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Walking is the New Running

Hello bloggies!  Don’t you just love the disappearing act I play on a regular basis?  I’m busy living life, being pregnant (i.e., going to the bathroom a lot and eating regularly) and spending time with the fam.

Something I’m not doing anymore?  Running (but you all knew that).

I miss you my dear friends:

I miss you too.

Yes, I have the exact same sneakers in 2 different colors.  I’m all about rotating my shoes!

So what have I been doing now that I’m not pounding the pavement on a regular basis?  Aside from riding in the comfort of my living room, some uninspiring DVDs and lots of yoga and stretching, I’ve become a walker.  No longer am I someone who walks casually to take Rufio out, I’m a full on walker.

Before, I never actually believed that walking was a good workout.  I can’t say I see huge changes in my body (other than the growing belly and huge tatas) from walking, but I feel like it’s doing such great things.  Who knew?  Plus, it’s so much more relaxing!  I feel like I can take in the scenery, and really stop and think.  Plus, I work on tightening my tush while I walk, so I just know I’ll have a killer butt post baby! 

I had kind of laughed at some of the walking plans I would see in fitness magazines, but damn.  Aside from the fact that it’s super humid out lately and I sweat like it’s going out of style, I can’t believe how GOOD I feel when I’m done!  My muscles feel worked, I feel like I got an actual cardio workout (or that could be because more than one flight of stairs leaves me huffing and puffing so maybe the hills are just killing me), and I get to spend time outside (sometimes with my best 4 legged friend), which is always a plus.

Truthfully, I can’t wait to get back to running.  I have big running plans for after the baby comes, but truthfully, I feel like I’m going to be starting right back at square one.  No joke, I might even have to try out a Couch to 5K program to get back into running shape, but for now, I’m so happy to know that walking is keeping me in some sort of shape, whatever that may be.  So I walk.  I walk because I can, I walk because I can do it anywhere, and I walk because I don’t only have to wear sneakers for it!

Birkenstock Gizeh.  What I’m living in this summer.  No joke.

I’m off to take a walk, but first, a little belly update.  I keep updating at random, but each week starts on Friday, so I’m a bit behind!  For the next few weeks, baby boy is about the size of a papaya

Week 22

Little man is almost a foot long and weighs almost a pound!  His inner ear is developed to the point of having a sense of balance and his pancreas is formed.  His lips, eyelids and eyebrows are more distinct, and his eyes have formed, though his irises lack pigment.  Fine hairs (lanugo) cover his body, and his skin is all wrinkled, waiting to be filled in with his cute little baby fat (grow, baby, grow)!  He’s still kicking and thumping me a lot, but I never know when to expect it!

Yes, I wear a lot of black.

Are you a walker?  What kind of exercise do you like to do when you want something more relaxing?


13 Responses

  1. I loveee going on a walk with a good friend, or chatting on the phone 🙂 Its nice to move and keep in touch 🙂

  2. The elliptical is getting me through the second half of pregnancy. I miss running so much too, but the groin pain I’ve been having (pubic symphasis disfunction) makes even walking painful. I feel lucky I can even use the elliptical! We just bought a BOB Revolution and I can’t wait to start running again with my little guy. Maybe we can do some runs together with our boys when you move back to Boston 🙂

  3. I become a HUGE walker when pregnant. It does feel so good and is the perfect workout when pregnant. And yes, you may have to start back at square one with the running post baby…BUT you will progress much faster and get back to normal sooner than you would if it was brand new. It is normal for things to take 9 months to a year to get back to the same intensity and level of fitness before pregnancy though…which is perfectly fine. 🙂

  4. I love that you are always comparing your belly to different fruits and veggies. I cannot wait to see when you’re watermelon league lol

    I love walking and always have. I am doing a lot more of it now since I am laying off the running but feel like it is both a workout and relaxing. I try to take a 15 or 20 min walk on days where Im not too busy at work (which has been a rarity lately).

  5. “Plus, it’s so much more relaxing! I feel like I can take in the scenery, and really stop and think.”


    I started walking when i was preg, before that it was run, or else. Period. And after the baby, you will find your breasts are full, huge, and your uterus and abdomen will hurt. You dont need to be running girl. Trust me. Just walk. Honestly, til about a year after the birth I never ran. I just did a fitness show. You dont need to run to get back into shape. You dont at all! Just walk and enjoy the scenery 🙂

  6. i love walking for more calm exercise!
    You look so beautiful and confident and i am soooo excited for you and your baby. You are going to be such a fantastic mom!

  7. I think it’s great that you found something else you can enjoy doing! I’m definitely a runner, but I love when I can walk places. Growing up we lived within a mile of most things (our schools, shops, restaurants) and we almost always walked!

  8. I actually really love to walk. One of the things I look forward to most in my day is a walk with my dog…it is SO relaxing.

  9. Love your growing bump! Too cute!
    I do enjoy walking a lot! You don’t realize how it adds up. Those sandals are adorable. I need to get cute, comfy sandals.

  10. Walking is GREAT exercise! I don’t do it much because I run while I can, but when I’m injured or tired or sick – running is a great alternative! I’m glad you discovered it. I bet if you keep up running and yoga and the like during your pregnancy you will have no trouble getting back into running. It may take a little initially, but it’ll come back before you know it!

  11. I am right there with you on the walking! I’m still running, but on days when my energy levels are low, I WALKK! I love it too! It seems to almost give me more energy on those days when I just can’t get enough steam to break into a run.

    I’m definitely going to start the butt-squeeze thing though! Great idea!


  12. […] I ran until I was about 13 weeks.  Once I stopped running, I began to spin at home.  I also walked a lot (having an energetic dog helps).  I did prenatal yoga, and some light lifting.  I stayed active […]

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