Half Mary Update


I know for most of you, what Solomon and I ran this weekend isn’t a whole lot, but we are so proud we just want to shout it from the rooftops.  We ran…

6 MILES in 1:07:15!!!

You better believe we’re proud!  That comes out to an 11:15 minute mile.  I know that’s nothing for a lot of you speed demons out there, but its a great start for us, and something we were thrilled to accomplish.

For those of you that are new here (HI!), a few weeks ago I announced that Solomon (my husband) and I are running the Pittsburgh half marathon on May 2.


Training hasn’t been going so fabulously for us to be honest.  I have been having some stomach problems, and breathing issues.  I have always had very mild asthma, but it has been acting up quite a bit lately.  I am seeing a doctor next week to see what is going on with this.  Solomon has also been having problems with his knee.  He is planning to write a guest post in the next few days to share his running story with all of you (he works a lot, so I hope it’s soon!).

If you follow my daily training log, you’ll probably notice I have been doing a lot of walking rather than running.  My thought is that I would much rather get in the mileage, or close to it, than do nothing at all, or some other exercise like the elliptical.  Solomon has been walking a good deal as well.  We both agree that even if we end up walking more than half, we don’t care, as long as we finish!  We’re doing our best, but sometimes you can’t control factors that influence your training.

We just started Week 6 of our training and feel pretty good, despite our setbacks.  Here is what’s on tap for this week:


I think we are planning to skip running a 5K race, in favor of getting in another 6 mile run.  We ran on the treadmill this week, and were able to run almost the whole thing (minus 2 short walking breaks and a treadmill malfunction!).  Finishing that was an amazing feeling.  I am not sure what go into us that we were able to go 6 miles after such a break.  The last time I ran more than a mile was almost 2 weeks earlier!  I think that proper training and taking care of yourself sure goes a long way, since we were able to jump right back into running easily.

I still feel really positive and hopeful about this race.  Strength training, cross training, stretching, and proper rest have all proven so helpful for our training and recovery.  We are drinking a lot of water, eating pretty well, getting lots of sleep, and taking really good care of ourselves.  Another thing that is great for our training has been Clif Shot Bloks.  On our 6 miler we each had one after about 45 minutes, and felt great through the end of the run.  It’s funny, I used to never think about fueling myself DURING a workout, I only thought about before and after.  It’s amazing what a little fuel mid run will do for you!

So the bottom line is, so far, so good!  Let’s hope it stays that way!

What are some of your best training tips?  Do you have any races lined up in the near future?


16 Responses

  1. Congrats congrats congrats!!

    My fiance and I are running the relay of the Pittsburgh Marathon! Can.not.wait!

  2. Girl – that is HUGE!!! I think it is awesome since I can’t even run for 13 minutes, let alone 13 miles. You are gonna rock the race!! 🙂 I’ll be there to cheer you on!

  3. Congrats! I ran my pdr a few days ago and I was ecstatic. I know how you feel — for some people 6 miles is a drop in the bucket but I don’t think so! You’re on your way 🙂

  4. great job on the 6 miler!!!! I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking walking breaks. I do it every time I run. Eventually you won’t need to walk as often!

  5. Everyone has to find a style that works for them, because lets face it, we aren’t all going to be running 6 minute miles! I’ve been training for a half in April, but it looks like thanks to my work schedule, that’s not going to happen!

  6. Glad you feel good about your training even if it hasn’t gone like you planned all the time. It is best to listen to our bodies and what works for us, so great job! And I’m impressed with your run. I’m not a runner at all so it seems fabulous to me! 🙂

  7. CONGRATS!!! I ran my 1st 10K in 1 hour & 7 minutes too……..it felt great!!! =)

  8. that is AMAZING! good job. your guys are gonna rock that Half! I did a 6 miler this past weekend too and gawd it took me forever. i need a running partner.

  9. That is an awesome run!!! Sounds pretty fast to me 😉

  10. Don’t worry what others run in you did great!
    I noticed your plan calls for 4-5 runs this week. If you’re having knee problems I would suggest running less.
    From past history I found out my knees don’t like running more than 3 times a week. Because of that I use Jeff Galloway’s HM training plan. I used this to run at 270lbs and finished a HM in 2:12:24 3 years ago. Back at it again this year.

    Other things to get faster is to hill train and speed intervals. Good luck with your running!

  11. Congrats on the record! It may sound crazy but that’s going to feel short once you rock your half! And mine is in 12 days 🙂

  12. Yay! Congrats!!

    I like Clif Shot bloks too! Sometimes I want to eat them as candy. The only reason that I don’t is because they would be an expensive candy!!

  13. Great job!

    I like to use gels when I run. Solely because I feel like I”m going to choke on the chewier things. Apparently, I cannot chew and run at the same time.

  14. Congratulations Morgan!! Isn’t it awesome completing a PDR?! And just think EVERY run you have from here on out will be one! I’m going right along the same training plan as you know and am just a week behind you due to the nasty fall I took last month. I’m skipping the “5K race” too. I do a good amount of walking on my runs when my body needs it – it’s definitely the smart way to go and the plan even says it’s not about pace but rather getting your body’s endurance built up. This post made me even more excited for the race – hooray!!

  15. […] and Delicious Posted on March 17, 2010 by Morgan First of all, thank you for all of your encouraging comments on my half marathon training!  You all made me feel really strong and […]

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