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Main Street Cupcakes

It’s definitely not a secret that I adore cupcakes.  I love how pretty and cute they are, even if they are a little too trendy right now.  I love to bake my own, and try cupcakes everywhere I visit.  It’s something I also got Solomon into, he loves cupcakes just as much as me (well, no that’s not quite possible).

Last week, when we headed to Cleveland, we stopped at Main Street Cupcakes to get a little sweetness to enjoy later in the evening, and to try a cupcake right then and there.  I first heard about Main Street Cupcakes from Allison, and I figured if someone like her, who has a salty tooth, could love these sweet cupcakes, they had to be good!

The girls at the shop were so nice.  They were chatting with us, and so friendly with all of their customers.  It’s really nice to be in a shop where people love what they sell, and want to connect with their customers.  That always makes for a great experience.  They told me that their shop offers the most flavors of cupcakes in the country, over 200 different kinds!  Everything is made by hand, and it’s just so pretty!

We asked for a recommendation, and they suggested we try the Wedding Day White, which is a traditional white cake with a hint of almond flavor and vanilla buttercream frosting.

DSC05150 Solomon wasn’t the biggest fan of this one, because he’s not so into almondy things, but I think all things almond are a gift from the gods, so I loved it.  I liked that the cake and the frosting each had a distinct taste and that the cake was really moist and dense.

DSC05151 Since Solomon wasn’t quite in love with the cupcake, we decided to try the vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream.  Solomon and I both firmly believe that you can judge a bakery or cupcakery based on their vanilla/vanilla cupcake.

DSC05153 Isn’t it pretty?  I thought the frosting was out of this world.  Solomon said that this vanilla/vanilla cupcake was one of the best he’d ever tasted!  It was sweet, but not overly, and the flavors were great.

We saved the rest of the cupcakes to have at home, but the vanilla/vanilla was the clear winner.

Both Marlene and I LOVED the Macchiato which is a vanilla cake with white mocha caramel and a double shot of espresso baked into the cake, covered with vanilla and caramel buttercream with a caramel drizzle.  We both love all things coffee, and loved the taste of the coffee throughout the cake.  Carmen didn’t try any, and Solomon isn’t such a coffee lover.  That’s OK, more for us!


Next up was the You Must Be Chipping Me which is a classic yellow cake filled with chocolate chips and topped with chocolate buttercream.  To be honest, none of us loved this, it was just OK.  We all found the chocolate buttercream to be a little cloying.  I’ve honestly never been the biggest fan of chocolate frostings, but this one almost tasted canned (sorry ladies!).  The cake itself was good, but I don’t think we would get this one again. DSC05168

I was most excited about the Fleur de Sel which is a dark chocolate cake filled with caramel cream, topped with ganache and garnished with Fleur de Sel.  Solomon wasn’t such a fan, but Marlene and I enjoyed this one.  I love salty sweets, so enjoyed the overall taste, but again, the chocolate ganache was a bit much, like the buttercream was. DSC05170

The Sparkling Pear was a little surprising.  It was pear cake topped with champagne buttercream.  It got crazy smushed on the car ride home.  It was just…different.  Not great, not bad though.  I like a subtle pear flavor so the cake was good, but not fantastic.  I ended up having just a bite, but just eating the frosting, which was subtle. DSC05172

Finally, we tried the Red Velvet which is a Southern style red velvet cake smothered in white buttercream frosting.  Truthfully, I find that most red velvet cakes taste the same to me, so this one didn’t stand out.  The frosting was fantastic, which seems to be the theme with Main Street Cupcakes for the most part.  Again, this cupcake overall was good, just not great.

DSC05174 I absolutely plan to stop at Main Street Cupcakes next time I find myself in Cleveland, if nothing else for the vanilla/vanilla cupcake.  I’d also love to try some more of their 200 flavors!  Plus, their cupcakes were just so darn pretty!

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What’s your absolute favorite dessert?


10 Responses

  1. Oh yum! Cupcakes with a side of ice cream would do it for me. or fudge. Well, I guess I’m not picky when it comes to dessert

  2. I may be copying the fleur de sel cupcake for one of my wedding cupcakes… The caramel filling sounds great! Now I just need to figure out how to do it.

  3. I think I would have loved the vanilla with vanilla buttercream. My favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake!

  4. I had to keep myself from licking the screen! I’m a major ice cream fan, but when it comes to cupcakes, I can’t say no to red velvet!

  5. YAY! So glad you liked them! 🙂

  6. You don’t know how bad I want a cupcake now. LOL

  7. I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy every single one of those 🙂

  8. Those cupcakes look delicious! Yum!
    My absolute favorite dessert has got to be anything chocolate! More specificallly…probably brownies. I can’t ever just have one.

  9. Oh those look so good! I love cupcakes because the frosting to cake ratio is so high! Its all about the frosting! MY very favorite dessert is a fudgy brownie (no nuts!) with ice cream on top. Heaven!

  10. I’m so sad the chocolate chip one wasn’t that great, it looks to die for and I am definitely throwing chocolate chips in my next cupcake batter!

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