Got Milk?

I feel like in the blog world that milk-and I’m talking about real dairy milk-is frowned upon or something.  Everyone is all about their substitutions, though no one is afraid of dairy (cheese?  Greek yogurt? case in point).  I’ve been wondering why?  Why does everyone seem so anti milk?  Or am I over generalizing?


The reason I bring it up is because suddenly, Solomon and I seem to want milk ALL.THE.TIME.  We each drink at least one glass a day, which is bizarre.  We always, always have milk in the house, but usually a small container.  I used to put a few splashes of it in my coffee (never in my tea!), until I switched to drinking my coffee black.  I don’t eat a lot of cereal, and when I do I would rather mix it with yogurt than pour in milk.  Solomon eats cereal, so other than my little bit for coffee, that was really all we were using milk for.  Oh, and for smoothies for Solomon (I usually stick with soy or almond milk).

I know there are arguments for both sides of drinking milk.  I found them all over the place, though I think many are general knowledge.  Here are some of them:


  • It can help you to avoid osteoporosis, hypertension, and colon cancer.
  • Drinking milk protects you from tooth decay and cavity problems.
  • Milk provides natural vitamins and minerals helping you stay healthy and fit.
  • Milk is a great antacid.
  • Milk is loaded with calcium that helps your bones, teeth, nails and hair grow strong and flexible.
  • Milk has proteins that may help muscles rebuild after workouts, and minerals that help prevent cramping.
  • A diet rich in high calcium foods may cut the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS in half.
  • It is suggested that the protein in milk helps improve sleep quality and next day alertness.


  • Only babies of various animal species drink milk, it is unnatural for humans to drink it.
  • Cow’s milk is designed to feed calves. 
  • Proof that dairy sources of calcium are required for strong bones is week.
  • Studies suggest and increased risk of some cancers from having too much dairy.
  • Other vitamins help with and play a key role in bone health.

I’m not advocating for either side, I just wanted to present some facts.  The truth is, even though I’m loving milk now, chances are within a few weeks I’ll be totally over it, and will not have milk for weeks or months.  I tend to go in cycles.  I do not think going dairy free is for me, but I certainly respect anyone who has made the choice.  The bottom line is, at the end of the day, I’m not thinking about the benefits or dangers of drinking milk, I’m just thinking how cold and yummy it tastes to me.  Would I consider trying to go dairy free before saying it’s not for me?  Absolutely!  Don’t knock it ‘til you try it, right?!

Someone else who loves milk?  Rufio!  I don’t know why we were drinking out of college party cups, I just roll with it.

Now, please excuse my ridiculous laugh…

So I want to know…what are your thoughts?  Are you dairy free or a milk drinker?  Do you know of any other pros or cons of drinking milk or dairy in general?  What kind of milk do you use if you stay away from dairy milk?


31 Responses

  1. I love dairy!! I consume it everyday. I do use almond milk alot because I like the taste. I don’t so much like milk – unless its my cereal or baking, but I do all other forms of dairy! 🙂

  2. I love milk. Dairy milk, almond milk, soy milk, etc. I am going through an almond milk phase right now, but I go through regular milk phases, too. I use to have a place near my that sold awesome organic millk in cool flavors like blueberry, banana, and coffee. I wish I could have some now! I honestly could never give up dairy.

  3. Rufio is too darn cute! 🙂 Mike would love to have milk in the house but i HATE it, so I never buy it (and I do all the grocery shopping) On occassion – I’ll remember to grab it for him! I’ve been trying to make him stick to Almond Milk – but he just can’t get in to it!

  4. I drink both soy and regular milk. But in my cereal skim milk all the way!

  5. I am vegan – so dairy free but I happily serve it to my husband and he loves it!

  6. i hate drinking milk, i always have (i’ll have chocolate milk as a “dessert” type thing every now and then.)
    but i use it in most stuff…. we rarely have non dairy milk in the house (sometimes, if it’s cheap, i pick up some of the shelf stable soy, mostly because it’s shelf stable so it hangs out till i need it)

  7. I am a cows milk drinker, especially when their are cookies is the house! I have tried alternatives to cows milk and think they are good, but prefer cows milk when I am going to drink it on its own.

  8. LOVE LOVE DAIRY! I dont know where I would be without my yogurt, milk and cottage cheese oh an d REAL CHEESE! 🙂 it may be one of my favorite food groups!

    that video is SO cute!!!! I watched it twice…I love dogs and rufio is so adorable 🙂

  9. I have tried the non dairy milk a couple of times, but the taste of the soy milk made me gag!! I love skim milk and my family goes through about 3 gallons of it a week!!

