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It’s Not Easy Being Grey

Poor Rufio.  Life is just so hard for my little grey man. 

Of course Ru stayed in NJ with me, instead of going back to PA.  My dad seems to think that Rufio is his dog, and would have been pretty disappointed if he hadn’t stayed here to play with him.

Naturally, he gets spoiled big time at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  My mom made him quite a little treat, knowing he was going to be a hot mess after it.  Ru loves ice, so my mom decided to freeze some vegetable broth into ice for him.  However, since we don’t do things simply, she made him shot glasses. 

What no home is complete without!

We took little boy outside and let him go to town.  He had a blast.

Part of the reason we let him have so much fun with his flavored ice was that he needed a bath.  BIG TIME.  Boy, was he ripe!  He gets so much love and attention, and all of those hands on him all of the time make him a little bit stinky.  We found a great new way to bathe him though.

We just take him outside, hose him down, soap him up and rinse!  It’s easy and fast, plus, makes for some good laughs.  I sprayed, my mom soaped him up!

We use Johnson’s baby shampoo on him. 

He doesn’t love getting a bath no matter what, and this way, nobody gets scratched when he starts thrashing about.  A win win situation-Ru gets cleaned and we stay “safe.” 


Because his day just wasn’t eventful enough, minor catastrophe struck the Ru-Man.  He likes to hang out in kind of dark places, like under the bed.  Most dogs do in fact, it’s like a cave or den to them.  Well, he was hanging out under my parents armchair while I was sitting on it.  I didn’t know he was under there, so I put the leg rest down.  Then I realized it was a little too quiet, no Ru playing with toys or chasing So-Crates.  Where could that little man be?

I laughed so hard when I saw him that I began to cry.  He began to growl like a crazy dog, but oh did we laugh.  I don’t think he was too traumatized though.  My dad teased him with some food, and he reached his paw out, and did everything he could to get it, even though he was stuck!

Such is the life of Rufio.  Hilarious and totally goofy!

What’s something funny you’ve seen a pet do?  When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?



7 Responses

  1. I love animal posts! He is darling! I have 2 cats I adore and we had planned to get a puppy this summer…instead we’re getting a baby boy 🙂 Maybe next summer we’ll get a puppy. Every boy needs a dog, right?

  2. Well of COURSE your mom HAD to make him shot glasses!!! That was hilarious! I’m surprised he doesn’t like baths. Sam loves them. Max used to give this look like “really, a bath, can’t we just stand in the rain and call it a day?” I can’t believe he got stuck under the chair. How did you get him out? Dogs get themselves in the darnedest predicaments. Wait until the baby is here. They get themselves in some pretty hilarious situations as well.

  3. LOL this was a great post. I am moving next month and won’t have a bathtub (just a shower) and Lincoln doesn’t like getting bathed in the sink and have been racking my brain trying to figure out how I am going to wash him and think I am going to try your way.

    He is a very quirky dog (just like me, except for the dog part!!) and I will be sitting on my sofa watching tv and he will bring one piece of dog food into the living room, drop it on the floor, circle around it, lunge and back away from it then eat it, it’s pretty amusing.

  4. Haha, love the shot glasses!

  5. Too cute! My cat now goes into the dogs bed and night and kicks the dog on the floor. The dog allows this too, which is really funny.

  6. Poor Rufio!
    He is soo cute! My cats get so spoiled by my parents as well. It is the funniest thing. They act as if they are their real grandchildren.
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. hahah this is so funny! how did he get out? did you move the chair?

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