Better Than Cardboard

Hmmm…not too many ratatouille fans, huh?  That’s too bad, it’s good!

I’ve got a confession for y’all.  Even though I’ve been talking about Passover this week, and sharing Passover recipes, I actually really don’t like Passover.  Sure, it’s a great excuse for spring cleaning (seriously, my kitchen is sparkling), but otherwise it’s mostly a pain in the butt.  There are several big meals, which are always rough on my stomach, even though they are delicious.  I feel a lot more limited by what I can and cannot eat.  I will say that it is so much better this year though.  For the first Passover in a long time I am not obsessively trying to track every calorie that I eat, or steadfastly avoiding all carbs.  That makes everything better generally.

Another confession is that I really just don’t like matzo.  I know a lot of my non-Jewish friends love the stuff, but I think that’s because it’s a novelty.  At the seders, it’s part of the rituals and customs to eat matzo.  It makes me want to be sick, because it’s dry and tastes like cardboard.  Nothing can make it better.  But, that’s the plain matzo.  Solomon and I refuse to buy it, instead buying egg matzo, which has some taste at least, and isn’t nearly as dry.  Oh, and another thing about matzo?  Well, let’s just say it’s a good thing I get a lot of fruits, veggies and other forms of fiber in my diet.

DSC04939So how do we eat this delicious cardboard?  Glad you asked!  There are the basics, like hummus, or my favorite combination-cream cheese and preserves.  There are even matzo crackers perfect for dipping.  It’s like we have the world right at our fingertips.  Instead of just eating it plain though, most people get really creative with it.  Here are some of the few things I’ve done so far with matzo.  Oh, and we aren’t only eat matzo.  Far from it…it’s one of those easy, go to things when time is tight.  Or a lame snack.

DSC04925Matzo pizza (which Solomon and I insist on calling macchu picchu).  Looks appetizing, doesn’t it?  Just matzo, tomato sauce, cheese and spices.  It doesn’t even come close to comparing to the real stuff.  I already miss pizza, it’s only been a few days.  Plus, the kosher for Passover sauce is not good.  It’s all sweet and has no chunks in it :(.

DSC04910Matzo brie.  Now, this is something I actually enjoy!  It’s basically softened matzo and eggs scrambled together and fried.  There tend to be two camps when it comes to matzo brie-the sweet and the salty.  I can’t decide, and really enjoy both, so it just depends on my mood.  I’ve been enjoying it this year with a lot of this stuff:

DSC04911Matzo can also be turned into candy!  Last night I made some matzo buttercrunch, which I enjoyed at Monday night’s seder.  It was pretty simple actually.  Melt butter and brown sugar, pour on top of the matzo and bake for 10 minutes at 375*.  Once the matzo has cooled for a few minutes, spread chocolate on top and break into small pieces.  Let the matzo buttercrunch hang out in the freezer for a bit so the chocolate can harden, and there you have it…matzo candy!

DSC04940 DSC04943 Gorgeous?  No.  Surprisingly tasty?  Yes!

By the way, the one member of this household totally not stressing about Passover…you guessed it!

DSC04928 Sunning himself while I clean…love it!

If you celebrate Passover, what’s your favorite way to have matzo?  If you don’t celebrate, have you ever tried it?


15 Responses

  1. I’ve never tried motzo. I’ve always heard I’m not missing out

  2. I love matzo crack! I’ve made it for work several times and it always gets devoured. Maybe not the healthiest way to eat matzo, but definitely addictive.
    The pizza idea looks interesting.

  3. OH my goodness. I think I need to go but some matzzo RIGHT NOW. Everything looks amaaaaazing.

  4. never ever had matzo before. i dont think i would enjoy eating cardboard either 😉 but ill take the chocolate covered matzo candy any day.

  5. hubs is jewish and we’ve been togethr 12 yrs so i am practically jewish at this point 🙂 and no one round here likes matzo either. blech. boring!

    dipping it in choc aobut the only way to make it good 🙂

  6. The only thing Matzo I like is Matzo Ball Soup… YUM!

  7. The only thing that appeals to me is the matzo candy. 🙂 I actually make that same thing with saltines!

  8. I actually love matzoh brei, it was one of my favorite foods growing up. Aside from that, I’m not a huge fan 😉

  9. I love matzah! it does stop up the system though, you are right about that!

  10. ive never tried matzah but i sure have seen a s&*#load of it on blogs lately because of this passover business! i actually think i would probably like it. ugh i LOVE the basking in the sun photo! SO CUTE!

  11. I have never tried matzo before. At least you guys are finding ways to be creative with it!

  12. I’m not Jewish, but I dated a Jewish boy all through college so I have had my fair share of chocolate covered matzo sent his mom!

  13. my jewish friends growing up would always warn us we did NOT want their matzo from their passover lunches!
    so i’ve never tried it 🙂

  14. I actually like the way matzoh tastes. I’ve always liked it with cream cheese.

  15. I hate the holiday. I hate everything about it. But you know that already.

    Actually, my first thought was, This is a lot drier than I remember. That’s bad.

    ❤ ❤

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