Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Anything fun or exciting on tap this week?

So, before I moved to M’Ville I had been inside a Walmart once.  This was back when I hearted Diet Coke and drank it everyday and wanted to grab a bottle.  Walmart was my only option.

Now that I live here, I have to say I’m a regular.  I’m a total dork who loves to wander the aisles aimlessly.  I’ve always been this way…that’s why grocery stores are dangerous around me.  I like to check out new things, and look at all of the fun foodie products and the pretty produce.  It’s my thing, whatever.

Anyway, for years I avoided Walmart because (as I understood it) they did not give any money to education, and Target did.  Education is really important to me, so the fact that they didn’t support it bugged me.

I don’t have a Target near me, and while we have a nice grocery store, the prices at Walmart really suck me in.  They are way cheaper.  Plus, the produce is decent, and they carry almost everything I need!

I’ve also learned that Walmart isn’t nearly as evil as I thought it was.  Their mission is to help people save money so they can live better.  Much to my surprise, they do in fact support education, and help feed the hungry.  It’s also surprising how much effort they put into saving the planet, and trying to be green.  They have also donated close to $1 million to Haiti hurricane relief, support military families, and are active in supporting hunger relief.

I had no idea that Walmart carried organic produce before I moved here.  I learned about this through Food, Inc. They also carry a lot of organic  and farm fresh products, such as Stonyfield Farms yogurts, Eggland’s Best Eggs, and natural peanut butters, baking and pancake mixes, and a ton of other items I never expected to find.

The bottom line is, they may be evil (did you read about how they throw out clothes?), but there is good in every evil.  What got me thinking was this article a friend posted on facebook.  I really think you should all read it!

It’s Getting Harder to Hate Walmart

What are your feelings on Walmart?


12 Responses

  1. Even though I like shopping at wal mart, I don’t like that they putdmall local businesses out of business!l

  2. I never really understood the Walmart hating! I’ve never been so can’t comment, but there are worse places to shop. In this economy, I would go wherever prices are best to be honest. As much as I would love to buy all my groceries from independant stores or Whole Foods, I can’t.

  3. I feel that same way towards Wal-Mart. They really are making living affordable for people…and they offer a lot of jobs for people who need them!

  4. I’ve never understood the Walmart hating – I don’t love them, but I don’t think they are better/worse than any other massive retailer.

    I do think it’s cool that Walmart is starting to ‘go green’ with energy efficient lighting and refrigerators – with all of Walmarts stores, that can make a huge difference!

  5. ive always been a walmart fan. always. even with all their negative publicity, you cant beat their prices. i cant afford to buy food at whole foods prices or even our own grocery store prices, and this is where walmart comes in. but there are some things i find cheaper at our grocery store than walmart.

    p.s. i love to wander down walmart’s aisles too. it drives my hubby insane. he sees no reason i should be walking down the kids toys aisle or home improvement aisle.

  6. I don’t like like how they put mom and pop stores out of business.

    I really don’t shop there mostly because it’s not convenient.

  7. I am a Walmart fan for the prices and the fact that they carry most everything I need. No company will be perfect, and if they seem to be they probably have dirty secrets somewhere. So, Walmart is A-OK with me 😀

    PS – I mailed your bars out today 😀

  8. There is such stigma around WalMart. I don’t shop there all that often mostly cause it is super crazy busy whenever I go there.
    I think it’s great that people are able to buy healthy foods at a cheaper price.
    And I love that they carry organic, I didn’t know that.

  9. i love walmart! M-ville? millville??

  10. we used to live in Myrtle Beach, SC. The target was way on the other side of town, like 45 mins EACH way. And walmart was 5 mins. I hated every minute of it, b/c the big box mentality of it just was so unappealing, but they were Cheap! and they did have limited amts of organic produce. I dont believe in anything they stand for, but in certain places, it’s the best option, given the alternatives. I’d rather grown my own food and support local fair trade CSA box type food, but hey, life aint perfect 🙂 and sometimes walmart just works.

  11. I have no problem running to walmart for somethings, but for others I prefer Target. It also depends what is closest to me. We had a walmart neighborhood market in Vegas, ok many of them, but it is a walmart grocery store.

  12. I dont even live too close to a walmart! I mean there its one about 30 min away but target is MUCH closer, I love it! and also don’t mind their clothes as much. Wal mart I would just go to for the food, pharmacy and other goods, but tarjayyy has cute clothes sometmies!!

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