Portion Sizes Can Be Wicked Deceiving

Wicked.  Yes, I used the word wicked in the title of this post.  I lived in Boston for 10 years after all.  Wicked is a normal part of my vocabulary now.

OK, so I used to do the whole calorie counting thing.  Truthfully, it never quite worked for me.  I honestly think I was undereating, even though I knew how many calories I burned most times I worked out.  It just was a big old fail for me.  I also realized that counting calories wasn’t realistic for me.  I eat at friend’s and family’s homes a lot, and eat at a fair amount of restaurants.  I think it’s just hard to estimate what you ate when you aren’t 100% sure what went into it.

Furthermore, sometimes I just don’t want to eat that much, I’m not hungry for one reason or another.  Therefore, forcing myself to eat a certain amount of calories is really useless.

What I began to do when I stopped obsessively counting was to become much more aware of ingredients and portion sizes.  Sure, you can’t count portion sizes for something that you don’t really know the details for, like a dish someone else made, but for a lot of foods it’s really easy.


The only bad thing is, as useful as measuring cups are, sometimes what you put in the measuring cup can be quite deceiving.  I’ve found that the best way to be sure you are eating a correct portion size is with a food scale.  The lovely people at OpenSky sent me one to try out, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  I can’t believe how much more aware I am of how much I am actually eating when I know what a real, proper portion is!

file_58_6 The Eat Smart Nutrition Scale has so many cool features!  It measures in ounces and grams, and has almost 1000 preprogrammed foods in the scale.  That means if you put one of the foods (like berries) on the scale, all you have to do is press some buttons, and the scale will tell you how many calories are in the serving based on weight!  It also shows you fat, protein, carbs, fiber, sodium and other nutrients.  You can also program in and save some of your favorite foods!

file_58_6 Right now, I am certainly not trying to lose weight, but I still try to be very aware of what I am eating, and how much of it I am eating.  I’ve actually been really surprised by this little scale.  Turns out when I was pouring a bowl of some of my favorite cereals, I was actually pouring LESS than a serving!  I guess I was so conditioned to eye balling it, that I would undercompensate, just to be on the safe side.  I feel like this scale has helped to retrain me to better understand what a size is!  I was really surprised to find out that I was giving myself less than a serving of whole wheat pasta.  SCORE!  The more pasta the better, right?

It’s also been great for baking…Even though all measuring cups say they hold a certain amount, I’ve found that they are inconsistent!  No wonder my baking always turns out differently (I have tons of different measuring cup sets).  I used my scale to measure out challah dough so I could make small rolls that we can use each week, rather than making big challah loaves.  I love that this scale makes everything that much more precise, it’s fantastic!

I also wanted to draw your attention to some other fun things I’ve added to my Shop that I’ve reviewed recently.  I raved on about how much I loved Bondi Bands because they actually kept the hair out of my face when I work out.  I put together a few special 3-pack bundles of some cute colors and patterns.  Everyone should try these!  I even put together a Boston and Red Sox themed bundle!

Another fun product is perfect for all of you pregnant ladies (I keep “meeting” so many of you recently!) or those that like to eat like it’s Thanksgiving on a normal basis :).  I love my B-Buckle, and even though I find myself throwing on maternity clothes more and more often, I love that I can continue to wear my regular jeans with this!


Fun stuff, huh?  Happy Shopping!  Also, let me know if there’s anything you would like to see me add to my Shop, I’m always on the lookout for fun new products!

What’s a product you tried recently that is a “must try”?


9 Responses

  1. I love my kitchen scale. It’s the best for baking or just cooking grains!
    And I would not have thought twice about the word Wicked if you didn’t point it out 😉

  2. hahah I didn’t even flinch when you said wicked. I say wicked alllll the time, it’s kind of a problem.
    That scale looks like it would be a big help in the kitchen!

  3. hahah i love that you said wicked! yes use it and say it all the timeeee

    I just did a post on portion sizes and how they can be so decieving too!!

  4. ive been meaning to get a scale….but not to obsess over stuff, i just want stuff measured perfectly 🙂 would it be horrible if i bought that buckle and im not even pregnant?

  5. That belt thing is too funny. Great idea. The scale looks awesome. Weight is much different than using the measuring cups.

  6. I got a kitchen scale as a wedding gift and I actually use it a lot. I am awful at eyeing things like pasta. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach! The scale takes the guess work out of it.

    I’ve always lived in MA, and although I don’t say “wicked” a lot, I sure do hear it a lot! I never realized until college that it isn’t a term that is used anywhere else!

  7. I love my kitchen scale. I used to understimate how much things weighed and was one portion (especially potatoes and pasta).

    One of my co-workers is from Boston and occasionally throws out a wicked followed with a y’all since we are in the south, it makes me smile 🙂

  8. My coworker is recently pregnant and I love that b-buckle idea. so cute!
    I love food scales for the same reason. That one is so neat that you can determine calories on some foods with that one.

  9. Maybe you can put the blender ball cup thingy you talked about a while back in your store. I’d love to make some smoothies with it!

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