You’ve all heard of the Cake Boss, right?  Buddy is a loud, proudly Italian (minus GTL and fist pumping) kick ass baker.  He has a shop in Hoboken, NJ, which is a family owned bakery.  Buddy has turned the shop into a phenomenon, not only with his show, but with articles and features in tons of publications, both general and bridal.

My mom and I had a day trip planned (it was a let down) and decided since Hoboken was along the way, we would head the the bake shop.  By the way, if you have never been to Hoboken, I highly recommend you visit.  There’s just something about it that I love and always have.  In fact, growing up in NJ I always figured I would live there, but that never happened.  There’s always time, right?  There are tons of restaurants, coffee shops, cute little stores and adorable apartments.  Parts of it remind me of parts of Boston, so no wonder part of my heart belongs there!

We managed to get there just in time.  We had to wait in a line, and waited about a half Hour, but that was nothing compared to how it looked when we left!  It was a little chilly out, but we knew it would be worth it.  The only annoying thing was the woman standing behind us and her obnoxious children.  She kept SNAPPING her gum, which is my number 1 pet peeve and chomping away on it like a cow.  I really wanted to tell her she was an adult and not a cow, but instead I gave her a nasty look everytime she snapped.  I don’t think she realized.  Oh well, I was just hungry!

DSC04612 DSC04613

So we finally got into the store and were given a number and had to wait some more.  The shop was warm and cozy, and packed to the gills.

On one wall are tons of pictures and articles of Buddy and his crew from all over.


They were also selling merchandise, and there were so many cute things.  I usually don’t buy t-shirts, or souvenirs in general, but there was something about this shirt that I loved.  I love soft, vintagey type shirts, plus it was in my wedding colors, so I just had to have it!

Not my most flattering picture!  I couldn’t decide what to eat first! DSC04657
I do love the little picture on the back of the shirt!


Look at all of the beautiful cakes.

DSC04615 DSC04614 DSC04634 DSC04618 DSC04619 DSC04621 DSC04623

DSC04625 DSC04626 DSC04627 DSC04628 DSC04629 DSC04632 DSC04633 DSC04620

I asked if I could go see the kitchen so I could blog about it, but they said no.  I figured it was definitely worth a shot, right?

My mom and I shared a small cannoli on the ride home.  The shell was nice and crunchy, and the filling was creamy and delicious.

After our lame road trip we had a nut bar.  It was like a meringue full of nuts.  It rocked.

We saved everything else for later in the evening, and specifically saved the linzer tart for my dad (those are his favorite!).  He had it at work the next day and said it was the best linzer tart he had ever had (he claims to be the ultimate authority).

Not only was everything pretty, but it was delicious-every last bite of it!  I’m kind of glad Hoboken is an hour away, or I’d become a regular whenever I am in NJ! DSC04647 DSC04648 DSC04649 DSC04650 DSC04658 DSC04659 DSC04660
The world’s greatest chocolate mousse cake ever got smushed.  It didn’t matter.  We ate it and enjoyed every bite anyway!



I was a good girl and just had a bite of everything to try, and it was ALL WORTH IT!

Seriously, if you live anywhere nearby get yourself to Carlo’s ASAP, you won’t regret it, I promise!

What’s your favorite pastry?  Do you have a favorite bakery?

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23 Responses

  1. My favorite pastry has to be a piece for Sacher torte. Layers of chocolately goodness…Mmmmm. I would love to go to that bakery. It’s a bit of a drive from TX though. 😦 I’m glad you had fun.

  2. So fun that you went to Buddy’s cake shop! Cannoli’s are by far my favorite. I didn’t used to like them until I had one from Mike’s Pastry in Boston. They are the best!

  3. MAN! You make me want to hop on a plane and head east! I’ve never been a huge pastry person but I do LOVE red velvet cupcakes! Magnolia Bakery and their frosting definitely tops my list!

