Happy Birthday Justin!

Today my smart ass baby brother is 26.  That’s older than some of you.  It makes me feel really old because I’ll be 30 in a little more than a year.  Damn.

I’ve had fun introducing you all to the rest of my immediate family, sharing facts with you about my dad and my mom, and I thought that today, on his 26th birthday, I would share some embarrassing facts about Justin.  Cause I can.


  1. When he was younger, he used to run around in his Superman underoos with toy tools saying “Dada fix.  Make 2 pockets.  Put hammer in.”
  2. He cried when I turned his McDonald’s record into different geometric shapes.  He’s never forgiven me.
  3. Once, Justin shaved off an eyebrow to see if anyone would notice.  No one did because his glasses covered it up.
  4. He wrestled in high school and was so scrawny he had to gain a ton of weight.  My friends and I used to love to make fun of his freshman wrestling picture.
  5. After wrestling season ended one year we went to a Chinese buffet and Justin ate so much food, and kept going back for more and more.  My dad and I were so disgusted we walked out and threatened to leave.  He stopped eating, and I’m fairly sure we stopped for a pizza on the way home.
  6. Justin hates the “Bill Crosby salon because they made him shave his armpits.”  Don’t even ask.
  7. Justin is in medical school and is probably one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.  He’s like scary smart.
  8. When he visited me in Australia I immediately took him for a beer.  He claims he wasn’t sober the whole time he was there.  I do remember pushing him on the street leaving the bars in a shopping cart.
  9. When Justin tells you something is a bad idea, you should listen.  He bet me $10 I couldn’t eat a tbsp. of cinnamon then as I was about to, he said it was a bad idea.  He was right.  It was awful.
  10. Justin has the most kickass girlfriend ever! (hi Robo!)

DSC01663 Happy Birthday Bro!

Do you have siblings?  Any embarrassing stories to share?


11 Responses

  1. Bwahaha – I love number 3.
    I have an older brother, but unfortunately he’s 6 years older than me so I don’t have any embarrassing stories on him.
    Just think – next year, when Justin turns 27, you’ll have one more thing to add to the list – he’ll be an uncle, probably an awesome uncle at that.

  2. happy birthday to your BRO!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Justin! My little brother used to walk around the house in nothing but a tutu. Ah, the perils of having an older sister…

  4. Happy Birthday to your brother!

    its so fun being an older sister…i used to be so mean to my little brothers…taking their toys and breaking them….lol.

  5. I laughed that he shaved his eyebrow! how long did it take to grow back?

    I have two older brothers—39 and 35! Im 25 so I’m quite a bit younger!

  6. Great post dedicated to your brother. I have a sister. No good stories about her that I can think of right now, but I am sure later I will think of plenty.

  7. Happy Bday to your brother!
    That cracks me up that he shaved his eyebrow just to see if anyone noticed. Boys are so silly!

  8. OK, I am turning 31 in a week so I don’t wan to hear it! 😉
    Love the fun facts about your bro! What a great idea…hmm…perhaps I should do that with my siblings as well. I have an older brother and an older sister. Being the youngest I was picked on all the time! This would be a good way to get back at them 🙂

  9. LMAO @ the Bill Cosby one. And I’m agreeing with Meg—don’t know the 30’s! They are actually a lot of fun so far 🙂

    I have two older sisters but always wished I had some brothers!

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  11. […] Shortly after we got back from Aruba, my little brother graduated from medical school.  He’s a doctor!  My baby brother is a doctor, […]

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