  10. That picture of Rufio is too cute!!

    I don’t drink cow’s milk, simply because I just don’t like it. I never did. The last time I used it — in cereal, because I gag at the thought of drinking it straight-up — I bought skim milk, and my mom commented that it “tastes like water.” Well, yeah. I couldn’t stomach it otherwise! I used to stick exclusively to soy milk, but then I got mad when the one I liked was discontinued, so now I use almond milk.

    ❤ ❤

  11. i drink tons of milk and so does my fiance. we probably go through 2 or more gallons a week!

  12. i used to drink milk A LOT before but lately ive had intolerance issues and so thats why i switched to alternatives.

    rufio is so funny.

  13. I love milk and that’s my problem. I have to avoid it to keep my calories and sugar intake in check. If it’s in the house I’ll drink it! I get my dairy through yogurt as I don’t seem to eat thiss beyond what I should unlike milk.

  14. Hey pretty lady!! your puppy is sooo darn cute!….hehe LOVIN’ the red cup! I am SUPER lactose…even a few sips of milk has me RUNNING for the restroom (sorry to be blunt!)…I roll with Almond Milk!!! I don’t frown upon Milk drinkers though, and am actually JEALOUS! (ice cream!!!)…hehehe!…I hope you are having a great day chica! xoxo!

  15. I love dairy. I love the taste, and I love how filling it is. I also think it’s weird that milk has a bad blog world rep, but greek yogurt doesn’t.

    The only non-dairy milk I like is almond milk, and I really only like it in smoothies.

    Your dog is so cute 🙂 that’s another thing I find interesting about dairy – humans are supposed to be ‘unusual’ to drink milk from another mammal, but dogs love milk too…

  16. I don’t really drink a lot of milk – dairy or non-dairy. But we do buy it. I usually buy cow’s milk because Jason prefers it, but sometimes I’ll buy soy or almond just to switch it up or if it’s on sale.

  17. I’m not against milk at all. I don’t really drink it myself, just because I prefer to drink water usually. I use Almond Breeze for my coffee and cereal. It has nothing to do with being anti milk, I just like the vanilla flavor! LOL

  18. I usually have both regular milk and almond milk in the house. I use cow milk in my coffee (almond milk just doesn’t taste right) and for baking, but almond milk for everything else! I’m not opposed to cow milk, but I just like the taste of almond milk!

  19. I never drink milk, and I don’t especially like soy milk, either. But coconut milk beverages and ice cream made by So Delicious are well, er, so delicious, that my mouth and my tummy are always very happy!

  20. Hehe, as much as I love dairy alternatives, I don’t drink any of them straight, so likewise I guess I don’t drink regular milk straight? I’ve never understood cookies and milk, either. Just give me 2 cookies and keep the milk

  21. I mostly drink soy or almond milk but don’t totally discriminate against dairy milk. I just have never liked the taste or consistency of it, it has always seemed too light and filmy to me no matter what kind I got (skin, whole, etc.) and it sometimes upsets my stomach so I go with the alternatives.

  22. I loooooove milk. And cheese. And yogurt. And even buttermilk, for baking. I think it’s my Dutch heritage — various family members of mine have tried to go vegan over the years but none of them can give up cheese. 🙂 We get amazing local organic milk at the farmer’s market that is incredibly rich-tasting even though it’s lowfat.

  23. I drink milk! I totally crave chocolate milk during long runs, so that is usually my recovery drink, tasty and goes down easy and gives me protein and lots of vitamins and minerals. I do use almond milk in smoothies to mix it up. Love my dairy though 🙂

  24. i can’t drink tons of it b/c i think i’m somewhat (not horribly but somewhat) lactose intolerant! but i do like it sometimes in cereal. josh LUUUUVs it. we buy organic 1% these days (we like the taste better than skim!)

  25. ahahahahah.. thanks for the laugh!

    i buy and use almond milk but i will use any milk (ie: the roomie’s) if i am out!

    happy weekend!

  26. Rufio is adorable!! My cat loves milk a lot as well!!
    I drink milk but not daily. I do have some dairy at least every day, milk, yogurt, or cheese. As an RD, I have heard pros and cons or both, but I am always one for moderation. I do always try to buy organic milk although it is pricier.
    Great post!

  27. I’ve always hated milk and my mom has always tried to make me drink it, but I’m pretty stubborn : )
    I definitely know what you mean about loving a food/drink one minute and then being totally over it in a couple weeks though.

  28. OMG i am doing a post on calcium tomorrow and how it’s totally unnecessary to drink milk and that milk actually can deplete the body of calcum. Stay tuned for the post.

    Dairy also gloms up your digestion, is hard to digest, taxes the body, is unnatural, and you are probably actually addicted to milk. Google the word casomorphin and you will see you are addicted to the casein in milk protein.

    Also see my post

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