map! 😦

    GOOD LUCK WITH THE MOVE!!! That’s got to be crazy / stressful, but with the end result you will have, totally worth it! 🙂

  6. That is one of the most awesome houses I have ever seen… can I move in?! 😉

    ❤ ❤

  7. I’m only slightly (read: INSANELY) jealous of your new digs – THEY LOOK FABULOUS!

  8. congrats on the move! i’m glad that you’re doing something that will make you happier. as much as family drives me crazy sometimes, it really is nice to be closer. especially since the community thing you mentioned is not ideal where you are now.

    your new house looks amazing!! awesome kitchen! 🙂 my fav room of course.

  9. I’m so excited you’ll be moving to Boston 🙂 I think you are smart to move near family with the little one coming and you don’t want to be unhappy with the area/community you are raising a child.

  10. Yay!! Welcome back, we sox fans missed you : ) Your house looks gorgeous!! I painted a chalk board wall in my cousins room and it is awesome! I want one too haha

  11. You know I don’t like to do this but . . . I told you so! 😉 And of course I already knew about the Top Secret Project without knowing the specifics. I am glad you guys will be back in Beantown. One more reason for me to come back and visit. Miss you!!!


  12. I’m so happy and jealous! I absolutely think you made the right decision though, and best of luck!

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the new place once you’ve really made it your own.

  13. congrats on the big move, you seem really happy about it 🙂 Your new place is going to be gorgeous too!!!

  14. Yay! I’m glad you get to go back to somewhere so awesome that you both love.

  15. coingrats girl! i got your email and YES of course want to make a meet up soon! you know I am from Newton, and have spent OODLES of time in needham of course…i currently live in clevland circle so about 10 mintues from you!! we are def meeting up!!!!

  16. how fun!!! great news. My sister lives in boston so Im sure i’ll be there visiting sometime. we’ll have to plan a gtg

  17. congrats on the new place and your new life adventures!

  18. how exciting! That is a GREAT kitchen too!

  19. yay welcome welcome

  20. I’m so happy you’re moving to Boston! We’re moving into our new house in Bedford over the next two weeks. Not too far from where you’ll be. I would love to get together. We can compare baby bumps 🙂

  21. Congratulations! I’ve always really liked Boston.

  22. Omg how exciting!!! Congrats on your move—-being back in your community and around family will be so happy for you three….almost four 🙂

    And that townhouse? Gorgeous!

  23. I love, love, LOVE your new place!

  24. wow, congrats on the big move! im still catching up to people so im kind of behind on the commenting 🙂

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