Iron Yoga and the Truth

Whoa, some good guesses there.  I’ll just have to keep you all in suspense a little longer until I reveal what was the truth, and what was a lie!

Moving right along, yesterday I really wanted to do yoga AND strength train so I was just going to do them both, until I remembered a DVD collecting dust on my bookshelf.  A few years ago, my dad got me a copy of Iron Yoga from the guy who teaches the video (my dad works in the corporate office of a small gym chain in Manhattan.  The guy teaches at one of his gyms).

Here’s a description I found here:

Traditional yoga with a unique twist — light dumbbells are used to enhance power yoga’s well-established toning benefits. While dumbbells are incorporated into nearly every posture, this is not a fast-paced, “fitness style” workout. Instead, it maintains the harmony of classic yoga — very controlled movements with an emphasis on breath and body awareness. The dumbbells are simply integrated into the pose, often just held “isometrically” in a static position as you perform the movement (much harder than you might think). The moves range from basic sun salutations to challenging “eagle” and “warrior III” routines. Requires 2 to 5 lb. dumbbells.

So I remember why I used to love this workout, but for some reason I really couldn’t get into it yesterday.  Maybe it’s because of this little guy:

He really loves my yoga mat, and decided to make it his personal play space while I filled up my water bottle.  This is what I came back to:

He then proceeded to try and play on the mat the whole time.

So I forgot how TOUGH this workout is!  Adding weights to yoga throws you totally off balance, so I found I had to work much harder to keep the poses.  The lifting is also done really slowly, and oftentimes you are just holding your arms in place with weights in your hands.  It hurts!  3 lbs. was more than enough for a challenge!  I only got through about half because Ru really made me lose focus, but I definitely plan to give this another go.  Has anyone else ever tried Iron Yoga?

Speaking of yoga, I have complained in the past that my hands tend to slip a lot.  A few weeks ago I won an Aurorae yoga slip free rosin bag on facebook (it totally pays to follow your favorite companies!  It’s meant to increase your gripping ability and reduce sweating and slipping.

It worked really well, but I found I kept having to use it over and over, which got a little distracting.
This made me stop and think, and I realized I do have chalk which would reduce slipping…in my rock climbing bag!  I grabbed my chalk bucket and put it right by my mat, and chalked up my hands.  I didn’t slip at all for the rest of my practice!  I like the slip free rosin bag, but I loved using chalk!  It made all the difference.  If you slip a lot like me, I highly recommend using either a rosin bag or chalk to improve your grip.

Yes, the chalk bucket is from a company called asana, a yoga term.  I think they do tend to go hand in hand.  A lot of climbers do yoga because climbing is so muscle intensive, they really need to stretch out their muscles as much as possible.

So I know you have all been aching with suspense, so here goes:

  1. I made Dean’s List all 8 semesters at Brandeis, and all 6 semesters of law school. False!  I made it a few semesters, but definitely not all of them!
  2. I have a tattoo of 3 dolphins in a circle on my right hip bone.  Each dolphin is a different color. False!  Tattoos aren’t really allowed in Judaism.  This tattoo belongs to my friend Kate.
  3. I took a year off between college and law school and backpacked my way through Europe with one of my best friends. False!  I worked three jobs the year between college and law school-running kids’ programming, waitressing and teaching Hebrew School.
  4. I was a baby model who starred in several commercials and had bit parts on some TV shows.  False, but there is some truth to it.  My mother is an amazing knitter, and had some of her work featured in magazines with me modeling them when I was a baby.  That’s about it.
  5. I used to think Times Square was the coolest place ever until I went with a native New Yorker friend and realized just how evil it really is. False!  I have pretty much never liked Times Square, it’s too loud, bright and touristy for me.  Solomon, however, LOVED it, until I took him one day and he finally realized why none of our friends who live in the city ever want to go there!
  6. I have gone skydiving and bungee jumping and would do both of them again in a heartbeat. TRUTH!  When I studied abroad in Australia, I went on an “extreme adventure” spring break which involved white water rafting, SCUBA diving at the Great Barrier Reef, bungee jumping and sky diving.  I loved doing all of those things, and would do them again without hesitation!
  7. I have this little gnome candle that Solomon hates, but I refuse to get rid of it because I love it too much. The candle actually belongs to Solomon, and he told me it’s a gargoyle.  I hate it.

I try to hide it all the time, but Solomon always finds it.  Darn!  He also has this troll thingy, which I don’t like either.

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you guys who won the Brothers giveaway!  I decided not to cut and paste 4 different screen shots from, or of their answers.  I hope no one minds!  Here goes:




Simply Shaka

Shoot me an email with your addresses ladies!

I hope you all have a great day!

Have you ever tried Iron Yoga?  Have you ever done anything “extreme” like bungee jumping or skydiving?


14 Responses

  1. You are brave! I am SO afraid of heights and don’t think I could do either of those things!

  2. Australia is somewhere I have always wanted to go! Not sure I would be brave enough for bungee jumping, but would love to try paragliding!

  3. That’sawesome you’ve done those things! They definitely take a lot of courage in my book.
    And I hate Times Square, too! Maybe it’s a Bostonian thing? 😉

  4. I am SO JEALOUS of you right now!! First of all, you went diving at the Great Barrier Reef?! I am dying to dive there!! And I would love love love to go skydiving and bungee jumping.

    (I was referring to #1, #5 and #6, but I realize it adds up to two, not two and a half… because I didn’t go to law school and I’ve never actually GONE skydiving or bungee jumping!)

    ❤ ❤

  5. OMG I have never won anything–yay and thanks!

    I love that your dog set up camp on your mat! When I work out at home, I have to lock my dog in my bedroom while I get to it in the living room (that really doesnt sound good) and put his toys in there but when I go to get him, he is just waiting by the door like he has been in there all day–too cute!

  6. Oh how funny! We are sharing giveaway wins 🙂 I rarely win anything so this is awesome! I’ll send you an email soon.

  7. Rufio sounds like Dexter. But you can’t get mad becasue they are so cute!

  8. Having just gotten back from hot yoga a few hours ago, I cannot even IMAGINE adding weights. My arms ache during Warrior II – even with 3 lbs in each hand I think I’d leave feeling like jello!

    Awesome about the sky diving and bungee jumping – especially in Australia!!

  9. Yoga with weights…interesting! I’d like to give that a try!

  10. Wow, what an amazing experience! I probably couldn’t bungee jump! I’d be too scared.
    My hands always slip during yoga. Chalk is something I should try out.

    Have a great day!

  11. skydiving and bungee jumping!? Wow! You’re brave! I’m sure once I did it (being the key!) I would want to do it again and again!

  12. this sounds awesomeee… omg bungee jumping would make me SO scared. i need to try yoga too!! and thanks so much for hte award on your last post – i’m honored 😀


  13. I’ve done yoga with weights before. It really is a challenge. I enjoy it, and in general, do not do enough yoga.

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