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Mail and Inspiration

One thing that’s really fun about being away from your home for over a week is coming home to all of the mail.  Sorting through all of the junk and bills isn’t so great, but there are always a few gems in there.  I got quite a few coupons for things to review that I can’t wait to try out, so be on the lookout for that!

One of my favorite things was the Bondi Band the company sent me.  I have been on the hunt for the perfect headband forever and I think I am ready to declare Bondi Band the winner.  Not only was it cute, but it made me look kind of bad ass, which was fun.  Solomon told me I looked like a rocker in it, so maybe that will intimidate people when we are running our half? That would be pretty awesome.

I felt the need to give the “rock on” symbol too!

I rock.

They also sent me some coupons, so I think I am going to buy a few more.  There are cute bands with sayings and all sorts of other fun prints and colors.  Love it!

I also received my secret bloggie valentine gift while I was gone!  I let Solomon open it, just in case, and I’m glad I did.  Emily, the awesome Experimentarian sent me some of her favorite goodies, which just so happen to be some of my favorites things too!

Bengal Spice Tea which I haven’t had a chance to try out yet.

Ground Cinnamon. Seriously, I buy this in bulk and put it on EVERYTHING.  Fantastic!

Funfetti. This is seriously dangerous around me.  I love Funfetti so much that a friend once sent it to me while I was studying abroad.  In Australia.  Yeah, it’s no joke.

Goldfish Mix-Ups. I love goldfish, especially the flavor blasted kind.  In college, I ALWAYS had some on my desk.  I love them.


Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb cheese. How could anyone not love this stuff?  Garlic, herbs and cheese?  Right, I don’t have to say anything else.


Lindt Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. So this is one of my favorite chocolate bars.  I always keep it on hand for chocolate cravings, and I was running low.  Perfecto!

Crossword Puzzles. I love thinking and puzzles, and have already managed to get through about 1/4 of the book!


A mixed CD! This might be my favorite part!  I haven’t gotten a CD since iPods and mp3s became the big thing, and I LOVE hearing new music.  There are some fun songs I love and some new songs I haven’t heard.  I’m loading it onto my iPod as I type!

Thank you so much Emily!  You are so sweet and generous and I really appreciate all of the goodies!

Oh, while I was away, I ended up at a Sephora (of course).  The closest one to me is about an hour and a half away.

It’s OK, you can feel bad for me.

So I get to talking to the guy behind the register and I mentioned I like how they store all of their makeup brushes in the store.  He then offered me some of the glass beads they use so I could do it at home!  Now, instead of all of my makeup brushes mashed together in a little pocket of my makeup case, they look beautiful!

DSC04682 DSC04685
I’m really excited about this.  More than I should be.  It’s the little things, right?  I just used an old vase AND I found out Paige does the same thing with her makeup brushes too!  I took this same idea and took another old flower holder thingy, and organized all of my headbands.  I have 3 little trays on my dresser, and the headband situation was getting out of hand.

It’s so much less cluttered looking now (if you can believe that)

Have you ever copied decor from a store?  What are some of your best de-cluttering tips?

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19 Responses

  1. The dark chocolate with sea salt is my favorite. I love that so much. Also a huge funfetti fan!

  2. That headband is awesome 😀 Gangsta’ style!

    I love Funfetti too. Who needs a cake when you can just dig in with a spoon?!

    Such a neat idea about the vase- going to try that!

  3. i store my makeup brushes in a teacup-they’re much prettier when they’re up and i can actually find them that way!

    i’m all about containing things. i may never make the cover of real simple, but i at least try and have spots for my stuff (there’s a tray by my sink to hold my toner, cotton rounds, and moisturizer, there’s a silver creamer dish next to my bed for ponytail holders, etc)

  4. love the headband girl! those goldfish look awesomeeee! I havent had goldfish in SO long!!!

    ahhh funfetti, thats da bombbb

  5. what a great idea for the makeup brushes! So pretty.

  6. I love Bondi Bands! I was going to blog about them.. because they are the only ones that stay on my head! I have a pea head!!!

    Awesome ideas for maintaining clutter! I am such a clutter bug!

  7. oooh I’ve never tried one of those Bondi Bands, but they look so perfect for my crazy fly away bangs. I’m also a huge forehead sweater (if that’s even a term)! hahaha

    I love your brush idea. It looks FANTASTIC. I don’t own any brushes for the reason that I have nowhere to keep ’em properly. hahah Excuses excuses! 😛

  8. That’s awesome that she made you a CD. What’s on it?

    My secret valentine didn’t come through for me. I got nuthin’ 😦

  9. That headband looks great. I am always looking for one the doesn’t fall off!

    I love funfetti frosting. It’s kind of gross, but I could eat it right out of the jar.

    One thing that helps me declutter my jewelry… I have necklaces and bracelets on hooks on the wall. I can find my jewelry much quicker that way.

  10. I’ve never met anybody that doesn’t LOVE funfetti..I know I do!! 🙂

  11. I love goldfish too! and I love the headband, super cute!

  12. i’m so jealous that you got the beads from sephora! i think thats such an awesome thing to do, i have so many brushes that i should think of storing like that. i wonder if i could get me some brushes too! 😉 hehe



  13. Oooh yes you are a badass. Where does one get those? With this short crazy ‘do I need some serious hold.

    Don’t you just love Sephora? The one down in Ross Park Mall has the BEST staff and their manager rocks. I am forever going in there and getting lots of samples and make up tips and trying things – and you can return, which is 90 percent of the reason I shop there over anywhere else!

    We copied a few things we have seen at IKEA. For example, we have a wine rack mounted on the wall in our kitchen and don’t drink any wine so we rolled up our favorite magazines and stuck them in there. We get tons of compliments and don’t have them piled up!!!

  14. I have baskets for all of my junk so they tuck neatly under side tables and into my big cubed bookcases and no one is the wiser…

  15. :Love the Bondi Band–you look gangsta! I also love that you got a mix cd for your xchange-that’s just super.

    I banned myself from going to Sephora (b/c I can go baserk in there and don’t want to go bankrupt) so I have never seen the glass bead thing but love the idea. I have so many brushes thrown all across the place, I can’t keep track of them but will def try that out!!

  16. What a great looking package! Since I live so far away my mom forwards craploads to me each week.

  17. ohhhh my gosh LOVE funfetti! especialy the cookies 🙂 sooo good!!
    love the headband too!!

  18. I won a Bondi band on a giveaway a few months ago! I love it! Mine is brown and says, “Will Run for Chocolate”. It’s so cute and comfy. I liked your design as well. I need to try that Lindt chocolate bar. I have seen it online everywhere. I just saw the label for it at my grocery store, but it was actually out of stock. I guess everyone else loves it, too!

  19. […] things I’ve added to my Shop that I’ve reviewed recently.  I raved on about how much I loved Bondi Bands because they actually kept the hair out of my face when I work out.  I put together a few special […]

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