Marathon Monday

Today is one of my most favorite days of the whole year.  I LOVE Marathon Monday. 

I love the energy of the city throughout the whole weekend-it’s totally contagious. 

I love the feeling that anything is possible.  I love watching old and young, runners, walkers and wheelchair racers all with a single goal.  It’s just incredible. 

Whether I’m sober or really drunk, whether I decide to hop into the race and run 3.5 miles with a friend, or stand on the sidelines and cheer everyone on, whether I decide to eat an ice cream sundae while on the sidelines (true story) or try to frantically snap pictures and video of Lance Armstrong running by (because I stalked his time online), it’s always a blast. 

Since I moved up to Boston in 1999, I’ve only missed one other Marathon Monday (I was abroad).  I’m bummed I can’t obsessively check the news for marathon updates here, but I will be cheering right along, getting information anyway that I can.  I used a new tool I heard about to share my marathon excitement.

Basically Google has created a tool called Search Stories where you can create your own story. A story could be about your life, about your interests or family interests, something pertaining to your website, maybe searching for trip you took or will take, basically anything you’d like to talk about and share with your readers.  It can be fun, and it doesn’t take long to create.

When you start to create your story, you’ll notice a section for a few hints with this tutorial video

Here are some step by step instructions to create your own story: Google Search Stories.  Create your own story and share it with me.  This is a lot of fun!

Now, without any further adieu…here is my story!


GOOD LUCK to everyone running/walking the marathon today.  You are amazing!


7 Responses

  1. ❤ they are all amazing people and so are you!

  2. I totally stalked Lance that year too! Oh how I miss Marathon Monday 😦 I used to do fundraising for Dana-Farber and I always volunteered to cheer on the runners every MM rather than go to work 🙂 Love the google story!

  3. has great live updates; that’s how I’m following along

  4. I was not actually aware that there was Marathon Monday. Oh well, see how well I pay attention to things.

  5. I never knew the Boston Marathon was such a big deal until joining the blogging community and now Im just like you–obsessed with it 🙂

  6. yayaya BOSTON!!! what a day it was!

  7. what a great post and love the video!

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