  4. OHMIGOSH I was alll of those treats! I don’t really like pastries per se, but I do like cake/cupcakes!

  5. Ooohh Carlo’s! I am dying to go there. Cake Boss is such a good show. Buddy seems like such a fun person. I have always loved Hoboken too. It is one of my favorite towns in NJ. I love cannoli! They remind me of being a kid, my family, and NJ 🙂

  6. I would love to go to Carlo’s! Everything he makes looks delicious 🙂

  7. that looks so fun!

    i love my local bakery (baker&spice) and the one in my old hood… but they’re more crossoints and bread kinda places, not cakes…

  8. OMG so jealous that you got to go to Carlos! thats awesome! everything you got looks sooo yummy! I need to go asap!

  9. Wow- everything looks incredible! I would take forever picking what to try…haha. Is it a Kosher bakery?..

    There was a Sicilian bakery near me when i was growing up, and they made the most incredible swan shaped choux pastries filled with the most amazing cream. I was too young to think of asking what exactly they were, but those were my favourite 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness!! My boyfriends sister lives in Hoboken and I KNOW i’ve passsed by that bakery without even knowing how awesome it is!!! The cannolli is GAWWGEOUS and I’m sorry you had to wait in line with a cow. 😦 I absolutely HATE HATE HATE when people smack gum too, and that along with people who slurp when they eat are my top 2 pet peeves. At least it seems you got a box full of goodies to compensate!!

  11. Ohmigosh!!! That place is HEAVEN!!! I really wanna visit…except I know I’ll never leave! It’s practically an art museum, and I will be just stunned in admiration!

    Heh heh…I’m a gum-popper…I guess I’ll learn my etiquette if I’m ever around you! 😉

  12. I can’t beleive you HAD to put all those pics up. I want, no need to go there and get some goodies. i am glad you got to go, now I want some of those unreal looking desserts. YUM!

  13. That mousse cake caught my eye in the case pics and was happy to see that you bought it. It looked so black and shiny–now I’m wondering if they could make it a caramel mousse and that frosting licorice flavored instead of chocolate.

  14. I’ve never watched the show, but I’ve seen commercials for it. The cakes look amazing! You’re a lucky gal to have tried them.

  15. Oh wow, foodie HEAVEN!! What a cool experience!! I love cake boss!! 😉 Everything looks quite amazing. YUM!!

  16. I LOVE “Cake Boss” and am so jealous–being in Michigan and all. In fact, last night it was Buddy’s Top 5 Cakes episode…classic viewing.

    As for sweets, I don’t have a big sweet tooth, to be honest, but I love breads and actually baking things myself. The only problem is when I get in a bakery, I can’t decide what it is that smells so good!

  17. OMG that is amazing, I love the pics you took and now I am craving a huge piece of cake with cream cheese frosting mmmm

    I love some local bakeries here in boston like PArty favors and Bakers best! so good!!

  18. I love Cake Boss!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How cool you and your mom went there!!!! I bet there is a line there everyday!! How annoying the lady was behind you, lol!! U crack me up girl!!

    I love Ace of Cakes too, I always wanted to go there, its not a open place though, its just where they make the cakes so I doubt I could ever get in for a tour, I always dream though of just walking around where it is and seeing Duff and him letting me in!! lol!!

    Love ya! All the yums you got look great!!!!

  19. Oh my gosh, I was thinking about cake earlier, and now I am really craving it!

  20. Yum!!!

    This post is making me really want dessert.

  21. OMG!!!!! Where to start?

    A) I love the shirt -the colors, vintage look, font love it all!

    B) Can I get a sample box and just go to town and put myself in a sugar coma?

    C) I want a cannoli. We don’t have any good italian bakeries here which is really depressing

    D) Hate gum snappers and poppers, do they not realize they are being annoying??

    E) I am officially going to Hoboken when I go to NYC for July 4th

    Favorite dessert–see Letter C Please 🙂

  22. lucky girl. it would be so cool to visit that bakery. everything looks so good.

    i cant really decide what my fave is… have to say everything. lol.

  23. Oh my gosh I’m so jealous you went to Carlo’s! I’m obsessed with Cake Boss. I’ve seen them make the canolis and lobster tails on the show and they look amazing!

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