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Ernst Trail

So this post is wicked picture heavy, but look through them all.  They aren’t exactly gorgeous, because nothing is completely blooming here (though my allergies would beg to differ).  There is a little review at the end, just for fun too. 

Rufio has been wanting to spend every second of his life outside.  I really can’t blame him.  The sun is out, there are tons of chipmunks to chase…who wouldn’t want to be outside?  Usually we take him for fairly decent walks (3-4 miles) on most days around our neighborhood, but I’m kind of over our neighborhood.  Lately, we’ve been driving over the Ernst Trail, for a change in scenery,and for a few new faces to greet.  The trail is allegedly 5 miles, but we think it’s a little bit shorter than that.  Solomon and I have done the whole thing back and forth, so about 10 miles, and it always makes for a good few hours.  Rufio obviously can’t handle that, but since the trail has clearly marked mile markers, we can take him for a few short  miles, enjoy some scenery and get in a little workout (right now, anything more than sitting on the couch counts as a workout for me). 

Rufio looks all calm and ready to rock pre walk. 



A little break for some schnauzer love.  He is such a hairy beast right now.     DSC05022

Gorgeous nature shots?  Not really, but so calm and serene! DSC05023 DSC05024 DSC05025 DSC05026 DSC05027 DSC05028

Yes, that would be a highway overpass.  It’s so weird to feel like you are in the middle of nowhere on this trail, and then suddenly hear trucks rumbling away overhead. DSC05029 DSC05030 DSC05031 DSC05032 DSC05033 DSC05034

For all of us, hydration is KEY!  We love our water!   DSC05037

This is his “Guys, are we done yet?” look. DSC05038 DSC05039

We saw so many pretty birds too!  Usually I’m secretly kind of afraid of birds (they poop where ever they want…ew!), but from far away they’re OK in my book. DSC05040

Every quarter mile is marked on the trail. DSC05041

Benches to take a rest. DSC05042 Big posts to mark every mile and half mile.


Not too exciting, but good for a change of pace and scenery for sure!

I thought our walk would be a great time to try out the Handful sports bra I was sent to review.
Handful is a sports bra designed to flatter, not flatten. 


I liked this bra, but didn’t love it.  Maybe pre-pregnancy it would have been a better fit for me, but right now I don’t even know my own chest anymore.  It was so comfortable on the walk, and I hardly noticed it, but I  know for a fact I would not be able to use this bra for something more high impact like a run.  I think it would be great for light yoga, or some gentle cardio or stretching, but for me, nothing more high impact. 

It was however, ridiculously comfortable.  I actually had it on most of the day before our walk and was so comfortable in it.  It moved with me, and it was a sports bra I wasn’t embarrassed to wear out in public because it didn’t give me the “uni-boob.”  I didn’t feel like I looked sloppy in it, and I think that even for running errands right after the gym, it would make me look and feel a hell of a lot more put together.

Now, I didn’t take any pictures of me wearing it, because frankly my chest and stomach look like a map of blue veins, and no one needs to see that.

DSC05046 I LOVE the bright pink color and the stitching.  A lot of attention to detail was put into this bra, which is great.  I also love the thin straps.  I usually wear thicker strapped sports bras, and never even consider trying ones on with thin straps, but I love the criss cross design of these, and the fact that I didn’t feel the straps at all.

DSC05047 The bra also comes with removable inserts which help to flatter your figure a bit more, and help avoid the dreadful squashing.  I couldn’t use these because frankly, they made me look a bit like Heidi Montag.  Not even joking.  I said I hardly recognize my girls anymore, and it’s true.  They’ve slowly taken over the world.  You think I’m lying, I wish I was!  I just don’t think this is the look for me (nevermind the cat face and the general bimbo-ness).


I don’t really know what to do with these now…toy for Rufio?

Anyway, thank you so much to Handful for the sports bra.  Hopefully,  post baby it will get more high impact activity.  Right now, I’m quite happy to wear it for everyday purposes!

What do you look for in a sports bra? 

What are you having for dinner tonight?  I need some inspiration please!

19 Responses

  1. fun pictures.

    im amazed that the small strings on that sports bra gave you enough support. I have a set thats almost like yours but gives me the nuiboob look and the strings do me no good. the girls go flopping everywhere.

  2. ruflo is adorable. i love a long paved trail, even if it is under a highway! tonight i’m going to make a tofu scramble. that way i’ll have leftovers for breakfast!

  3. I look for comfort and support. I need to make sure I’m not all over the place when I run. lol

  4. I just want to make sure that nothing moves when I workout…I hate that!

  5. What a nice trail! Rufio is too cute!
    I have heard about that sports bra. Thanks for the review!

  6. Love trails!! SO fun, we like to take long walks on nic days too : )

    How are you feeling soon to be mommy??!!!! Hope you are well!!!!


  7. i am all about the thin strapped sports bras… but i’m also an A cup, so, you know, i kinda just stay in place in general…

    we’re doing pasta primavera for dinner tonight-asparagus is on sale, i wanna make use of it!

  8. I have no idea what I am making for dinner tonight. Probably something with lots of veggies because I have a feeling that quite a bit of things in the ole crisper are getting towards that use it or lose it stage!

  9. maybe I need to get pregnant so my chest will be a larger size than an A minus!! lol!

  10. Dinner tonight was going to be burgers and fries but the way I’m feeling I could use penicillin

  11. Ah, the boobage take over. I remember that all too well. And you just wait. They get bigger. You will be amazed when nursing time comes how they can still grow! LOL I think I was an F!? Eep! Sorry if TMI, but you know I am an open book.

    That walk looked nice!

  12. Ah I love schnauzers! We had one growing up and my brother has two now. They’re such sweet, fun dogs. I want one really badly! Rufio is adorable!

  13. my stepsister just got a mini schnauzer and he is ADORABLE!!

    I think your triall looks nice and it definitely looks peaceful! better than what i can find here in oklahoma 🙂

  14. Oh Rufio—you’re too cute and gonna be an awesome big brother!!!

    Love your water bottle and pretty pictures 🙂

  15. first of all, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

    i had no idea you were preggers???!!!! Wait didnt you just email like 2 weeks ago with a few questions…ahh, yes, maybe i did know. Sorry, but it’s open info now, so big huge congrats!!!

    your breasts will essentially double in size. just to LYK. THey will. They will produce milk and leak everywhere. They will not be your own. For the next 2-3 yrs they will be your child’s. For me, it was 4 yrs 🙂

    Anyway girl the Handful. It’s good for me for walks and yoga, not full on running. The pads make things worse AND the straps would be much better for me if adjustable as i am 5’11 and they were digging a little. Soft fabric but a few design issues. I reviewed it last week and posted pics of myself in it. And talked about it, sorry if you read that post and this is all redundant.


  16. I look for something SUPER tight, I don’t feel comfortable otherwise. “uniboob” heheheh i ❤ you!

  17. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Morgan Sheena. Morgan Sheena said: Ernst Trail: http://wp.me/pA5Ps-114 […]

  18. I know what you mean about the inserts! They were a bit “much” for me too! Haha. I loved it without them though! 🙂

  19. LOVE all of the schnauzer lovin in this post! 😀

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