NYC 2011, Here I Come!

Good news!  I can defer my admissions to the NYC Marathon until next year!!!  It’s really cool that they allow you to do that.  If you have to cancel your entry for any reason, you are guaranteed admissions the following year!  I’m so happy to know I already have a get back in shape plan!  I think it would be great to have a treadmill at home, so I can run and start getting back into running shape while the baby naps.  A few of us were discussing on Twitter that maybe a treadmill could be my push present (hear that Solomon).  I’m just really excited to know I’m going to do it next year, and hopefully Solomon’s number will be picked in the lottery and we can do it together!  We already have big plans involving one of these:

Anyway, enough baby stuff.  Sorry if I am totally baby focused, I’m just excited.  This isn’t going to become a blog all about my pregnancy, promise!

So, onto the food!  During Passover, I thought it might be a good idea to watch the Food Network.  It really wasn’t.  I mean, when Giada is turning out carby pasta, carby breads and decadent desserts, it makes Passover and eating cardboard matzo that much harder.  It did give me something to look forward to cooking though…Rachael Ray’s Fettuccine with Garden Vegetables.  I managed to make this from memory, almost exactly according to her recipe, so I’ll let that speak for itself.

Instead of chopping or slicing the garlic, I decided to grate it into the pan (and I used 3 cloves).  I love grating garlic because it just melts right into whatever you are cooking and infuses the whole dish with flavor. 

DSC04978 First, the onions went in (wow, this is like all my recipes…EVOO, garlic and onions!)

DSC04975 Followed by eggplant, red pepper and zucchini, all cut into matchsticks (some thick matchsticks!)

DSC04979 Cooking away…

DSC04980 Yummy, fragrant basil added towards the end

DSC04981 Delicious pecorino romano all grated and ready to go.

DSC04974 I did go a little heavy with the starchy pasta water (which is a great tip from Rachael!) but otherwise (as she would say) YUMM-O!  This was packed with flavor, and a subtle sweetness.  The veggies were nice and soft, and mixed perfectly with the whole wheat fettuccine noodles.  Next time, I would amp up the veggies…for nutrition and color value!  Yellow squash or peppers, carrots, maybe some tomatoes.  Any veggies would be good in this!  This was a Solomon approved meal, A+!

DSC04982 OK, so I’m totally gonna change the subject really quick, and throw in a quick little review.  I’m a big sunglasses lover.  I wear them year round and always have a pair with me.  It’s gotten to the point where if I don’t have them, I am really uncomfortable.  I usually buy fairly inexpensive ones, since I can be kind of rough on them.  I usually just shove them up on top of my head, or throw them haphazardly into my purse.  Sometimes I use cases, if I remember.

When Devon from Ryders Eyewear offered to send me a new pair of sunglasses, I was thrilled.  The came in this beautiful hard case.

DSC05000Morgan approved!  The chances of me destroying sunglasses that live in a case like this are slim to none (as long as I remember to put them back in the case!).  Plus, Rufio can’t get a grip on a case like that.  Sucks to be him!

DSC05002 DSC05001 I love these, even though Solomon thinks they look silly on me (not taking a self portrait in the morning to show you all, sorry!).  They are so comfortable, and don’t slip at all, no matter how sweaty I managed to get!  Plus, when I work out I tend to have problems with sunglasses steaming up, but these never did that.  I didn’t have to take them off and wipe them down at all.  In fact, I hardly even noticed them.  I haven’t used them with a bike helmet yet (I have a feeling I won’t be riding my bike much this summer anyway), but I feel pretty confident they will stay put.  They didn’t move an inch on any of my walks or runs.  Plus, I think they look pretty bad ass, no matter what Solomon thinks.  I like to call them my stunna shades.  Really, I do.

Thank you so much Devon!  I love these, and would recommend Ryders to anyone looking for a new pair of high quality sports sunglasses.  You can also check them  out on Facebook!

Don’t forget to click here for your chance to win a Rival Crockpot ($40 value!) from OpenSky!!

And just one more, a little daily dose of cuteness…

DSC04951 He has a need to always play with more than one toy at a time.  So cute.

Wow, that was a long post, sorry! 

Are you a sunglasses lover?  Do you wear them all the time or when working out?  What’s on tap this weekend?


18 Responses

  1. Yay!! Glad you can defer, that is wonderful news and will give you a great goal! 🙂

    I NEED sunglasses because I have super sensitive eyes. I need to wear them even when the sun isn’t out. I don’t work out with them because I don’t work out outside, but I always have them on my head. 😉

  2. I need sunglasses when I run or I get the WORST headaches!

    Awesome news about deferring 🙂

  3. LOVE those sunglasses. I wear them all the time, but then it starts to hurt. I have yet to find a pair that will last me all day pain-free…

    ❤ ❤

  4. I own so many pairs of sunglasses it is disgusting. My mom works for an eyewear store so I have a pair for every occasion! My eyes are really light sensitive so even on cloudy days I usually have to wear sunglasses!

  5. Yay this makes me EXCITED!

    I need to get sunglasses for cycling! I look into these!

  6. I love my sunglasses, but the are prescription, which is great, only problem is that when i go inside I have to dig out my case and change into the regular ones and then when I got outside I did around again. I am sure you look super cute in yours.

  7. ah i need a good pair of sunglasses- i ilke never wear them!! & yeeah, watching hte food network during passover would be torturous!


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  9. I am behind in blog reading. . . CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I saw the pram at the top of the post and was like wait. . . did I miss something?! and went back and found your announcement post. So happy for you!

  10. wow, you are going to be the BEST MOMMA EVER!
    i loved everything you said on that comment on my blog. you are so freaking awesome-i know your body is changing w. being pregnant but that is SO BEAUTIFUL you are pregnant! childbirth is an AMAZING thing!! i am so excited for your journey girl!

  11. I wear sunglasses every single day- when I’m working out and when I’m not. I love them! My favourites are the large frames.
    That sounds like such a classic RR recipe. Looks really good!
    What a cute pup…I love how they all have their own quirky little habits. Hope youre having a good weekend!

  12. That’s great that you are able to defer your entry.

    I am horrible about wearing sunglasses. I don’t know why. I always forget them and am therefore always squinting.

  13. Wish I could run the marathon with you! Is it too late for me to enter the lottery? Very happy to hear you can defer.

  14. Thats so awesome that they let you defer. A lot of races just say “too bad.”

    I am a sunglasses whore! But not when I work out. I usually wear a hat when it’s sunny out and that does the trick. I want to get a pair of sports sunglasses though but I worry about tan lines! Haha. I’m usually in the sun for about an hour if I work out outside and that is more than enough time for me to get color. I think they make you look so badass though – like an intense athlete 🙂

  15. I want to be a sunglasses lover! I just haven’t found the right pair…

    Congrats on NYC2011! That’s great that you were able to postpone it!

  16. […] I discovered the time was going to be fairly soon after Aaron was born, since I was accepted to run the NYC marathon for 2010, and was able to defer until this year. […]

  17. […] say I’ve done the half marathon, and it was a blast.  I had big plans to run New York (I was able to defer my admission from last year), but then a little something got in the way.  […]

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